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Saturday, 07/06/2013, 09:57 am

Watch Tonights UFC 162 Post-Fight Press Conference Live on BJPENN.COM

Immediately following tonight’s UFC 162 event, BJPENN.COM will be hosting a live broadcast of the official UFC post-fight press conference.

To tune in to this media only event just click play in the player below approximately 30-minutes after the conclusion of the main event.


20 Responses to “Watch Tonights UFC 162 Post-Fight Press Conference Live on BJPENN.COM”

  1. Casey Weaver says:

    Completely pathetic!!!! All Silva would have neede to do was try just a little and he would have won!!! I will never pay $45.00 for a PPV event again. Chris Weidman will not hold that belt for long!!!

  2. Danny says:

    What a way to loose a title, his winning streak, his pride all that time holding the title and he went out like this. I am shocked disappointed you name it. what was he thinking!!!

  3. Justin says:

    Are you serious that bitch got caught slippin. Weidman is the man

  4. Chris says:

    If and when they rematch. I would say lesson learned for Silva. But that’s the way he draws you in. It’s time for a new gameplan. I’m glad he lost that way it serves him right for disrespecting fighters that way. He is getting old his chin may never be the same after this. I hope he gets knocked out again.

  5. FUGGWEIDMAN says:

    So he got caught slippin…even in defeat the spider got more class victory skill (obvious in the first round) in his little toe than the new champ…BUT AND I MEAN BUT Anderson was smoking ring crack doing that shizznit! There will be a rematch I dont care what he says (brain scrambled) that will eat at him!

  6. stan871 says:

    Weidman beat him, plain and simple, dont use that “if Anderson would have tried” bullshit. Weidman will beat Belfort as well, accept it bitch!! MURICA!!!

    • samsam says:

      Stan u stupid fuck, Anderson didnt have respect for Weidmans stand up OBVIOUSLY, or what fight did u watch?!

      He would knock weidman out easily otherwise.

      Weidman got lucky thats it.

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