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Saturday, 05/24/2014, 01:49 pm

Weidman: ‘Forget Vitor’

“I’m fighting Lyoto Machida,” Weidman said at Friday’s UFC 175 press conference. “Forget Vitor.”

Middleweight champion Chris Weidman made a stern point at yesterday’s press conference: he’s tired of hearing about Vitor Belfort.

The 29-year-old undefeated champ was slated to defend his title against Belfort, but after a whole back and forth series of events stemming from an out of fight drug test in Nevada, Vitor withdrew and Lyoto Machida stepped in.

As for Weidman, he’s just happy to finally move on from his two fights against Anderson Silva and to prove himself against another difficult opponent.

“Even [though] the second fight, it didn’t end the way I wanted ,I felt like I dominated both fights and I knew I’m the better fighter,” Weidman said. “So I’m glad to move on and put that behind me and I’m excited to fight Lyoto Machida. He’s a tricky guy.”


By Kenya Owens


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