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Wednesday, 02/05/2014, 07:46 pm

Weidman Eyeing Trip Up To 205 Division

“Whatever the fans really want to see, and whatever is the toughest challenge for me. Right now, the 185-pound division is exciting. There’s a lot of guys and a lot of matchups that people want to see me against. So those are the fights I’m going to fight. But if it comes to the point where ’85 looks a little stale, I have no problem going to 205.

I want to clear out the middleweight division, and then fight the best at 205 and show the world what I can do.”

In a recent interview with the UFC middleweight champion,, got this bit from Weidman about his future ambitions inside the UFC.

Think Weidman can make a run at 205?


4 Responses to “Weidman Eyeing Trip Up To 205 Division”

  1. team backfist says:

    So glad Vitor gets the shot with his finishing rate, but I can’t wait for Jacare and Rockhold to get there too. If Machida has grown from his hesitant style and shows it against Gegard, there’s another to wait on also.

  2. Justyn Clark says:

    Michael Chiappialle JBJ don’t own shit Gustafason owned him

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Love to see Weidman fight Jones..since he has already beat up the goat 2X’S…that makes a super fight!! Do It…

  4. Dennis C. Maratas says:

    I think Weidman has got another win coming. This new kid in town who is called “The All American” has got skills. I believe even the Phenom won’t have an answer to. We need to consider that in both bouts (UFC 162 & 168), Chris stopped Anderson well into the second round. It didn’t even go to the third round. Twice he’s done this. And he didn’t even look tired after that. Think, people, think!

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