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Tuesday, 02/14/2012, 09:45 am

War Machine Sentenced To More Jail Time | Here Are His Sentencing Transcripts From The Nevada Court

Former UFC fighter, “War Machine”, has spent the last few years in and out of legal trouble. After his release from the UFC he took to being an adult entertainment actor and habitual bar fighter. He was arrested and charged with assault in southern California and sentenced to a year behind bars. He served his time, got released and took an MMA fight with Roger Huerta that he won.

After defeating Huerta he was picked up by the Bellator promotion, however before he could make his debut, the Nevada State Judicial System got a hold of him and sentenced him to another year in jail for pending assault charges.

Here are the court transcripts from his sentencing:


Defendant. )

CASE NO. C276252-1


Deputy District Attorney


THE COURT: State versus War Machine.

MR. MORGAN: Court’s indulgence.
Steve Miller.
Judge, we do have a speaker; I’d ask that he be able to speak last.

THE COURT: That’s fine.
And, Mr. Morgan, what’s the State’s position? No opposition to probation but has retained the right to argue all terms and conditions, and I’m assuming the underlying sentence as well?

MR. MORGAN: That’s correct, Judge. I just — I understand that we’re asking for probation, and I would ask that it be on the felony given the facts of this case, the extensive damage to the victim, and I think it’s appropriate given all the facts as well as when you look at the defendant’s other criminal history and his two prior violent felony convictions. With that I’d submit it.

THE COURT: And I’m assuming the 61,000 and change in restitution reflects the extensive medical bills that the victim had to incur as a result of this?

MR. MORGAN: That’s correct, Judge, workmen’s comp payout.

THE COURT: All right. Your true name is Koppenhaver but you’ve had it legally changed?

THE DEFENDANT: Yeah, I had it legal — I had to change it for legal reasons. I was getting sued for copyright infringement. It’s my nickname —

THE COURT: Right, you were a fighter?


THE COURT: All right. What if anything would you like to state to the Court before the Court pronounces sentence against you?

THE DEFENDANT: Well, I just want to say that, you know, like, my lifelong dream was to become a professional athlete and make it to the UFC, all right. I got into the UFC; I had a couple fights. And then when I lost my contract, I got, you know, I battled a lot of depression, and I got real self-destructive, and there’s about — about two and a half years, three years where I just kinda stopped caring about anything and acted like a jerk, you know. I never had gotten in trouble before, and these three years I just, you know, I went out a lot. I was drinking too much. I was getting in bar fights, and I was just, you know, acting irresponsible and acting stupid.
After this case I actually got into a fight in San Diego, and I served a year straight. I just got released in July. In that year I had a long time to sit there and think, you know. Before it’s like I was getting in trouble, getting in trouble, but I was never — I never got punished, you know. Like if you touch a hot stove and it doesn’t burn you, you touch it again, you know. So that year really gave me a lot of time to reflect, and a — and it remotivated me to get back into my career and do the right things. And since then I’ve been married.
I’ve been out for six months now and haven’t been in any trouble. I’ve been doing my anger classes. I’ve been staying sober, and I’ve just been avoiding bars and avoiding alcohol, and just, you know, trying to live life correct. I made a lot of mistakes but that year —

THE COURT: What are you doing to address your alcohol problems, and do you have, like, counseling or AA or —

THE DEFENDANT: No, I didn’t have an alcohol problem like that; I just had a problem with — really it was bars. It was a combination of bars and drinking and my temper and the fact that I just didn’t care about anything, you know. I mean, I was being — I get tested every — I’m on probation in California so I get tested, you know, once a week for alcohol. I do anger management classes, you know, and I’m just avoiding stuff. I’m staying in the gym, teaching classes, training, hanging out with my wife. I’m just not — I’ve just changed my lifestyle. I’m just — I’m not doing that anymore.(Continue to next page for sentencing and additional remarks)

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14 Responses to “War Machine Sentenced To More Jail Time | Here Are His Sentencing Transcripts From The Nevada Court”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Judge seemed a bit judgemental, making the assumption that he’s on steroids and, and seeming to despise the fact that he’s a professional fighter… He really put himself in a bad spot. Hope he gets his shit together

  2. MC says:

    This guy’s a fuckin bum

  3. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

    Why do both sides say “you know” so much, they are arguing too different sides in a courtroom. The judge is opinionated on MMA but uneducated about it, yet makes decisions for other peoples lives based on his blurred opinion

    • David says:

      Hey asswipe theyre in court to discuss war machine breaking a guys leg and bustin his face, they arent talking about the latest ufc card. The fact of the matter is that he is trained in combat sports and used that training to hurt someone, if he was just a kickboxer or a fucken judo guy or whatever it doesnt matter he is trained in martial arts and he used them for dickhead tough guy purposes. If the judge was more knowledgable about what a fucken arm bar or a hip toss was how the fuck would that change their attitude towards some tough guy asshole using his training to beat up an untrained person in a street fight? Answer that one smart guy

  4. David says:

    Well if one year didnt straighten him out this next year definitely will, cant just beat up people like an asshole and get away with it, doesnt matter if it was three years ago. Now we get to read about him waxing his ass hairs again yay

  5. JoeR. says:

    Wow. Just freaking wow. Can these people say ” you know” anymore than they did?? The judge sounds like she just graduated from valley high yesterday. Like, you know?
    As for Bar Machine (new legal name) maybe some more reflection time will be good for him.

    • andyboy says:

      i know right hahaha “you know, the thing is, you know hes a professional fighter you know” LMAO!

      more reflection time? nah that’s BS, this assault was well before he clearly turned his life around. Now he’s being punished for being good? i understand that’s it a new victim and a new crime but another strait year with CHANCE of probabtion, i’ve seen this type of Nevada hearing before, exact almost, the Judge will be monitoring War Michines behavior in Jail for this year, yes someone in Nevada has the job of going to that jail weekly and documenting his behavior and reporting to the judge monthly. If the judge THINKS that he’s showing anger and fault toward the victim, then she’ll extend his time and tell him that he’s a potential threat to the victim upon release. She clearly has a soar spot for fighters as a lot of assault charges coem out of Nevada…

      This was just the sentencing so until i hear the witness statments from the original court hearings then this is clearly a BS charge! War Machine and his Lawyer both went into this sentencing thinking they were getting Probation…not becuz they felt he did a year in SD for another assault but becuz of wut was stated at the last hearing that we dont have aduio or manuscripts from… hence something was mentioned or went down that made everyone think, including the victim from his testamony, that War Machine was getting Probation.

      Personally i think War Machine did sucker punch the guy, BUT the victim is clearly much larger than War machine who stands 5’7 155lbs, and i’m sure the last hearing has witnesses stating he egged War Machine on or fought back with harmful intent instaed of Self Defense fighting. Even an “untrained” person can tell the differenece between fighting someone with intent to hurt them and fighting for your “life” so to say, self defense. Self defense looks like covering up and trying to elude your attacker by pushing, shoving, running, punching to keep distance, and screaming helkp or stop, or anything to stop the attacker. if you engage in a fight, with a pro or not, you should be held just as responisble as the next guy.

      I’m over this crap already! If this victim went into a bar on another night and saw a 5’7 155 lbs looking dude mouthing off and attempted to intimidate him with his size and hit the guy with a bottle or beat him up then that guy would probably get less time then War Machine becuz he’s a “regular” guy. If War machine got into a fight with someone who kicked his ass shouldnt’ that guy get more time since he beat a “trained” professional fighter??? anyone at any time can land a lucky punch on Anderson Silva at the airport and KO him and he could hit his head on a chair on the way down and die……that guy gets minimum 20 years, but if a UFC fighter KO’s a guy, head hits chair, guy dies, he’ll likely get life in prison……..but Gays can fight for their equal rights but fighters cannot. Celebrities can get DUI’s, Assault charges, domestic violence charges, drug charges, do simple weeks in Jail……………this country Rocks! i love how a Navy Seal got charged with aggriavted assault on a known alqueda terrorist by punching him in the stomach ? seriously? America is going downhill FAST!!!

  6. brett says:

    well you know, you know, you know, i mean ur a professional fighter you know you know you know. i dont know if you know or not you know you know you know. judge seems a little uneducated. you know what i mean?

  7. Xaninho says:

    His real name is Koppenhaver hahaha, no wonder he changed it! I bet lots of people had fun over that name at his expense.

  8. BobO says:

    Guys got some issues. The Judge though sounds like some clip haired man hating pinkO. ~BobO

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