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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 09:50 am

Watch BJPENN.COM'S "Just Scrap Radio" LIVE Today At 1pm ET Here!

Streaming video by Ustream
Use the player provided on this page to tune into the first episode of our weekly Radio show here on BJPENN.COM, “Just Scrap Radio”.

We go live at 1:00pm ET with our secret host and first guest, BJ Penn!

If you missed the Live show, the archive will be up shortly!


19 Responses to “Watch BJPENN.COM'S "Just Scrap Radio" LIVE Today At 1pm ET Here!”

  1. ^lol you're dumb says:

    f you look at the main page throughout the day, Pedro is writing TONS of articles ALL DAY long. If they had someone else, I doubt they would be doing as much, or putting in the same amount of effort. Try and wrap your judgmental head around that, because you’re putting your judgmental opinion above the good of this site. Pedro seems to be doing a pretty damn good job, and I think he should stay right where he is because again, from what I can see, he’s doing a great job.

  2. ^lol you're dumb says:

    And seriously learn to speak, Tuff is actually tough, and your should actually be you’re, dummy

  3. andy says:

    Ha! Jens Pulver. Called it.

  4. john says:

    this is great! Jens Pulver and BJ Penn!! wow

  5. ManiacMMA says:

    PULVER!!! right on that is solid

  6. Brian Herbeshire says:

    Jens Pulver!! I knew it… awesome

  7. Pulver Fan says:

    lil evil in da house!!

    good job team Penn!

  8. Tsimanga says:

    Lil Evil – perfect )))

  9. Blake says:

    dude! best radio interview ever!

  10. jr_cabras says:

    right on jens and bj!!

  11. Daniel Darrow says:

    Missed the interview. How do you replay?

  12. Blake says:

    awesome show! epic

  13. Mitchell Cavin says:

    how dose one sign up for the “JUST SCRAP” i have what it takes to become the best bantamweight in the world. cant seem to find the link that you can sign up on, or did they stop doing the “JUST SCRAP”

  14. Mitchell Cavin says:

    Ok i have been away from TV’s and computers for about 6 months and just found out about this “JUST SCRAP” i was hoping there was still sign ups, from what Iv seen the sign ups are over. i wish to sign up for it, i know i have what it takes to become the best in the world. i have no training I’m a off the couch fighter. i know that i can become the best bantamweight or flyweight UFC fighter in the world. i know you don’t know me or owe me a thing BJ Penn, i don’t fight for money or fame. i just want to show the world the best of me. if there are any opening in the roster i wish to sign up. i will be checking every day for a reply’s. I thank you BJ Penn, for reading this and taking the time to reply.

    • Rico says:

      U shld maybe jst stay on ur couch. B4 u get hurt by someone who actually practices different disciplines. U dnt have the potential to do anything if all u do is watch tv sleep on ur couch and eat cheetos. Haha srry for putttin u on blast whoever the fuck u are but u kinda did it ur self. Hit the gym buddy learn smething.

      • Mitchell Cavin says:

        ok bro good to know people judge book by the cover you don’t even know me. if i had the same training as any fighter i know i can win. I’m not a couch surfer like you sound. I’m highly active with only Military training, i have the heart to go to the end but lack the octagon training. i can run a mile in 4.48 i can bench 200 pounds i squat over 400 i think i don’t need to hit the gym just your face ROFLMAO. now i don’t judge a book by the pre-log, you mite be able to kick my ass but if i had the training any other fighter as had, you wouldn’t be able to touch me. that’s how confident i am in my ability to adapt and over come anything i come up against. Thanks for the reply XD
        Marine’s WHOA.

        • Dan Quinn says:

          Listen playa, you might be all that and a bag of chips, but if you don’t hit up some stevia ypu are in trouble. I am a light heavyweight, and I guarantee I would light you up with my hands bro. water+stevia=cold fission. Not trying to clown or nothing, just saying if you get on the stevia train it will take you far. All I ask is you pay the stevia forward and remember Maitreya is the angel of truth when it comes to low calorie sweeteners.

        • Mitchell Cavin says:

          see i don’t doubt you can light me up, i know that if i had the same training you have and have had i can take the train to the last stop and wait for my bags of chips. i will step into the ring against anyone, no matter the size difference. i believe that it depends on your training, if you go beyond someone capability to defend ones self you cant lose. i really need to get into the high intensity training that octagon fighters like your self dose everyday, and i know i can over come anyone’s defense. if you are willing to train me or show me anything you know, I’m here to learn. ” We can under go any amount of teaching in a life time and not know a thing, unless we are willing to learn”

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