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Tuesday, 09/24/2013, 11:08 am

Weidman Says ‘This Time He’s 100% Healthy’ Going Into Fight With Anderson Silva

“I’m expecting a war, just like I expected the first one. I’m going to be going for the finish. I expect to feel better in this fight, I won’t have to deal with coming off two surgeries. I just feel like a was a bit sluggish in that last fight; didn’t really feel 100-percent myself, but I got the ‘W,’ which is good, but in this next fight I feel like I will be a bit more comfortable and confident to go out there and do what I gotta do.”

“I knew going into this fight that I was going to have to fight him again and that’s what I wanted. If there wasn’t a lot of doubters right now, this next fight wouldn’t be something that people want to see. But, there are a lot of people that can’t fathom Anderson Silva actually losing to anybody. So, the fact that I got him and knocked him out while he was doing his taunting that he does in every one of his fights; people are just going to say that he wasn’t serious. So, I guess the ‘serious Silva’ is going to come out on December 28 and we will see if I got lucky or not.”

In a recent interview from ‘The MMA Hour‘ UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman explains a bit of the hurdles he went through in his first fight with Anderson Silva and why the pending rematch will be a better showing for him.



13 Responses to “Weidman Says ‘This Time He’s 100% Healthy’ Going Into Fight With Anderson Silva”

  1. Big daddy says:

    Just for the record Weidmouth Silva doesn’t do the taunting in all his fights. So now that you’re gonna come in shape does that mean you won’t get tired by the second round? Silva is gonna destroy you and then the rest of the mw division is gonna have their turn on you like a whore at a gangbang.

    • txmike says:

      Silva is going to get finished again. Chris is a more well rounded fighter than Silva has ever dreamed of being. everybody says the only reason Silva lost its because he was clowning around but he does that with every fighter. He will lose again just like I predicted and bet on in the first fight. You Silva nut huggers just can’t grasp reality because you think he is invincible but Chris proved he’s not.

  2. squid says:

    im hoping anderson comes out the way he did against chris leben and rich franklin; all business

  3. OakcliffTopdog says:

    @squid I second that. I believe he will. Silva is going to ragdoll him

  4. joshuapratt says:

    Silva nut huggers. No shortage in them.

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