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Wednesday, 10/02/2013, 07:55 am

Weidman: Anderson Silva knockout punch wasn’t lucky because I meant to throw it

Former UFC middleweight champion, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, recently participated in a Q & A session (via Fight Hub TV) where he was asked to comment on the combination, thrown by Chris Weidman, that put him down at UFC 162 in July:

“Lucky, definitely lucky.” Stated the former champ.

So, you would think the “All American” would be a bit upset that “The Spider” isn’t giving him the respect he deserves following one of the biggest upsets in mixed martial arts (MMA) history, right?

Well that is apparently not the case, as Weidman isn’t giving anything Silva says too much value, especially after spending a week with the Brazilian on a cross country media tour.

Weidman’s words to ESPN 106.3:

“I’ve been with Anderson every single day. He said in one interview he’s joking or whatever. So, I’m not going to hold him to that. I won’t actually hold him to anything he says in an interview. It doesn’t matter. When preparation meets opportunity, that’s what you consider luck. I guess if you want to call it lucky, call it lucky. But it was a punch I meant to throw and meant to hit him with and he went down.”

Chris Weidman will defend his UFC middleweight title for the first time when he remacthes Anderson Silva this December at UFC 168 in Las Vegas.

Was Anderson Silva really joking when he called Weidman’s UFC 162¬†knockout blow ‘lucky’? What is your theory Penn Nation?


29 Responses to “Weidman: Anderson Silva knockout punch wasn’t lucky because I meant to throw it”

  1. Big daddy says:

    Preparation means shit if your opponent is being a clown and letting you hit him. Of course it was a lucky punch cause Weidmouth wouldn’t of pulled it off if Silva was actually fighting. Who throws punches and expects them not to land?

    • Root66 says:

      Silva can clown all he wants but the Weidman punch/s knocked him into last week. And if it happened once it could happen again. And I hope it does. I’ve never really liked to watch clowns fight.

      • UFC 84 Forever says:

        Amen brother, amen.

      • Big daddy says:

        Thanks for stating the obvious captain hindsight. In a sport where one blow can determine the outcome of a whole fight. So you don’t think Silva’s clowning increased those chances drastically?

        • Again.. says:

          Nope it didn’t increase anything, when he does that in every fight! People now train for Silva’s clowning it usually scares people but Weidman gave no fuck he went forward and got the knock out combo. You Silva dick riders rely on lucky punch excuses. You obviously don’t know that there is no such thing as a lucky punch. If it was thrown with a purpose and that purpose happened than luck has nothing to do with it. Silva said Weidman was better and didn’t want a rematch, but Dana fucken hustled him into it.

    • really.....? says:

      Silva wasn’t doing much in that fight, not because he was clowning….its because he couldn’t. Hands were low because he didn’t want it to go to the ground. Same as the Maia and Leites fights, because he knew he couldn’t win there. Same case here..WAY different result. Weidman by sub in their next go…

  2. Waylon says:

    I don’t think it matters. He got hit, he got knocked out, and he lost the title. Plain and simple. “What if’s,” are not a stable foundation to base an arguement on. There’s no tape and no replay on “what if’s”!

  3. allmightysandman says:

    clowning has always been part of his gameplan, so I don’t think he “gave” Weidman anything.

    If you intend on throwing a punch to a guys face and hit him in the face…how is that lucky?

    • Kenny Powers says:

      It wasn’t the punch that was lucky. Like he said, he meant to throw it, it landed, it KO’d Anderson. It was just the circumstances surrounding it. Anderson toying with him, hands down, chin in the air. It’s just a fact that if Silva kept his hands up and chin down it wouldn’t have caught him cuz honestly, Weidman’s stand up is slow and not very technical, but he has that power, that’s what Anderson should have respected.

      • allmightysandman says:

        I hear what you are trying to say. my only point I guess was that AS does that a lot in fights, therefore, that is part of his game in my opinion. It wasn’t a ‘gift’ of any kind, it was CW taking advantage of a risky maneuver that AS uses a lot…and this time he paid for it.

        CW’s stand up doesn’t necessarily look “slow” to me, it looks like he relies on timing more than accuracy in that he throws a punch to where he thinks the guys face might be instead of relying on speed to catch him.

        no matter how you look at it, and no matter how many “what if’s” we put in here…the result was the result. “what if” Weidman had stood back further and allowed AS the room to strike, “what if” AS had kept his hands up…

        it was a shocker and I’m looking forward to the rematch.

  4. Sumi64 says:

    If you are hitting a head which is moving you could argue there is some luck involved, but when you just keep your ‘big’ head still and only move backward it definitely does not qualify as a lucky punch anymore …..

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