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Saturday, 07/21/2012, 10:03 pm

Watch The UFC 149 Post-Fight Press Conference Live On BJPENN.COM | UFC NEWS

UFC 149: Faber vs. Barao has concluded and in the main event it was the Brazilian who proved too much for “The California Kid”.

After a five round fight Renan Barao secured a unanimous decision victory to earn the UFC’s interim bantamweight title.

Immediately following tonights broadcast the UFC will be hosting the post-fight press conference live and we have the feed in the player below.


14 Responses to “Watch The UFC 149 Post-Fight Press Conference Live On BJPENN.COM | UFC NEWS”

  1. Team buffalo says:

    Worst ppv ever !!!! I mean seriously riddle had the only good fight. What a joke. And why was dillashaw head cornering faber. Bad choice

    • Matt says:

      Team buffalo – aww is your lil cunt disappointed the fights didn’t end up like your video games matches? The fights were decent, not as exciting as other cards perhaps but stop being such a cunt troll and hating on ufc cards. You take the good cards with the bad ones and if that is too much for you to handle, stop watching and please stop bitching and opening you dumb fing cunt mouth

      • Team buffalo says:

        Suck a dick bro. Just saying the card wasn’t exciting. That’s why the crowd boo’d all night. I payed my 50 bucks so fuck off I will say whatever I want.

    • Diego Millan says:

      oh come on the main event wasn’t that bad but seriously what the fuck with Lombard,what was all the hype about?

    • Matt says:

      Are we clear cunt?

    • Sr.stinson Unknow says:

      oh come on the main event wasn’t that bad but seriously what the fuck with Lombard,what was all the hype about?

  2. NiggerDick says:

    Lombard?! He beat guys named Jared Hess. Who’s Jared Hess?! Exactly.

  3. lol @ faber hiding the xenergy can!
    true to his sponsor.

  4. Faber is a says:

    true professional. Removes the energy drink can as he sits down. Answers questions with total professionalism. No excuses. This is why he has a large fan base.

  5. OC says:

    Stop Hating On Hector!!! Blame Tim for not letting him Knock Em Out!!

  6. A.James says:

    Lombard didn’t want to chase a Greg Jackson fighter. That’s what happened.


    ok first off bad fight for lombard but i swear boetsch didnt hit him with even one punch at all he pussy kicked him, hector took him down twice hurt him w a body kick, now it wasn’t a great fight but he did win terrible decision hector fought bad but was probably cautious not to blow his wad and have a energy dump this being is first ufc fight. tim boetsch only kicked him and didn’t land ONE PUNCH I SWEAR HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU WIN LIKE THAT, BULL SHIT. ALSO JOE ROGAN IS REALLY STARTING TO TURN GAY ALL HE DOES IS CRITICIZE ALL THE FIGHTERS AND BASH HOW THERE PERFORMING, HE NEED TO SHOW MORE RESPECT AND COMMENTATE ON THE PLAY BY PLAY INSTEAD OF GIVING IS TWO SENSE ON EVERY FIGHTER, THEY SHOULD BRING IN RANDY COUTURE AND GOLDY IN INSTEAD GET RID OF ROGAN, FUCKING COCKY DISRESPECTFUL WANNABE FIGHTER. NO WONDER SO MANY FIGHTERS DON’T LIKE ROGAN CAUSE HES DISRESPECTFUL TOWARDS THEM

    • dogfart says:

      its a spectator sport. while lombard was pacing himself so he didnt gas, maybe as an athlete that is now competing in the higher league of fighters he needs to adjust his strength and conditioning to produce stamina as he has strenth in abundance. his frame means he needed to be cautious and thats why he couldnt go banging him and chasing.

      Joe rogan just calls as he sees it. while these fighters need to be respected they are paid to fight for the spectators to view. no spectators, no ufc and if the spectators are not happy then something needs to be done about it.

      Ive watched lombard fight and hes aggro as a fighter but i knew this would happen to him. while he looks confident, he knew this is a different ball game all together and hes playing with the bigboys now.

      hell be back better than ever, he will learn from this and know what he needs to do to improve. this type of fighter needs a loss now and again to change them up

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