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Friday, 03/02/2012, 11:12 am

Watch Tonights UFC on FX 2 Post-Fight Press Conference Live on BJPENN.COM (Midnight ET)

UFC on FX 2 is slated to go down this Friday from Sydney, Australia’s AllPhones Arena and in the main event we will see a welterweight showdown between Martin Kampmann and Thiago Alves. Also on the card will be the first round of the UFC’s Flyweight tournament.

You can watch the post-fight press conference live on BJPENN.COM immediately following the conclusion of tonight’s main event.


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12 Responses to “Watch Tonights UFC on FX 2 Post-Fight Press Conference Live on BJPENN.COM (Midnight ET)”

  1. netflixer says:

    Dropped my cable for netflix,

    where can I get a live play by play? Is that guy going to keep us updated in this comments area again?

  2. Jason N says:

    Hope GSP whoops condit for waiting on him.

  3. jonsey says:

    hah condit can only run away from a fighter…gsp is also a coward and knows ho to bich fight..dont worry condit will lose..diaz is the only man to end gsp coward storm

    • Doos says:

      u must be diaz’s bitch. Condit stuck to a game plan and it worked. Calling him a run away fighter is bs, dont judge a fighter because if his last fight. You must be high just like diaz is

      • jonsey says:

        no im not high buddy…your thinking of that loser whoo is onn heer 24/7 with fake ass dog champman nname tlking about ice…i work bro ,,he won with compustrike cuz of puss leg taps…thy dont tell they scoring is who uses there bitch gameplan an who trys not to engage

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Hey Jonsey, go to YouTube and put in streetfight, locker fight any thing you want and you’ll see that fighting you like brotha, they swing non stop for the fences.and it’s free.. That’s why they only got as far as YouTube cause that shit don’t cut in in mma, but I think it will excite you.

      • jonsey says:

        ok thxx faggt i have done that many times bu there is no real damage man…i tryd

      • Backup says:

        What is it about point fighting that you guys are so impressed with? Do u guys want to watch 1 or 2 hour fights? I am sure Diaz could have played it safe(I mean use fantastic footwork and evade fighting 80% the time), but the match is only 25minutes, Diaz was in there trying to kick the guys ass for 25mins,

        if everyone started point fighting, there would almost never be a finish, gtfo with this amazing strategy bull shit, these guys are claiming fireworks and arriving with sparklers,

        Anyone could practice running/point fighting, and I guarantee us fans will be watching a lot of decisions and boring ass fights,

        • Sweet game plan says:

          No, I see what your saying, but I’m just saying you do have to prove your point to get up to the top. But once your up their and it’s for the #1 contender match or even the belt your fighting the best of the best in the whole world especialy the train your ass of for a whole camp and then you go in their swinging, one mistake and your ass is a gonner. The point I thought was to hit and not get hit, I know fans expect different, but it’s probaly different for them to go looking all beat up to their kids and wife, even though they won say it’s probaly still got to be kind of imbarassing. But who knows, just my opinion

        • jonsey says:

          an what you saying boring game plan is once u at number 1 contender spot or champ u can puss out and fight for points and not to finish…i great killer like anderson does it 1 time and dana freaks and says if does it again he will be cut…then gsp now he fighting for the belt has not finished anyways since he beat the joke matt serra ( or when he cheated and beat bj after that…but now he fight for points not to finish and holdd belt..and cuz he number 1 it ok >??? why all angry if anderson does it ?? cuz they pay for anderson great skills..and gsp once was dangeroous…look all the pussy he defend his belt to..then look at the last 4 people what happend to them after they fought to the decision with gsp,,they got smashed by weaker opponents..

        • jonsey says:

          hahaha i totally agree…and then also what happend if 2 bitch coward point fighter fought eachoither…like cruz vs edger? i know there not in same weight but how the fuk would that work when both run away and fight with points.///or what if after rd 1 of the condit fight diaz laughed and said ok ill fight like you then started running backwards like condit?? i will answer..maia vs anderson result..the crown boos in disgust dana is embarrassed an angry and i bet that nick ould get the blame cuz he is way better an exiting fight..and u know diaz would rather lose and retired then point fight like bitch,,not to even mention that the entire ufc scoring system is BS ..what they say they score on is never what they score on…

  4. Beaner says:

    Yeah GSP knows how to fight like a bitch for sure…….bwahahaha you people will come up with any excuse. If GSP fights like a bitch that means everyone hes had a fight with is even more of a bitch for getting beat in such a “bitch way.” Yeah think about that!!! You say he fights like a bitch then why cant anyone beat him??? Just think when GSP dominates with his wresting against his opponent . All he has to do is start dropping big knees to the liver and ribs from side control and the fight would end quickly. He makes the people he fights look like a joke most of the time by controlling and dominating for 25 mins.

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