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Wednesday, 07/24/2013, 07:27 am

Wanderlei SIlva Wants Contender Bout; Eyes Title Shot in Future

‘The Axe Murderer’ Wanderlei Silva only fought once this year, back in March, but displayed more in that one fight than most MMA veterans do in an entire year. Silva showed that brutality was still the name of the game all the while, having his chin and heart tested and maintaing his power and aggression later in the fight.

This fight was the absolute brawl with Brian Stann that ended in a second-round knockout for Silva.

Now, Silva seems to have a lit a new spark in his career as he apparently wants to make a title run in the middleweight division.

As reported by UFC Tonights Ariel Helwani, Silva has requested a contender bout, seeking the fastest lane to a title shot.

Silva brushed off a fight with Chael Sonnen who had verbally ridiculed Silva earlier this year, in exchange for a fighter with a ‘bigger name’.

Being an anchor on UFC Tonight, Sonnen was able to chime in on Silva’s request:

“I always find it amusing when a guy threatens to hurt me in the middle of a cage fight. I kind of expect that,” Sonnen stated. “But as far as Wanderlei goes, look, I think you might be asking him the wrong question, Ariel. The question shouldn’t be, ‘Why isn’t he fighting me?’ The question should be, ‘Why isn’t he asking to fight me?’ I’ve degraded him, I’ve disparaged him, and I’ve ridiculed him for years. I feel like he should be calling me out.”

No word on who exactly Silva wants to face. Now we must wait to see if the UFC appeases his desires to make what will most likely be his last title run.


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15 Responses to “Wanderlei SIlva Wants Contender Bout; Eyes Title Shot in Future”

  1. 757 says:

    Wand has more meaning to the world of MMA that Chael could dream of. He isn’t asking you to fight because he is above you Chael. Your worthless to the relevancy of any fighter ……go away

  2. Arthur is an idiot casual says:

    Arthur if you think he only has two Wins ur obviously an idiot casual fan who barely watches and thinks he knows it all. Other than losing to two of the greatest ever in the ufc chael has only lost one other time. He whooped Silva for six out of seven rounds not many can say they did that. You have to respect that. His smack talk is a marketing tool that obviously works because idiot casual fans like yourself actually know who he is

  3. 757 says:

    Ok yeah your right he has accomplished so much in the sport. He is a great fighter with a average record, no championships and lost when he was given the shot on several occassions both in the UFC and other organizations. His smack talk is stupid and I knew who he was before he got to the UFC dick weed. He sucks and has to act like an asshole to get fights so that whatever you are fans purchase his fights

  4. jdizzle says:

    I used to say the same thing about Chael but if u watch him on the ultimate fighter and on podcasts when he is outside of his “selling a fight mode” he actually is a really nice guy. Educated, respectful, funny. But when he gets into promotion mode he is a completely disrespectful and ruthless person. I personally want to see Wandy vs Vitor 2 it was supposed to go down a couple of times now and hasn’t happened. I think if he wants a test at a top guy Vitor is it and lets face niether guy is in a boring fight. Even if Wandy gets KO’d it will be one hell of a fight

  5. 757 says:

    I’ll agree to that fight. Both guys are exciting fights to watch. Chael is an asshole however and Dana pisses me off when he cuts good solid fighters and keeps this jackass on the payroll making much more than hard nosed fighters

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