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Monday, 08/13/2012, 02:26 am

Weidman Comments On Anderson Not Accepting Bout And States That He's A 'Stylistic Nightmare' For The Champion | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Middleweight Contender Chris Weidman comments to ESPN.

Weidman in his last bout dominated and finished Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel TV: Munoz vs. Weidman. Following the bout Weidman called out UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, however Silva’s managment were quick to dismiss Weidman’s challenge.

Weidman commented on Silva’s management dismissing him and thinks the main reason for the dismissal is that his style would be a nightmare for Anderson to deal with.

“I’m going to say that’s probably the biggest reason. [Silva’s] management has kind of tried to downplay me, because honestly I am a stylistic nightmare for that guy. No question about it. On paper, Mark Munoz is a lot harder fight for me. He’s got good wrestling, so I could have been stuck on my feet, and he has good hands, so I could have got knocked out. So I took that fight knowing it was a tough challenge. Anderson Silva? I’ve got better wrestling, better jiiu-jitsu, so I have a lot more on my side.”

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45 Responses to “Weidman Comments On Anderson Not Accepting Bout And States That He's A 'Stylistic Nightmare' For The Champion | UFC News”

  1. Keyboard wangster says:

    He could do better GnP than Chael. But can he do it for two – three solid rounds to have an effect that is bad enough to wear Silva out? Who knows… Silva is afraid.

    • BiggoTrav says:

      Silva is DEFINITELY scared to fight Weidman! On paper, Weidman is a stylistic NIGHTMARE!!!!! And of course by “scared,” I mean disinterested. Oh, and by “on paper,” I mean ticket sales and pay-per-view buys. Also, by “stylistic,” of course I mean financial.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        stfu with that shit. Silva is afraid. get your brain straight the guy hasn’t lost since 2006 and has what 15 consecutive wins in the UFC.

        I agree that Weidman looked good but he needs to get in line, win a few more fights and EARN the shot like every other contender. not have a good fight against a rusty ass Munoz and then start calling out the champ Chael style.

  2. stiffler says:

    this guy is fucking dreaming, he beat up an out of shape munoz so he thinks he can hang with silva?? lol. this guy wudnt get past vitor or franklin let alone silva

  3. Me says:

    In my opinion Chael has the best wrestling and great GnP, The problem with him is that he dosent have the greatest BJJ, I don’t think Weidman could take Anderson down and keep him down like Chael did, In my opinion if anyone is a stylistical nightmare it is Jones/GSP and Silvas managment called him out so he isn’t ducking anyone.

  4. Kong says:

    Is this guy an Anderson silva stalker or is this website still reporting on last months news? If this is a recent comment then I feel almost sorry for this guy. It’s like dude let it go, Anderson isn’t gonna waste his time.

  5. Xaninho says:

    NO Weidman. The reason is you’re still a fucking nobody in the UFC. And since Weidman recently ducked Belfort he shouldn’t run his bitch face about ducking fighters.

    Anderson has a few fights left in him and isn’t going to waste it on some guy who’s most defining win is beating a pudgy, just coming off an elbow surgery out of shape Munoz.

    Besides Silva’s management just voiced their opinion on the case, if UFC wants him to fight Weidman he will. However, if the UFC has a little sense they know this whole Weidman discussion doesn’t make sense at all.

    • Jimmy Hanlon says:

      he didnt duck belfort. GOD DAMNIT im so tired of idiot saying this.. belfort is already scheduled to fight. and belfort wanted to challenge weidman because even belfort knows weidman deserves the next shot. and this is coming from a big belfort fan. I come to this website everyday and your ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills amazes me everytime i read one of your retarded comments.

      • Bd says:

        Is this Weidman?? Or one of his parents .. As a fighter .. Someone calls you out .. Even if you”have a fight scheduled” if it’s a bigger fight I would say fuck it I thought you wanted to fight me?? Idk man he stayed quiet.. Belford would be a better fight first …

  6. CombatRusse says:

    I must agree with the fact that Weidman may give Silva a good fight and might even win the bout.
    But there is no way Silva is afraid of him. Silva is a dangerous tough fighter with a lot of martial arts values. He’s not afraid of nobody.
    Weidman shouldn’t piss off the champ;) He should just keep on winning fights and he’ll get his chance

    • Tommy gunnz says:

      Ur fucking delusional bro,are u joking???look at the competition silva has beaten,and look at weidmans.just cause Weidman is a good wrestler,gimmie a break.just cause chael beat down silva their first meeting with his wrestling don’t mean Chris would do the same,gimmie a fucking break.silva is towards the end of his career he wants fights that mean something and fights that are challenging for him.chris just needs to shut the fuck up already.

      • Irie nation says:

        So you’re saying weidmans competition is his fault? He gets fighters thrown at him and he wins…if the UFC offers someone a fight most people say yea unless you’re a lil bitch and want to run…and how do you know weidman wouldn’t be a challenge…do you train with silva? Do you train with weidman to know? You probably don’t so you’re just a mad shit talker…maybe you just shouldn’t comment anymore stupidity

        • Irie idiot says:

          Dude ur a moron.silva is the best fighter on the level competition has already been destroyed by this guy.really…….Oh wait u have to train with fighters to think who might win a fight Lol….dude everybody has an opinion relax.weidman is getting ahead of himself,he needs to stop talking.

  7. IP MAN. says:

    I don’t know if is this guy so stupid trying to make a name,or journalism is so fucking stupid and poor,can’t believe they keep paying attention to somebody who has done nothing in MMA

  8. Matt says:

    I desperately want this guy to fight Chael to really test him. But Not gonna happen though cuz chael and anderson are both smart and established enough to not have to fight unestablished young cunts like him. All he did is level our expectations of Mark Munoz, but he’s got to work alot harder like Chael did to get that title shot. Even if you are not a Chael fan, you’ve gotta respect everything he did to become a -#1 contender. Weidman has alot a work to do before garnering the attention that he seeks.

    • krafty11 says:

      I agree with you about Wiedman, but Chael. No thanks. how do you respect a guy who injects himself with the testosterone of 16 men?? Not a Chael fan,he was disrespectful and talked himself into the #1 contender spot. This is the same guy who got rag-dolled by Demian Maia.

      • Brennon says:

        He said “you gotta respect the things he did to get a title shot”not chael sonnen so in other words respect the hard work he had to do not him personally

  9. B-rad says:

    Hes doin his best Chael impression in hopes of landing him the fight, shouldnt have ducked Vitor that would be a guarenteed #1 contender fight but he wants to skip the line

  10. Bd says:

    People would say anything to get a shot

  11. Ron says:

    U fukn nuts .. As ain’t scared of u. U are no one to him. C’mon enough sayn that as is scared and all that bs he faught at LHW won by ko. So shut up already . Go fight chael. U didn’t even want to fight vitor so just shut up already

  12. R4j4 says:

    this dude ain’t been in the UFC long enough for a coffee, let alone fight for a title.

    Beating Maia (who’s dropped down to ww btw) makes that win almost insignificant so he got one decent win against a fat Munoz, that’s it.

    Chris seriously needs to shut the fock up and get on winning some fights. Vitor, Rich, Stann or Sonnen. If he wins 3 outta anyone of them, then I say he deserves a shot.

  13. jmannski says:

    break out the smelling salt this dude needs to be brought back to reality. If he thinks for one second he can beat anderson silva he is having a wet dream. he is a great athlete and has been on a nice winning streak. To that I say so what. Anderson would get rid of you in the blink of an eye. So you beat an overrated striker named mark munoz. Big deal. Honestly I think Rich Franklin would beat this loudmouth.

  14. Ric says:

    He’s full of shit. he jus wants to fight for the title. Good for you, you beat Munoz. Now wat else do u have to offer besides shit talkin. At least Chael Sonnen made it very anticipating.

  15. Ruben says:

    I dont want to see Anderson keep getting fed wrestlers until one of them eventually beats him, that shit is getting boring….lets get some real fights going

  16. Steve Norris says:

    Or maybe they don’t want to fight him because like me he’s never heard of this dude. But I guess if he says he’s scared Silva will want to fight him, it worked for Sonnen…

  17. Weidmanshutup says:

    Seriously this guy starts to be annoying. He saw fail sonnen trash talk and get a rematch so now he’s doing what he can. Better jui jitsu?? Are u fucked up in your mind ? No one knows the guy why would silva fight him when he can fight GSP for example? Silva would destroy weidman ko in first round so weidman just shut the fuck up and go fight lombard belfort or wandi. What about sonnen your mentor? Haha

  18. ging says:

    blah blah blah same shit diffrent fighter get it thru ur skulls hes the best he would whoop this kid like he did every 1 else , silva is the man on the top of the mountain theres no free rides to the top so stop talking fight sum mre top boys then go ask 4 silva , munoz didnt come out looking or behaveing at his best , that fight dnt mean ur ready for the the spider ,

  19. tomahawk says:

    Silva is a pussy and not a champion if he is not takn all challenges

  20. Patrick says:

    Again the same story, it’s getting old !
    Now everybody is better than Anderson, he’s afraid of everyone and all styles are a “threat” to him.
    This guy is good, no doubt, but he wants to be the next Chael Sonnen with the trash talk. Let’s not forget the same Sonnen got beat up like a little kid and proved he was never that good without steroids.

  21. Baka says:

    I think Nick Diaz should move to 185and fight Anderson, both are tough and it will be a great fight to watch

  22. Shawn says:

    Bahaha! Says the guy who doesn’t want to fight Belfort. Guess he’s one of those chumps that lets one big fight get to his head. Munoz was the first step Weidman. Plenty of other top tier MW to fight before facing the top dog.

  23. Rob says:

    Funny how lots of mw want to be champ wen Silvas career near its end

  24. Fuck Haters says:

    The only man that even threatened silva lost in the 2nd round. No one is coming close to even threatening silva so why not throw Weidman at him? So you guys rather see silva sit on the shelf for a year bc you think this guy doesn’t have a chance? So silva doesn’t wanna make money bc he’s a nobody? Somebody say easy money for silva then? Does silva not wanna keep defending his title and proving he’s the best? He’s a fighter and a champ, he should except all offers and all fights! Defend your belt!!!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      He’ll defend when there’s a worthy opponent genius. Weidman’s not there…and whats this shit he NEEDS to accept ALL challenges. hey maybe I’ll challenge his ass tomorrow, get some internet hype going on the fight. I train MMA, I could take em’…everyone wants to fight him cuz he’s the champ – but there is a process. it’s called EARNING it! Ducking Belfort and then beating up a fat rusty Munoz is not earning it. blabbing on the internet to create hype is not earning it.

  25. So how many fights in the UFC did Silva have before getting a title shot again?? You would have to be a retard to be in a competitive situation and not call out the champion. Chris is super talented and if you don’t see that now, go do some research.

  26. Khaos969 says:

    You beat the crap out of munoz then all of a sudden your the biggest threat to Anderson ..c’mon ..this is what every fighter does to get the big pay day and the shot at the champ if weidman id so bad ass why did he shit his pants when vitor belfort said lets fight? he wanted no part of it and even wrote him a tweet lol

  27. Jake says:

    Idk why but I think stann is a better match up! I know chael took him down at wil but silva will not do that to him and he had a tough chin and will take the fight to silva.

  28. derp says:

    nobody wants to pay to see anderson destroy a nobody. get some more wins under the belt and perhaps youll get a shot. 5 wins with 2 of them being decent fighters doesnt warrant you being number one. Technically maybe since the division sucks dick and theres nobody left for anderson to fight but youve got a bit more way to go there buddy.

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