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Friday, 08/10/2012, 08:29 am

Watch Today's UFC 150 Weigh-Ins Live on BJPENN.COM (6 p.m. ET)

Today the UFC is holding the UFC 150 weigh-ins ceremony from Denver’s Pepsi Center. All fighters will hit the scales and make their bouts official starting at 6 p.m. ET.

To catch all the action hit play in the player below.


5 Responses to “Watch Today's UFC 150 Weigh-Ins Live on BJPENN.COM (6 p.m. ET)”

  1. Westside Daddy says:

    How the fuck is that autistic bitchboy jake shields still in the ufc. Hes so pathetic watching him attempt to kickbox is like watching a severely retarded kid trying to solve a calculus problem. Even his name sounds like a gay action hero. For being such an “amazing submission specialist” he hasn’t tapped anyone for almost 4 years let alone had a single impressive performance in the UFC. Everytime he fights he just gets tagged up thrown around or outpointed yet gets a robbery victory continuing his sham of a career. Get this overrated joke the fuck outa here. And if you like Jake Shields then fuck you you’re obviously a grade A fuckboy.

  2. Dan Jenkins says:

    Although he was harsh I had a chuckle but he’s right he lost the kampmann fight u can’t say he won that one result was a sham the ellenberger fight is iffy because I dont think you should be in a cage after tragedy like that so a big hand for him on that one but he hasn’t really been the world beater everyone thought he’d be but then again neither was Lombard

    • danielrchargers says:

      yeah i was AT the Kampmann fight, and he clearly got Dropped by a Knee to the face and was constantly Counter Wrestled. aside from when he had kampmanns back for a little, he did not do anything.

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