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Saturday, 08/11/2012, 09:40 am

Watch Tonights UFC 150 Post-Fight Press Conference Live On BJPENN.COM

Tonight “UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar” goes down from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Immediately following tonight’s pay-per-view event the UFC will hold their traditional post-fight press conference from the same venue.

We will be providing the live broadcast of the post-fight event in the player below.


5 Responses to “Watch Tonights UFC 150 Post-Fight Press Conference Live On BJPENN.COM”

  1. ASDF says:

    Thank F’n goodness, Frankie Rematch Edgar didn’t win. Even, if he did deserve to win. *Sigh of relief*

    • ASDF says:

      Because? Frankie lost against Bj in their first fight? Out pointed Bj in the second. Tied a 2nd tier wrestler, who can’t punch, then beat that 2nd tier fighter. THEN lost against Bendo, and the judges correctly scored it. FINALLY. Frankie Re-match Edgar complains, and whines like a little bitch, when HE LOST, and gets ANOTHER rematch. THIRD rematch in a row. Even though he lost, and Joe Roe says, today, that the only reason they gave him the rematch was because he gave so many rematches (yes, that’s a good reason). Sounds like you’re an idiot. That little shit, plugged the light weight division for an f’n eternity. So sick of seeing such a boring fighter point fight victories in a cage fight for a title fight (with the exception of Maynard, where he finished a shit fighter- a fighter who knocked himself out).

  2. Dee says:

    I agree. I thought Frankie won that fight, but I really didn’t want him to win the decision. The guy tries to win by points. It looks like he’s just doing enough to win. I don’t like reckless abandonment, but I also don’t like all running either.
    By the way, Frankie looked like a kid who just had his bike stolen. He looked like he wanted to cry OUT “It’s not fair!.”

    I think he should stay at 155, if he loses again then yes reconsider going down.

  3. Guamy says:

    I think Bendo Won that fight hands down. I had him winning 4 of 5 rounds. one of those four round frankie might have did enough to make a draw, and round five was frankies. so 3 rounds to ben, one round was a draw and round five was Frankies.

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