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Saturday, 02/04/2012, 11:25 pm

Watch The Nick Diaz Retirement Announcement Here | The Post Fight Interview (Video)

Nick Diaz took to his post-fight interview and announced his retirement following the judges decision to award Carlos Condit the victory at tonight’s UFC 143 event in Las Vegas.

Did he over react? Will he be back?

Sound off!
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123 Responses to “Watch The Nick Diaz Retirement Announcement Here | The Post Fight Interview (Video)”

  1. Nick says:

    Poor guy. I don’t even know how that feels. I had it 3 rounds to 2 for him. I thought he got robbed.

  2. e says:

    ho brah missed out.. i think he is trippin. but i guess i see his point.

  3. Soccerchago209 says:

    I do not think NIck will retire at least I hope not but when one leaves it up to the judges this $h!t happens. I feel like he got robbed and yes I am a homer but I gave Nick 1,2 and 5 if you had something different then thats cool too but just throwing it out there. WAR DIAZ for life STOCKTON 209 ALL DAY

  4. Frankie says:


  5. Frankie says:


  6. toneloc24 says:

    Condit pulled a Frankie Edgar n a Dominick Cruz but he did win the fight I guess. He landed more strikes but it was disappointing seeing him use the point strategy to beat Diaz. Now we get to see condit run from GSP for 2 mins of every round only to have GSP take him down n lay on him for the other 3 mins. I really liked Condit but I wish he wouldve fought like a man instead of playing the points game.. WAR DIAZ!!

    • BX81 says:

      I think condit may have won the match but not the fight. He didn’t want to fight tonight, he just wanted to win points and get a half belt. I like condit but the way he fought tonight said I’m the new breed of fighters. I can win by points and be happy with that. Congrats to him if he’s contempt with that but let’s be honest no one expected the guy who said he would die trying to run trying….. PS. Justin you’re trying too hard for attention.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I thought he was Mr. I finish all of my fights but he clearly was just going for points rather than war.

        • BX81 says:

          Yeah it’s kind of funny sometimes to see how fighters react when it’s belt time. Kos just stood in front of GSP and got ran through. K Flo just can’t get it done and the list goes on. I believe the belt holds some kind of mystical powers lol.

  7. Scott says:

    The pressure of the limelight distracted him in the leadup to this fight. Diaz doesn’t want to play that game. I’m a fan of both Diaz’s and truly hope Nick does continue to fight. But I don’t think he’s coming back. He will now become the coach of future champions. And a damn good one.

  8. dave says:

    evveryone says carlos out strike nick on compu strike,,,well 141 to 101 even all carlos shots are weak,,,i want a compu stirking on forward steps and back steps fuk…nik walked forward and attacked 5 rounds,,,caros was running all night….pure bs it not all about contact it about effective contact and fuking who is tryinmg to fight

    • justin says:

      condit realized his game plan was working and diaz was to stupid to change his..its his own damn fault..fuck stockton!!!!

    • JenkemRipper says:

      dude Diaz said he would have finished with his submission in the 5th round if he didnt feel he was winning. Sounds like a real fighter to me….. I could have finished it but i decided not to. Talk about being a fighter, Nick lasted 2 fights in the UFC before retiring? If he could have submitted Condit he would have, dont leave it up to the judges if you dont want 3 peoples opinions on who won the fight.

  9. Ryan says:

    This is no different than BJ crying about GSP’s strategy. It’s called having a gaping hole in your game and if you don’t grow and evolve as a fighter than the other fighters who come up with these game plans will own you every time. If Diaz quits he’s no better than BJ. You should be thrilled that someone found a chink in your armor so that way you can prepare for it and never get owned in that way again. Diaz didn’t adapt to the fight. He tried to force a gameplan that wasn’t working and stuck with it until he lost.

    • justin says:

      ryan you are so right..thank you! Condit wasnt running diaz was missing!

    • Role Models says:

      Not to disrespect the prodigy but I have to agree with that statement.

      There are guys who fight their hearts out and train with the intent of making to the big show and then you have certain people who retire (quit) when things don’t go their way.

      “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.” – Mark Twain (recycled by Tony Robbins & Etthehiphoppreacher)

  10. Kaja says:

    Nick will probably rethink this and come back to fight, especially if Condit is going to allow GSP to fight Nick first to settle bad blood. Nick versus GSP would still be a great fight if GSP decides to brawl and “let his demons out” as he stated. But if GSP is going to be like Condit tonight, it’s not what the fans are looking for.

    As much as I hated the pounding that BJ took from Nick, they both have the brawler mentality, which I respect them both for. Personally, I don’t care for the calculated, thinking fighter’s game like GSP or maybe even Condit (in this fight). I don’t like fights going the distance…but that’s just me.

    • dave says:

      are you crazy?? condit will never step aside and let nick fight gsp now..and dana wont let a interm chamo wait like that,….but dana will call nick back and give him a title shot if he retires and waits for condit to get lay n prey by gsp…..if nick wait dana will come calling

      • JenkemRipper says:

        Does anyone speak Stockton? haha I think we need a translator all I see is “you crazy, Condit no win, Nick win, Dana no let Nick fight GSP, Nick wait and Dana call”

  11. Danny says:

    I think Diaz had that fight. I gave him the 1st, 2nd and 5th round. He pushed the pace and forced Condit to retreat for most of the rounds. Hats off to Condit though, he stuck to the game plan. I’m not a big fan of the hit n run, but hey, I cant say that I’m surprised that the ref’s gave it to condit – they’ll blow just about anything that is somewhat competitive. I hope Diaz stays, but I wouldnt blame him if he leaves. He just saw his opportunity for the big time go up in smoke.

  12. IknowMMA says:

    Dave man shut up just sound like an idiot you don’t even know what you are talking about.

  13. JPeech says:

    lol “209” who cares he that fag lost he cant take it so he quits just a bitch

  14. dave says:


  15. Dalton says:

    Condit did what he had to do, and excuted a great gameplan. The decision probably couldve went either way, luckily it went condit’s way! He earned the win. Now if mma was about cockiness and taunting, nick won that…

  16. Mick says:

    still dont get it…he won in the striking department, damage-wise and by amount of punches landed…walked through the leg kicks…was the aggressor….had the takedown….TOOK THE BACK….AND ALMOST FINISHED WITH A SUB…..he did not lose this fight…now we’ll never see the diaz/gsp superfight…fucking judges

  17. slacker says:

    I had 1, 3, and 4 for Condit.

  18. justin is a penis lovwr says:

    fuck stockton?
    Fuck your Mom, Dad and the doctor who delivered your simple, stupid azz to the world, please die tonite.

  19. justin lives carlos penis says:

    justin, 209 cocks have entered your throat…thats a lot of dick chokin, way to go bro!!

  20. justin loves men says:

    get outta here gayy boyy

  21. adrian says:

    that was a BS decision….Nick had that guy backing up the whole fight and landed the more effective punches…

  22. justin has testicle tonsils says:

    fuck your life, 209 punches to your pussy ass face. you kilk urself tonite or die like a pussy tomorrow morning. Quiff Lips!

  23. Josh says:

    Diaz got what he deserved. what do you expect some punk like diaz would do after a loss? nobody gave gsp flak for doing the same against koscheck. condit deserves this title, he wasnt stupid, picked his shots and all around frustrated his opponent. it may not be pretty, but its effective.

  24. Dick Just In serted Justins ass says:

    Please die

  25. Lame scared n fake says:

    Diaz fight like real man warrior…condit like Xena warrior princess….Diaz fight til death, carlos fight til all 5 rounds done, risk nothing just go for score like a Ba Ba Bbbbb iiiiiitchh scared to rumble, scared to tumble, b b bitch ass with a penis…Snoop Dogg said some of these niggas are bitches too, and some of these bitches look just like u

  26. lex walker says:

    Nick won n Carlos scary ass kept runnin

  27. Scott says:

    If there are any decent human beings on here with valid points and knowledge of MMA, can you please explain how much “Octagon Control” contributes scoring wise. I’ve rewatched the fight and Carlos looked like he was going for the decision from the get go by backing up and countering for 5 rounds. A certain Greg Jackson gameplan. But when octagon control is highlighted in the scoring rules I see Nick scoring Big in that area. A confusing fight but congrats to Carlos nonetheless.

  28. JamesGJJ says:

    If nick had 2 more mins on carlos back it would of been over…he had to go for the armlock due to the round ending, their shouldnt be rounds, they should fight til someone wins ! and fuck all you fake name bitches talking shit hahaha

    • JenkemRipper says:

      if Nick only needed 2 more minutes on Condits back to submit him then why wouldnt he have taken him down and submitted him earlier on in the fight, excuses excuses excuses

  29. Mike says:

    Never leave it in the judges hand crybaby bitch

    • slacker says:

      Nick’s corner told him he was winning 3 – 1 before going into the 5th. Big mistake. They should have told him, you win this round, you win the fight. They screwed him up. That’s why he is so confused about losing.

  30. Salvador says:

    I don’t know why all the Diaz fans think Diaz got robbed. Since when has walking forward = winning? If that was the case Machida would have never won a decision. The fact is if Condit would’ve stayed on the cage Diaz would’ve mauled him, knowing this is why he refused to get caught in a corner. He landed more shots and threw more for that matter. if you think that Carlos was running away the whole time, check how many shots Diaz threw AND landed and then think about who did more in this fight.

    • Lizzardking says:

      Word :) here is the proof, and if walking forward is all u have to do to win then Roy Nelson won too. Octagon control means you dictate where, when and how the fight takes place and that’s exactly what Condit did. Gsp fought a smart fight against the better wrestler Kos by not wrestling and stayed outside and jabbed, Condit fought a smart fight by not letting Nick pin him against the cage and brawling but used Superior movement and stayed outside and picked his spots to out strike Diaz.

      • Scott says:

        Finally some people with valid things to say… All i can say now is Carlos claimed this would be a “war” but then played a karate/Machida style point scoring game. I just feel a little ripped off from what the fight was built up to be.

        • jon says:

          +1 Scott. Carlos hyped it to be a war, diaz always comes to fight. Just surprised Carlos didn’t fight the way he fight.

    • Me says:

      I did check how many shots were landed…carlos outstruck to the legs diaz outstruck to the body and head. Both great fighters and it was a genius gameplan from condits camp. Wouldnt expect anything less. The leg kicks were point kicks and that is was a lot of people are complaining about. Diaz won the fight, condit won the competition and that’s all that matters in the end. Diaz very understandably doesnt like that and that is why he is upset.

      • John Blaze says:

        DIAZ DIDNT WIN SHIT. GET THAT SHIT THROUGH YOUR THICK ASS SKULL LMFAO! I hate to burst your bubble but whatever, if you need to make up dumb ass shit like “Diaz won the fight, condit won the competition and that’s all that matters in the end” to be happy then whatever guy, hope that helps you sleep at night rofl lmfao.

    • Devin G says:

      This was the first comment i read when i got on here, and the one i most agree with thus far. Kudos to saying when i exactly thought

  31. Trey says:

    first of all ppl who think carlos had a good gameplan you need your eyes checked and need to kearn something about fighting runing and kicking in the leg is not fighting thats pussy shit especially when you said all these about dog fights and you come to take ppls heads off thats not a way to fight that was the most running i’ve ever seen not mad about the win but you dont win a fight like that

    • Aikai says:

      Diaz’s face tells the story. That ain’t from leg kicks. He was too busy trying to size up Condit. He had twenty five minutes to do damage in a cage and failed. Too many cry babies in our world.

      • california grown says:

        meh, looks like toe nail scratches really.
        nobody’s crying out here in california. it was an entertaining fight.
        the jackson plan worked. i did not expect it to go to a decision.
        seems like a trend with WW champs of late – survive, evade = decision.
        carlos did land some shots, but nick wasn’t really in danger.
        i’ve always liked carlos, i followed him since the WEC days.
        good fight. nick will be back. there will be more blood. good luck gsp, condit is gonna end your reign. if jackson doesn’t corner condit cuz he still wants gsp to come over and pack his 4$$, he doesn’t deserve a reach around & would look like and even bigger douche

      • Travis says:

        Thank you. I don’t think that visual damage determines the winner of a fight, but if there was ever a situation where i do think that it coincided with the ruling this is it. Walking forward, does not mean that you won. Sorry Diaz fans, stop being so salty.

    • Lizzardking says:

      You are correct about a fight, but this was a MMA competition. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS means using the whole toolbox to get the job done notjust swinging a hammer.

    • Spanky says:

      Don’t Forget the Head Kick. Condit fought a smart fight. The interview showed how Diaz is more of a quitter when he doesn’t get it his way. Who does that? Oh no I didn’t win so I’m going to retired. If Condit hit him with baby leg kicks then Diaz hit him with baby punches.

  32. slacker says:

    Watch the fight again. At the end of Rd. 4, you hear both Perez, his boxing coach and his brother Nate, tell him he is up 3 – 1. Couple of morons. It’s their fault he didn’t fight with urgency for the first 4 minutes of the final round and even made that one a toss – up. Just goes to show, you are only as strong as the team of people around you.

    • Me says:

      Everytime is see your comments I actually laugh out loud. I remember when I first got into mma too…you will mature eventually. Sometime around the time when you get your first pube hair you’ll start to understand that about 50% of the time a corner man is lying to his fighter on purpose. A fighter has a sense of urgency no matter what, they are locked in a cage with someone that wants to kill them. Get it?

      • John Blaze says:

        No actually slacker is right and when I saw your reply to him I actually automatically knew you were a fucking dipshit. His corner did tell him he was up when he was getting his ass handed to him and he said it himself he thought he was winning. Fighters have brains and they actually know how to use them…. like they actually know how to think… get it?

      • slacker says:

        If that was urgency, then he must have been sleep – walking, because he was about as killer as a Sunday afternoon stroll.

  33. Ted says:

    Carlos Condit won no doubt about that but he took the pussies way out like most greg jackson guys. He didn’t show me the fighting spirit, he didn’t go there like a warrior to finish a fight like a true warrior, he won the sporting competition, he didn’t win the FIGHT. MMA is a sport in which you can win in many ways but when you’re a little b*tch running around than I don’t think you should be a champion, man even Floyd Mayweather stays in the pocket and exchanges from time to time.

  34. Jason says:

    Condit fought for the points rather than actually fight. He claims he loves to fight yet he fought like a bitch and very GSP like. I don’t blame Nick for wanting to leave MMA, most of the judges have no MMA experience or knowledge at all, like Cecil Peoples. Biggest idiot ever. Condit/GSP will win the title of most boring fight of 2012. Still War Diaz.

  35. Dosan says:

    He’ll be back.

  36. cody says:

    condit ran the whole fight im tired of saying it i just dont understand how u can run for 25mins throwing half power shots and win a fight condit pussed out itd be one if that was his style but its not he was scared of nick diaz and cage control means nothing im just thinking if im a judge watching that fight ok one guy diaz pushing the action trying to fight for a win the other guy condit doing everything in there power to avoid a fight throwing one two strike combos then running to the otherside of the cage not impressive im just biased for a guy trying to end a fight then one avoiding it

  37. James Wolfe says:

    It was a close fight but a lot of you are right, Condit fought a GSP style, kick and run, punch and run, score points and run type of fight…boring as hell at times… I have much more respect for fighters like Diaz and BJ who want to fight.

    I hope Condit does lay a beating on GSP but this could be a very boring fight.

    I hope BJ and Diaz come back, I love to watch both. Good luck to both of you no matter what you decide.

  38. David says:

    It was a very very close fight, diaz didnt get “robbed” because he didnt CLEARLY beat condit, neither of them were totally dominant and as for diaz “pushing the pace” like he said? Fuck him he was moving forward and not throwing strikes and thats not worth shit so fuck hhim for being a baby, if he wants to win a decision he should be more dominant and quit bitching about retiring from mma all the time

  39. T.DADDY says:

    Diaz got ROBBED! plain and simple

  40. Donnybrook says:

    You lost homie!!… wipe the tears away and fkin deal with it you sore loser. Maybe next time you fight don’t do so much sh!t talking and do more fighting… you might want to keep your hands up too to protect your face and maybe learn how to check leg kicks.

    • california grown says:

      you’ve obviously never been in a real fight that determines your career path & where emotions can take over.
      first – there were no tears
      second – he did NOT talk shit before the fight, there was mutual respect.
      who doesn’t enjoy watching nick talk while the fight is on. that is one of his unique qualities. condit mentioned it in the post fight presser – hilarious.
      third – his hands were up fool. his face got scratched with toe nails. it’s not like he took a shin to the face. the head kicks where coming up SHORT.
      both guys were doing a great job of just staying out of the real power range of the attacks = no KO

      • Donnybrook says:

        I was talking about the sh!t talking hands down during the fight… you may like it but it’s not a smart thing to do when your in a fight and he didn’t check one leg kick… also not smart. Look at the two of them after the fight and tell me who was more beat up… based on damage Nick lost the fight hands down… deal with it.

  41. Joe says:

    I still wanna see GSP vs Diaz

  42. naru says:

    regardless who was fighting, as a fan, hate to see point fighting. decisions are fine as in the context in diaz vs penn. but a decision for points, to not finish fights…especially when a guy back turns and sprints, that’s hard for me to just be cool with it. yeah, jones vs jackson, jones did do the whole back turn and sprint, but he finishes fights.that fight, i would consider “picking him apart” in this fight, there was none of that, how we could say diaz punches arent power punches, diaz would make the same argument about carlos leg kicks. carlos clearly had no intentions on finishing the fight. and if you’re cool with the strategy of point fighting to win, you must be cool with ALL fighters who point fight to win. i mean, if you totally support how carlos won but bash say sonnen for his style of ground and pound, you are wishy washy.

    and if the argument is ” whatever it takes to get the W and that’s all that matters” then you have to take that same mindset for everything, using grease, being on trt, cycling steroids, intentional eye pokes or groin kicks, grabbing fence, grabbing shorts, going for takedowns and stalling, stalling on the fence, you gotta be cool with it all also since it falls to ones accepted mindset of “whatever it takes to get the W”

  43. "H"BOMB says:

    what a bitch really? i thought lesnar was the pussy here! everytime this fuckin guy loses he’s got an excuse i’m glad this guy is retiring i’d rather see chuck or hughes in there losing fights than this punkass ruin an already troubled sport by swearing on live broadcasting and taunting his repected opponents with paddy cake and pmsing when the opponent is trying to set up their game

  44. 209 TWEEKER says:


  45. Scott says:

    All you Diaz followers- face it! He got beat plain and simple. Talking shit and throwing your hands up during a fight isn’t going to get you nowhere. This is MMA not boxing. A fighter does what he must to win. If that includes going in and out scoring points then hey- that’s winning! Plus Diaz isn’t the fighter he makes himself out to be. Condit landed more strikes and won the fight. Deal with it and quit bitching

  46. Xaninho says:

    Condit landed more strikes and he also landed more damaging strikes. The fact Diaz didn’t get KO’d by some of the punches and headkicks he received is cause he has a great chin, not cause Condit wasn’t trying.

    • learntoread says:

      Wow, are you really trying to compare the “Natural Born Killer” we witnessed got toe to toe & hard core with Hardy, Kim, MacDonald (among others) and that ‘performance’ Condit displayed Saturday night ?!! Personally, I didn’t see any resemblance.

      • Xaninho says:

        In martial arts it’s essential to surprise the opponent and keep him guessing. That’s what Condit did like a true martial artist. Diaz was just following him around unable to catch him.

        He fought a smart fight and dictated where the fight was going and when strikes were exchanged. Maybe you just don’t wanna see it, but some of the punches and headkicks would have knocked out most of the fighters in their division, but Diaz is the Roy Nelson of the ww division.

  47. Miara Haines says:

    Diaz 1, 2, and 5 and don’t tell me that i am not a true mma fan b/c honestly running around river dancing in the cage, with kick punch combos is your idea of a game plan and strategy then whtev!! Yes condit out striked diaz, aggression and octagon control also count and condit showed neither of that, he won the point game hands down and truly loss the fight game itself!! Nick wanted to brawl and fight like a man and condit just wanted to play it safe, honestly I hope nick continues to fight he is just pissed and sometimes tends to say ish he don’t really mean!! Honestly everyone knows not to leave the fight up to the judges, maybe he’ll train harder and adapt and come back better!! He’s not the brightest or most matures of guys, so hey I can’t blame nick for being nick!!

    • Xaninho says:

      What kind of octagon control did Diaz have in your eyes?. Following Condit around, being frustrated and talking smack? Condit dictated where and when punches and kicks were exchanged…THAT is having octagon control.

      • learntoread says:

        Continually being backed up and periodically running away from confrontation is MOST DEFINITELY NOT considered “octagon control” man. I mean, seriously.

        Nick was stalking him the majority of the fight.

        • Xaninho says:

          That wasn’t stalking. That was helplessly following around and not being able to force his usual gameplan upon the opponent.

          Dictating the pace and place of the fight is having octagon control. Diaz did neither.

    • Xaninho says:

      And remember Diaz’s way to beat BJ Penn? Was he scrappin’ ? No he used his size advantage to wear him out against the cage and he even needed to grab the cage to do so, so don’t make it sound like Diaz always comes to scrap, cause he doesn’t.

  48. Jessed2011 says:

    Let that fucking retard retire!!!!! Probably the best gameplan he has had in months!!!! As much as people say they dislike fighters who “run” or “lay and pray” their way to victory, a lot of people are also tired of Nick AND Nate and their antics!!!! I dont care if your are a pillar of the community outside the cage, whenever they have anything to do with the UFC, they are complete and utter cocksuckers!!!! If they are the best of what the 209 has to offer, its no wonder that city is as fucked up as it is!!!!!!!

  49. John Blaze says:

    This should be “Watch Nick Diaz cry like a little bitch”

  50. Jay WAR says:

    DIAZ lost. that’s all there is to it. Condit stuck to his gameplan and won. if Diaz and his camp thought that he really won, then they are the “YES MEN” cesar gracie always talks about.

  51. Dr. Funk says:

    Cause nick came to fight and Carlos came to run around and do a Jackson strata to win on leg kicks by landing most in a fight since cerrone…the natural born jogger or like bi said the natural born escape artist

  52. lol says:

    I dont know if diaz won or not but I like to see athletes quit on their terms instead of the business terms… Look at it from their point of view.

  53. ali says:

    Condit came to win in traditional manner where Diaz came to win old school lets fight, many fighters know Diaz is a fighter and when you fight with him you can’t win, so Condit did the right thing with hit and move, made for a boring fight but he won, Diaz should stay who ever wins GSP v Condit Diaz will be next and there’s your chance Nick go for it.

  54. JB Spencer says:

    I just hope all this shit doesnt throw nate off his game. Its got some time to settle down but it could still be a big disstraction for him essecially wit the bigest fight of his carrer coming up.

  55. O-A says:

    Think Diaz won Rd’s 1, 2 and 5.
    Condit just wanted to collect points. He wasnt the fighter he normally is, courtesy of Greg Jackson i suppose.

    And also, can you please remove this completely worthless translation nonsense. It does not work to set english as default language. Have to reload every page with an /en/ behind the url. And the translations dont make any sense at all. It’s to the point where you are ruining the best MMA site out there.

  56. lizzzz says:

    hahaha omg you guys on here are fucking funny as shit people need to get a life i bet none of you guys fucking fight and all you guys are haters i like both carlos and diaz they are both tuff dudes carlos had a good game plan to go after nick diaz legs like what cris cyborg did…… but still he ran nick had control of the cage he was eating him up with body shots as well i think he won 1,2,5 some people think carlos took 3,4,5 but how did nick lose five thats my question he took carlos down for the last 90 secs of the fight and had control of him going for submissions and trying to finish the fight i for sure think they need to come up with a better judging system then what they have and i hope that nick diaz dosent retire after that he is a great fighter and love him or hate him he comes to fight and i know the haters love to watch him fight because he brings it and they know it !!!!

  57. I Have said before on this website before and no one agreed with me that bjpenn should of come down here to alburquerque and trained with the Jackson camp for long periods of time it might improve his cardio … I think condit just proved me right ….he out worked diaz the triathlete and executed a prefect gameplan….diaz cardio didn’t help him one bit if anything he looked more tired the condit at The end of the fight ……..I wonder if anyone will agre??e with me now

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