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Thursday, 08/22/2013, 03:44 pm

Wanderlei Silva Won’t Fight Sonnen Without PPV Points, Dana White Not Happy

We recently discovered that UFC President Dana White had plans for Sonnen vs. Silva to go down at UFC 167.

Wanderlei Silva is apparently down for the scrap, but only if he receives additional compensation in the form of pay-per-view buy points.

“[Silva] said he won’t fight him unless he gets PPV [points]” White told, adding “so I guess he’s gonna retire.”

When asked who Sonnen would fight next the UFC Boss replied, “We will figure it out.”

It was after Sonnen’s victory over Shogun Rua last weekend that he called out Wanderlei on national television. “Now, right here on the UFC’s new home, FOX Sports 1, Wanderlei Silva, six feet tall, 205 pounds, boy until I met you, I didn’t know they stacked crap that high,” stated Sonnen.

With the hype machine behind the matchup it seemed like a foregone conclusion, but it appears as if White will not give in to Silva’s demands.


65 Responses to “Wanderlei Silva Won’t Fight Sonnen Without PPV Points, Dana White Not Happy”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Oh Snap! – “[Silva] said he won’t fight him unless he gets PPV [points]“ White told, adding “so I guess he’s gonna retire.” – DW is putting the pressure on The W. Silva. Retirment!!! Yah Silva will fold. Let’s see this fight now.

    • Steven Thurman says:

      Silva doesnt want the fight to happen, 99 times out of 100 he loses, he probably knows Dana prob wont give him the PPV points, he certainly doesnt deserve it anymore, hes not the man he used to be.

  2. The axe says:

    Dana is such a cheap mofo. Just give Wanderlei what he asks for and let the axe murder sonnen the clown, live on PPV

    • 757 says:

      I don’t blame Wand. He has been a warrior all of his career. Sonnen and others that are DANA’S boys get handed big fights left and right. You can’t blame Wand for wanting to get paid. He has earned it . Nobody can take that away from him

  3. brandon says:

    One I find it funny how you think Wand is a big fight, two…Dana cheap for not paying Wand is just saying he wants the buys cause he’s scared of sonnen and knows Dana don’t cave

  4. 757 says:

    Oh boy that’s right on the button….ha ha OMG

  5. Wanderlei Wants to ride the GSP train... says:

    to riches! GSP is headlining, so it’s expected to sell a million PPVs. Plus, Rory and Lawler are on that main card also. It really doesn’t need Chael/Wandy to sell PPVs. Dana knows this. It’s purely business and has nothing to do about disrespecting Wandy’s MMA legacy. Besides, Wandy’s best days were in Pride and has a UFC record below .500. I wouldn’t reward Wandy for a sub .500 record.

  6. Sal says:

    I rather see Sonnen put another nail in Mashidas coffin, while hyping the fight questioning LM urine sampling!

  7. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Sonnen gets it why shouldn’t Wandy get some too?

  8. Again.. says:

    Dana White is cheap as fuck! MMA fighters are so underpaid its crazy, and he wouldn’t even give Wanderlei ppv points how fucked up. Even though Chael probably gonna dry hump him for like 15 minutes he still has a punchers chance!

    • Once before... says:

      Let’s just say White gave Wanderlei just 1% of the PPV (very simple version). With expected sales of 1,000,000 at $55, that one percent turns into over half a million $$$ for Wanderlei!
      The precedence set for other fighters would be mind numbing for the UFC, and for a fighter that has won less than 50% of the time in the Octagon. Give Overeem money for his accomplishments in K-1. Pay James Toney for his boxing career.
      The UFC is a business first. And if the fighters or fans don’t like it, they can take their business elsewhere. This is America, afterall.

      • Again.. says:

        Point still remains MMA fighters are underpaid… Champion boxers make 20 – 30 mil. a fight… UFC Champions like 300k… its sad really.

        • Yet... says:

          …the ones complaining are the ones released from the UFC. Haven’t heard one UFC champion complain about pay. Granted, fighter pay in MMA is low, but the fighters still train, fighters in other organization still want to be in the UFC, FANS STILL PAY FOR PPVs, tickets, and all the other things related to income for the UFC (souvenirs, video games, etc ). Fans are quick to complain, but still show up to watch the fights. Go figure.

        • Again.. says:

          I remember Rampage complaining and Tito Ortiz. 300k is a lot of money so I probably wouldn’t complain either, but in comparison to other combat sports it’s underpaid!

        • DBKlein69 says:

          u get paid exactly what you’re worth in this world. that goes for everybody. if u dont like it, quit complaining and get up off ur whiny asss and go make yourself worth more.
          it’s as simple as that. crybaby asss b*tches “waaaahhhh i deserve more money” “waaaahhh im underpaid” … bout this…….if u dont like what the ufc is paying u….quit! that’s the greatest part about this issue! slavery has been abolished! u dont have to work for the ufc if u dont like what they’re paying u! u can quit and go get a job that pays u what u feel u are worth! yay! wait…..what? u cant get another job that pays u as much as the ufc is paying u? oh. well then. i see we have a problem here.

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