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Monday, 09/03/2012, 03:34 pm

Warning to Cormier Against Mir: You can’t tap, you have to scream. If you try to tap out he breaks you in half.


Strikeforce heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier will face Frank Mir later this year but Mir’s jiu jitsu instructor Robert Drysdale warns Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix champ via

“Man, it’s a hard one.  It’s hard because the guy’s tough on the stand-up and has good takedowns.  The mistake most people make when fighting Frank is underestimating him.  Everybody that underestimates him gets caught.


Frank’s a sniper, lands directs hits.  He chooses the right moment and lands it when finally does.  It’s a tough fight but he’s prepared.


We know it can go to the ground and Frank may be on the bottom and we’re training for that. I guess Frank has an advantage on striking.


On the ground, if he (Cormier) makes a mistake, he’ll get caught.  You can’t make a mistake with him.  I train with the guy. He goes smoothly, you think he’s not paying attention.  Brother, the guy catches you and you don’t see that coming.  You can’t tap, you have to scream.  If you try to tap out he breaks you in half. 


He’s very strong.  When he goes 70 percent it’s like other people going 100 percent.  That’s the problem.  To train with him you gotta be ready to tap out the entire time.”

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32 Responses to “Warning to Cormier Against Mir: You can’t tap, you have to scream. If you try to tap out he breaks you in half.”

  1. Mir For The Win says:

    Mir will show that, although he won’t be the UFC champion, he can compete in the weaker Strikeforce organization. Mir will beat Cormier.

    • Johan says:

      Who are you to say what Mir will be? Can you predict the future?

      • Kookamungacrackakilla says:

        Shut the fuck up… It’s opinion… Find something better to do than hate on comments people make…. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is that you should shut the fuck up

        • Sasquatch says:

          I like and agree with your opinion.

        • krafty11 says:

          How is he hating, Crackerjackboy? The poster asked a simple question.. actually 2 questions, but that might be a bit much for you to follow.. Have a nice day!

        • H-Bomb Baby says:

          They were not questions posted. They are opinions stated. There are no question marks, nor are they formed like questions. It seems like YOU, Krafty11, are the one having difficulty “following.” And BTW, have a better day.

    • Mike b says:

      I don’t know why people shit on Mir.hes a good fighter.he beat top contenders already.big nog twice,Roy,Brock,he can definitely compete in the UFC he’s already proved that….

      • Quitcrying says:

        I’m not a big nog fan but Mir got his ass handed to him by big nog in the 2nd fight. That dummy shouldn’t have went for the choke. Mir looked just as bad against Dos Santos on his feet. I doubt he even lasts a round against dc.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      I dunno dude, I think this is going to be tough for Mir, I don’t think Cormier is like the average Strikeforce HW, I think he’s legit and will KO Mir. I hope it’s a good fight.

      Johan – Maybe you don’t get it but fyi this site is about MMA opinions…why don’t you express one instead of posting erroneous shit.

  2. Me says:

    Mirs stand up is getting better but I believe if Cormier wants to stand up with Mir he has the advantage, It seemed to me in the Barnett fight that Cormier had far superior striking then him. I think if Cormier decides to take down Mir he would be in for a lot of trouble because if Mir grabs you he isn’t letting go 90% of the time. I’d have to say Cormier by UD.

  3. stephen riddle says:

    I hope mir takes a limb home to hang over his mantle!

  4. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    All fat boys are good at twisting arms no biggie

  5. MARV3L0US says:

    I think mir has some mental problems.

  6. Yeahrightman says:

    I would have thought Mir would want to take an easier fight than this being he is late in his career and has just failed what was probably his last title shot. He’s being used as a gatekeeper, plain and simple.. He always has a chance with his submission game, but I get the feeling cormier is going to stand and bang, and bang is the operative word. Cormier by tko.

    • KingRon84 says:

      I wonder if they said the same thing when Brock bashed his face in from the top.

      The issue at hand will be whether Cormier is strong enough to manhandle Mir like Lesnar did or does he have the power to KO or knock Mir on queer street like Carwin, Dos Santos or Nog.

      I am pretty sure Daniel will pound on Mir at will. Has he shown anything in his last few fights that would suggest otherwise.

    • Calvin says:

      but if mir wins he will be the strikeforce champion so its like he has to be right up there for a title shot again but its too soon i feel it would be a very sticky situation

  7. GetRidOFLayNPrayFighters(Forever) says:

    WAR MIR! Not looking forward to him breaking any arms but SNAP OR TAP!

  8. CombatRusse says:

    The fight will be fun to watch
    As well as the pre-fight interviews.Franck is good at hyping fights especially when he talks about breaking limbs 😀

  9. Gabe418 says:

    I really like Cormier’s boxing and I don’t see Mir taking him down…I got C by ko

  10. D-yan says:

    the usa capt will take him down and beat him up…… i hope he uses that high crotch takedown.

  11. punchkick says:

    i hope mir win this one.
    mir by sub or black fedor by mauling

  12. BJ is KING says:

    Big marn (daniel cormier) to split Mir’s damaged face with countless punches. Its going to be a bloody night for Mir, probably as bad as the time he fought Brock Lesnar the second time.

  13. bonghitbeast says:

    haha mir’s coach thinks he’ll have a striking advantage. ho ho ho ho ho.

    i see cormier sprawling to keep it on the feet and dispatching mir via tko by the end of the second round. good night mir you hilarious jew.

  14. jon smith says:

    Mir is still a really fun fighter to watch, try remembering the last time people complained about his fights being boring. Whether its a KO for or against him or a submission he pulls off where most HW wouldn’t know what to do Mir is always a fun watch and thats all the matters at this point for him. Will he ever be champ again? Most likely not because his striking is below that of JDS and others by quite a bit but you never know

  15. krafty11 says:

    I think the poster H Bomb Baby needs to brush up on his/her reading skills.. But to each his own. You sir have a great day!

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