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Saturday, 01/12/2013, 01:05 pm

Wanderlei Silva: Jon Jones Can Beat Sonnen With Just A Jab | UFC NEWS

It’s no secret, Wanderlei Silva does not like Chael Sonnen.

The Brazilian legend, went on record recently over at to cast his opinion on the upcoming Sonnen vs. Jones match up and as expected, he had nothing nice to say about the “Oregon Gangster”

“Whatever the boss [UFC President Dana White] says, I sign underneath. If he thinks this fight is fair, then I think he’s absolutely right. It was a fight I wanted to see; [but] Jones will swallow Sonnen. I spoke with Jones and told him that he can win the fight only with jabs, with one hand tied behind his back. The only person who can beat Jones today is Anderson [Silva].”


6 Responses to “Wanderlei Silva: Jon Jones Can Beat Sonnen With Just A Jab | UFC NEWS”

  1. Wow says:

    He looks a lot like Cyborg these days.

  2. Merf says:

    Never was there a more accurate statement, Jones would own Sonnen! The only thing unstoppable about Sonnen is his mouth!

  3. jeff says:

    saying jones will swallow chael does not sound right lmao

  4. bobby says:

    i hope wanderlei fights against chael after he gets destroyed by Brian Stann

  5. 757 says:

    Wand is the man. Chael will NEVER EVER accomplish the things Wand has in MMA …..hey Bobby and Wow whats up you fools…ha ha dicks

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