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Saturday, 01/04/2014, 10:52 am

Weidman: ‘Belfort’s Use of TRT Is Unfair’

“He’s failed a drug test before. He’s on TRT now. I don’t agree with TRT to begin with, so him failing a drug test and being on TRT, I don’t really like it. So I appreciate there will be a commission making sure he’s doing things right. I’m not a big TRT guy – I don’t think TRT belongs in our sport. I don’t like it. I don’t have the highest testosterone in the world, and I wouldn’t take it. I feel just fine where I’m at. Some people would probably tell me to take testosterone, but I wouldn’t do it. I don’t have high testosterone at all. I’m completely fine. I guarantee his testosterone on TRT is two or three times higher than mine. I wake up and I work hard two or three times a day. I don’t feel that there’s a need for it, and if it comes to point where you need it, then you retire, you don’t fight. Fighting is a sport where strength is important, and if you’re going to have extra testosterone, especially after you’ve been caught cheating, it’s unfair.”

“I’m happy about (fighting in Las Vegas). He’s fought in Brazil now for the last two years, and obviously he looks like the Hulk now. He’s on TRT and he’s been caught cheating before for testosterone and I don’t know what else. … For a guy who’s 36 years old to have a lot higher testosterone than me at 29 years old, and I’ve never taken anything, is really not fair. So I’m happy that I’ll be fighting in Vegas, and I hope they’ll do due diligence in testing him to make sure he’s not cheating.”

In a recent interview with FOX Sports, UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman discussed his next opponent, Vitor Belfort and his use of TRT.

Agree with the champ?


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  1. Sasquatch says:

    Can’t help but agree with him… why does Vitor need TRT anyways???

  2. Big Jay Lamp says:

    Well this will be Whiny Weidmans excuse for when he loses, but its ok after Belfort has the belt he will lose to Lyoto and the Lyoto will hold the belt till he retires.

    • Sasquatch says:

      Just curious as to what makes Weidman “whiny”??.. because I’ve never heard him whine about anything.. ever. The only whining I’ve been hearing is from Anderson’s ball sniffin groupie’s.

      • Michael Johnston says:

        Big Jay, big on hatin’ Don’t be a hater homie. Weidman is saying what other have said before, dude’s shouldn’t be able to be juiced up on TRT for any reason. If you need TRT to fight, you shouldn’t be a fighter.

    • William Skrainski says:

      Anderson fan here…..I totally agree with Chris on this. If you need TRT, you don’t need to fight!

    • Big Jay Lamp says:

      I never said he should be able to use TRT im just saying Whiny Weidman thinks he is above the UFC, he is a clown among champs and will be shut down, also Lyoto is the best the best, that is all.

      • Benny Hanna says:

        What? Chris thinks hes above the Ufc? Hes a whiner? Nothing you just wrote is true in the least.

      • Rob says:

        Dude, I agree I’m sick of seeing this guy as well. I think he will will get beat very soon. He’s just a meathead.

      • marius says:

        Your just a fucking loser behind your computer. Hes a real champ you idiot.

      • I hate Chris says:

        I agree. I think Chris is a little girl. Who cares if he is on TRT. What if the TRT brings him to HIS normal levels? I bet if Chris wasn’t at his normal levels he would be taking TRT. Because it’s hard to function with abnormal levels of test. I know personally. If Belfort has a doctor clearing him for use then let him. It’s his health and no else’s business. Besides Chris lost all respect from me when he said that he would feel sorry for fighting Anderson again. Really!!! You one the last fight by a freak accident. He is walking around thinking he is superman when he isn’t. He won the first fight too by pure chance and if Anderson’s leg wouldn’t have broken he would have been knocked out!

        • Swaxbagga says:

          Why would he have got knocked out if Anderson’s leg didn’t break? In the two fights combined Anderson did pretty much no damage to weidman with the exception of a couple of leg kicks. So where does the magical ko come from?

      • swaxbagga says:

        Weidmans record still ends with “and o” , until he loses a fight, he is the best fighter at 185. He has beat the former best middleweight in 4 straight rounds over two fights. Almost or did finish the fight one way or another in every round.

  3. ttt says:

    belfort would never loose to machida if shogun could catch him belfort will kill him

    • swaxbagga says:

      I only give weidman a slight shot at winning because he has never lost nor even been close. He beat the spider a couple of times and he is a halfway decent fighter. So he might have a shot against belfort despite the fact that he is youger than him, undefeated, well rounded ect.. blah blah here I go again clouding the story with facts. Cant wait for the fight

  4. Justin Wall says:

    Personally, I don’t care what him or anyone does as long as they are clean by fight time so it doesn’t interfere with my entertainment. I’m a weidman fan and if it’s (TRT) is still around by the time his levels drop he’ll be using too so he can extend his career.

  5. Guest says:

    TRT is an obvious advantage in a combat sport. There should be a strict no acceptions policy with all athletic commissions pertaining to combat sports. Period. I’m not a fan of Weidman but I agree with what he’s saying here. There are too many fighters getting away with very high levels of TRT outside of the US.

    • wongaman says:

      “very high levels of TRT” some one obviously needs to read a little more about TRT.

      • David Pearce says:

        These people are so fucking clueless when it comes to TRT. They hear steroids, and freak out. They are taking such a low dose of test cypionate usually 1 time per week at a dose of between 140-180 mg. It has nothing to do with trying to cheat the system, it is a health related issue, and nobody should be able to give them a hard time for attempting to take care of their health. These people seriously need to read up on exactly what TRT is, and why men in their late 30’s and older have a need for it.

  6. One says:

    Nikki, the issue really isn’t whether or not he’s tested. The fact that anyone would have to ask that he is is the sad part. Why? Because he’s been busted before. Which is the reason his testosterone sould be lower, in addition to just plain getting older. His levels are supposed to be lower. Its what getting older does. He should accept that. Also, his levels are even lower than normal BECAUSE of his previous cheating. He says if he didn’t use TRT then he would be the one at a disadvantage. Yes, but by his own doing. That’s on him. Steroid use lowers your testosterone in the long run. Too bad. Now as far as his testing, congrats, you test yourself when it doesn’t matter. The fight tests done by the commission or leading up to a fight are what count. Before that, no one cares. Even tho, that’s cheating too. Cause he’s giving himself the advantage of healing faster and working harder than his body naturally would. How is any of that fair to any CLEAN older fighter, such as BJ himself.

  7. BRUCE MONSTER says:


  8. crhistians says:

    His is a pussy, jus take the god damn fight evn if he on steroids, prove u can evn beat down a cheater. I knw is unfair but if u want to b the best and evn say u r evn the best of the best u can say u beat a guy who had a huge advantage cu of TRT n u will shu the world. If i was weidman ill fight him evn if i.lose. i wouldnt complain, is easy to say but i would

  9. Reza Safari says:

    If everyone is going to bitch about Vitor Belfort taking TRT and how VITOR taking TRT is bad for the best then y’all should open your eyes because Vitor IS NOT THE ONLY FIGHTER on TRT he is just the guy you have heard about. I’m more than certain that a VERY HIGHHHH majaority of fighters in the UFC and athletes in and outside the UFC much younger than Vitor who take shit. So shut the fuck up and stop bitching about Vitor and stop sucking Chris Weidmans dick because he is most probably on sort of PED himself that nobody hears about.

  10. ming says:

    He don’t. Use TRT, but he check kick end off someone careers.
    Belfort use TRT, but he don’t. Use nasty. Thing.

  11. Dana White says:

    Vitor Belfort is going to Knockout Weidman. Anyone who thinks different is CLUELESS.

  12. raymonster says:

    3 things… 1st win against silva was due to arrogance. 2nd win against silva pure luck… 3rd… he’s scared of Vitor knowing the last 3 opponents were killed and he’s next and he’s not holding that belt for long.. let the athletic commission do the testing… he’s doing the Mayweather avoiding talk…

  13. fight is a fight says:

    u scare …. fucking pussy

  14. swaxbagga says:

    I am a fan of weidman, If Vitor uses TRT and it is properly regulated in the U.S., I dont really have much of a problem with it. It is within the rules that are in place, however I do find it a little fishy that Vitor has only been fighting in Brazil for his last few fights. Lock them in a cage in vegas and see who is awake at the end, its a fight no excuses.

  15. Jumanji says:

    He’s the one who cheated and did this to himself! It’s like shooting yourself in the foot and asking for a metal brace on it for fights. Second off, Anderson Silva was not a TRT user and he still had 38 GREAT years on him. That’s how it needs to be done. There comes a point in your career where you simply shouldn’t be able to, from an athletic standpoint, compete with these young up and coming beasts.

  16. David Pearce says:

    at 29 years old you shouldn’t have any problems with your T levels. At 36 however, your body doesn’t produce T like it used to. If Vitor is wrong for using TRT, then so are several million other men in this country, and around the world. It is Dr. prescribed, and it is in low doses. It’s not like he is stacking 3 different types of steroids, and taking multiple shots per week. He is most likely only taking 1 shot a week of like 140 – 180 mg of Test Cypionate. That is not going to make anyone “blow up” and they are testing for elevated levels. Chris Weidman needs to stop whining, stop making excuses before the fight, and just worry about himself. Have the heart of a champion, and the attitude that you will fight anyone anytime anywhere.

  17. Al Retasket says:

    Bring the fight to America they said… brazil gives shotty drug tests they said… Well its in vegas now. They will have the ever so great American drug testing and American regulation. If he gets an exemption it is completely with in the guidelines. If he doesn’t he is still with in the guidelines. Quit whining and enjoy the fights. If it bothers everyone so much… boycott it. lol Find out how much our opinions matter to the organization.

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