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Monday, 05/28/2012, 04:55 pm

Wanderlei On Belfort Withdrawal | "If you were scared, you shouldn’t have accepted it, I guess you got scared of me."

By Jamie McAllister
Wanderlei Silva in an interview with TATAME.

Silva comments on Belfort’s withdrawal from the UFC 147 main event.

Belfort was forced to withdraw due to a hand injury and Wanderlei is less than impressed with his countryman.

“(Fighting me) with one hand (laughs)? We are professionals. It’s a great irresponsibility not to be careful on training, a great disrespect towards the fans. I’m really sad. I’m ready to knock you out, you have nowhere to run. This fight is happening. I guess you got scared of me. Nobody trains so hard that breaks his hand. We use the best equipments, gloves, bandages”

“If you were scared, you shouldn’t have accepted it. If you really got it broken, it’s amateurism and if you didn’t, you’re scared. In both scenarios, it was irresponsible of you towards the fans. Pardon the word, but I’m pissed with your amateurism. A main event on the biggest event of the world and the guy shows up like that.”


95 Responses to “Wanderlei On Belfort Withdrawal | "If you were scared, you shouldn’t have accepted it, I guess you got scared of me."”

  1. D says:

    lmao my boy wandi speaking the truth

  2. John M says:

    Don’t be scared homie

  3. KIngron84 says:

    Yea Belfort is scared of a guy he destroyed in 40 seconds and now has a chin made of glass.

    • you are an idiot says:

      that was so long ago you moron so when bj lost to jens pulver he was crap or when shogun lost to coleman he shouldnt have rematched by the way if you know anything they both won on the rematch convincingly its called better on the day you moron get off the site, learn something about mma and then come back and then you can comment but at this moment your a moron

      • KIngron84 says:

        reguardless if it was years ago or not ,he had a glass chin then,and has one now ,thats why hes been dropped in all his fights from chuck,henderson,jackson,franklin lebin,and cung lee….a nobody . his chin is made of glass and wen befort or anyone eles touches that its over,so u get off the site bitch

        • Kingron says:

          Thanks for using my name and setting the record strait for this jackass

        • J Bull says:

          What about the first 2 fights with Jackson?

        • JAC says:

          Those are all guys with serious knock out power. Its not like he got dropped by Bisping. Cung Le a nobody? He was the strikeforce middleweight champ and has 7 wins which are all by knock out or tko. Wanderli recovered against Le and you saw the results. When Wanderli is patient instead of just coming out in the first round and just swinging then he is pretty dangerous. Wanderli comes out all the time and just tries to take the guy out he doesn’t try to block until he gets hurt.

        • Jay0ewhy says:

          Uhhh. Wandy KOd Cung lee btw

        • Eatmynuts says:

          Clung lee got beat by sliva….. After all his losses hes still around it’s because people/fans/haters love seeing him fight because they know what to expect and common I like this website but recently people wanna show how big there balls are by saying step into the ring with me… Dude I don’t really care about you and how big ur balls are… Let’s stick to the fights… I want to see brain stann step up and fight sliva it would be epic

      • Quazzi says:

        True it was a long time ago. and since then wandy has faded and vitor has got better. Love wandy but get real. Vitor will destroy him

      • And you are delusional says:

        Really?! Because we all know wanderlei is way outta his prime and Vitor has destroyed everything in front of him except silva lately, wand will be knocked out by Vitor best believe! Calling someone an idiot who’s speaking the truth must be easy when you’re still swinging from wands beanbag! Haha

      • EDubKTFO says:

        I totally agree with you man. These Wand haters should check out some Pride sometime and they wouldn’t talk shit. Of course a guy who has fought as much as him is gonna get KOd, its not like bums knocked him out either…plus the 1st fight between Vitor and Wand was so long ago and he kinda overwhelmed him. I love Vitor too so I’m not just a Vitor hater. I’m a wanna be hater and there seem to be plenty of those nowadays..

    • Youlame says:

      Eh try shut up i like see you get in their

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      I think Belfort would run through him in under a minute again….Wandy has a serious medical condition, I think it’s called glass jaw syndrome…

  4. A.James says:

    Hell yeah!

  5. Jc says:

    Vitor pulled out of this fight because he didn’t want to be the first person to kill Someone on live ppv

  6. DAMN! says:

    Wandy is a delusional bastard who cant coach

  7. Dan Quinn says:

    They’re both scared of me homie. I will own either one in a stand up gig with no kicks or takedowns.

    • danielrchargers says:

      i called ur # on accident the other week and u scared the shit out of me.

      • Dan Quinn says:

        ha ha that’s right playa. People think I’m some kind of joke but they ain’t laughing when I put hands on em. Just ask those 5 guys that one bar.

        • jones says:

          this dan quin shit is gettin oldd fast/…weendo got lucky he may not ave retire just yet…

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          I did ask those 5 guys… And they said … Ur a bitch … Weak… Power like yours.. U couldn’t pop a pimple…But you pop your mouth off just like a bitch U got tittyz homie… I smell pussy.. Lmao

        • Dan Quinn says:

          Nice try playa. You find those fools at the cemetary? You wanna clown me so bad but you can’t bitch. I got god on my side homie. If you really want to get some you should hit up some stevia for a while and try to get on my level playa.

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          Did anybody understand this stupid muthrfuqr… I’m tryin to but all I got was… He takes stevia… I’m ashamed to admit this… Wtf is that… A pekker pill… Why would he want me to take a pekker pill… And look him up?.. Hmmm. Sounds like a come on… Know that I think about it… Sorry mam.. And you sound like gods on your side… Lmao… Wow…

      • Mike cannon jr says:

        The reason u were scared.. Is cuz dude is a gay phone sex operator ….

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      And if they tied their hands behind their backs…and their feet barefooted were standing on thumbtacks.. And u had a bat and three friends to help u….. Lmfao… Pathetic

  8. Wanderlei… are a champ. No need to talk s****.
    The fight will happen when it’s going to happen.

  9. Runem says:

    Man Wand should consider this a blessing from god, its divine intervention. He was gonna get savagely beat down by Vitor, he would be out cold in a matter of seconds.

    • you are an idiot says:

      did you not see the old wandi come back against cung lee he destryed him proved to everybody he didnt have a glass jaw that spinning backfist would have dropped anyone lee is a powerhouse and wandi broke his face, im not saying he would have won just saying this fight was what i was looking forward to all year old wandi vs new improved vitor it would have been the fight of the year. but now i agree with him with all the equipment you use and the pace you should be going in training he should never broken his hand. i train and fight i train hard but even i know you dont go 100% when your punching in training if he cant handle a bag how will he handle being blocked or hitting the mat? and i know vitor is a monster but this kinda looks suss to me kinda looks like he thinks wandi is over the hill and if he loses to wandi would just be embarrassing for him. he should just man up, so i can see the fight ive wanted to see forever :(

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        you just compared cung le to vitor belfort. please change the first two words in your name to i am, thank you.

      • byebyesilva says:

        get on the short bus, your retarded…wanderlie is the not only a horrible fighter but he is a horrible interview….only fights he can win will be stamina wars against guys his age or older….your gay and stupid for being a silva fan

  10. michael says:

    belfort will destroy you……………….AGAIN

  11. Dick Diaz says:

    wanderlei, you’ve pulled out of fights too…

  12. PSP says:

    They must pay his translator alot of money because no one can understand Wanderlei. Either in english or portoguese its like listening to a babling bafoon. Everyone knoww Belfort would of taken him out again within 41 seconds. Now they are going to go search for some cupcake for Wanderlei to fight so he can feel good about himself, so he can keep talking crap till Belfort comes back for him

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Limp diq…. Lmao… It’s not what u said… It’s the total lack of respect u used when u said it… Wandi would chew u up like the cyber bitch u r…. Stay nside… Where it’s safe… Fartface… Lmao

    • D-Rock says:

      no shit wandy is hard to understand but wandy talks some mean shit but he won’t back it up against vitor just cause hes hurt he is just going to keep talkin that shit but no doubt they are going to give him some push over for 147 since that card is shit

  13. Mike cannon jr says:

    I love both of these guys….. Lmao… I think they r great…. Ultimate brazil… Was great … They totally gotta fight again… One day it will happen…. I think their shit talkin just makes it even more fun…. … I’ve met wandi… And the guy was a total class act… Fighters are misunderstood … Because theirs so many bitchz with big mouths … Talkin fighting words with out enuff ass to backem up… Betr stay nside on your cOmputers… Where it’s safe.. Lmao..

  14. Anton says:

    Is silva serious?! Belfort would destroy him. Silva doesn’t have the chin he use to have and belfort is still as lethal with his hands. Silva should stop talking smack and leave It to the real smack talker Chael sonnen 😀

  15. diehard ufcer says:

    Wandy must be so happy right now if leben knocked him out in less than a minute what u think one of best strikers ever would do?

  16. ismael says:

    Yo I love wanderlei style of fighting, he’s there to fight every single time and you have to respect that. He’s a fan favorite but let’s be real, vitor isn’t faking any injury, vitor isn’t scared, what happened in the first fight happened, but realistically vitor would knockout wanderlei in the first round guranteed.vitor belfort would win and will win the day they meet again .wanderlei just doesn’t have the chin to stay in the picket and take bombs from belfort. Hope the fight happens once vitor is healthy, its a treat to the fans

  17. This is getting a little boring.How many times is this now that Vitor has pulled out of fights?I don’t think any other fighter in the Ufc has pulled out of more fights than Vitor.Vitor is a greart fighter but if he can’t get through one training camp without injuring himself then he should retire.He pulls out of nearly every fight at least once its getting ridiculous.

  18. Khaos says:

    Some of you guys knowledge of mma is embarrassing want to call Vitor scared hes smashed every opponent he’s faced in the middle weight division since ge returned to the ufc with 90% of his win coming in the first round franklin sexyama were finished in minutes..his only loss was to Anderson ..and you think an old wanderlei has a chance ..he’s actually going to outstrike the phenom haha dream wanderlei lasted 40 seconds..shot glass chinned Wandy will last even less…he should thank god Vitor broke his hand!

  19. 94block says:

    Yeah Vitor is a beast! I am a fan of both fighters but hate to say it, wandi shouldn’t talk shit cuz he’s going to get KO

  20. Michael hamlin says:

    The old man has taken one to many knock outs!!!

  21. Jdiddy3844 says:

    Silva is such a grimmie snake! No respect at all! He is one of the only fighters dan henderson ever called out so that should tell ya something! To run your mouth like that about belfort is just very immature! I no belfort will knock him out! Cung lee is a one level fighter! Not fair to compare his win to lee to anyone else especially. Belfort is a great guy all about honnor and respect!

  22. JOSH Y says:

    This was already one card i wasnt going to order and now that vitor isnt fighting i am 100% not ordering or watching it. who is there for him to fight that is worth being in the main event? Belcher?

  23. byebyesilva says:

    wow someone is taking a page from chaels book. i thought brazil was all about respect….hmm for someone who told chael they don’t do that sort of thing in brazil…..looks like mma’s future version of todays muhammad ali is learning to form sentences. lol silva is a joke

    • bilbobaggins says:

      how the hell have you managed to get an Ali comparison in there.

      Wanderlie? belfort? nothing like ali wtf

      smoke crack?

      • byebyesilva says:

        hey jack ass, read it again. todays ali is all f’ed up from fighting too much…..silva will be mma;s version…in no way am i comparing fighting, silva is 1 punch from full on retard

  24. mean170 says:

    Damn these injuries, was looking forward to this fight. No way around it though. If you train like these guys you’re bound to get hurt.

  25. Nick says:

    As much as I hate Vitor, I’m glad he pulled out of the fight. Vitor probably would of killed him.

  26. the original steve says:

    i remember a time where wandy pulled out of ufc 116 because of cracked ribs. it isn’t much different. so if belforts an amature so is wandy. he isn’t scared of you he knocked out quickly in your prime. you were close to having to retired because people didn’t want to see you knocked out anymore.

  27. dominic says:


  28. fghj says:

    It wasn’t an interview with TATAME, actually 1andy tweetw that bullshit in response of a Vitor tweet. You should get a better translator by the way cause that’s not what he tweeted

  29. Scared?? lol yeah right. These aren’t your golden years anymore Wanderlei. You barely spent seconds in the ring before Chris Leben put you out. You’re no longer a real threat in mma. That’s not being a hater either. That’s just the truth.

  30. Troy says:

    Wanderlei’s knock out losses were to all heavy handed knock out power wielding fighters leben, rampage, hendo, cro cop, and vitor so guys all ofn the place have been getting ko’d by these guys for years and sure wandy doesnt have the best chin but im positive he doesnt have the worst

  31. If Vitor destroyed you easily at your best then why couldn’t he do it now when you can’t beat anybody? That doesn’t even make sense.

    • Scott Bell says:

      People make mistakes. I bet he under estimated Vitor the 1st time and against Leben dumbass came out and tried to brawl w/him right out the gate. Won’t make the same mistakes

    • Daniel M says:

      Yeah bro totally concur with you Vitor rushed in and kick his ass back then and he’ll do it again. I mean yeah he got a good win with Chun li but that because all he had was kicks. But in any case his hand being broken yeah it happens….!!!!

  32. Scott Bell says:

    Wanderlei will KO Belfort and finish Leben in a brawl

  33. fuck you says:

    lmao seriously Wandy? You’ve been injured in training before as well so I guess that makes you scared or an amateur

  34. MartelW says:

    Ahahahahaha! Wand is still talking shit at his age. Need more people like you in the UFC.

  35. wee says:

    Ur in his highlight reel …lil bent still aren’t we…lol

  36. stewbot says:

    What Wandy said about Belfort being unprofessional is true. Honestly, how does someone break their hand in training? It’s unheard of. People were looking forward to this fight. And for all of the people hating on Silva, how quickly people forget. One point in time he was condidered one of the baddest men on the planet and it was this fight style that has made him so susceptible to big punches in 4 ounce gloves. Everyone can be a critic but not everyone can be a fighter. Even fewer people can be a world champion and one of the best the sport has seen even in its brief history.

  37. G Bud says:

    If Vitor will step in the cage with The Spider, he ain’t gonna be scared of The Ballsax Murderer is he Wand you clown. Jus tryin to hype your fight for those final few paydays are we?

  38. Lol says:

    Injuries are too fking common now. If you are close to fighting be super concious not to get injured dumb fks. On that note stay healthy fk heads!!

  39. Brian says:

    Tired of all these last-minute injuries which end up ruining cards.
    fighters seem to be over-training because they are so afraid to lose that they feel like they have to train as much as humanly possible.. GSP is one who has sustained multiple injuries while training.

    I think fighters are so afraid of being cut after losses that they overdo it in camp. In the end, the fans are the ones who lose.

  40. Chris Johnson says:

    Vitor is the greatest striker in MMA history it’s very possible he broke his hand in training but because u hit like a girl u don’t break hands.

    May God bless his recovery Vitor greatest champion ever

    • TheCrippler says:

      Anderson Silva says hi. Retard.

      • Chris Johnson says:

        Your retarded and Vitor has way more impressive victories than wand. And you have a silly handle name. Leben sucks too I was a friend and fan of wand til he said that comment Vitor deserves major respect he’s the most explosive puncher since Tyson

      • Belfort overated says:

        Cant deny his logic here. Belforts striking is overated. His main weapon is the illegal back of the head strike anyway. The spider has 1000 times better striking than vitor. Chris i think you listen to belfort talk about himself too much and are blinded. Lombard would even outstrike vitor.

  41. idiot says:

    Do you idiots even know who Wanderlei was before he met Vitor the first time???? roflmao.. ofcourse he underestimates him! .. but he wont do that again!

    • BowtieAssassin says:

      Vitor was the bigger star when they first met, Wanderlai was 5-1 with his biggest win being Mike Van Arsdale, so I ask did you now who either of these guys were before they came to the UFC? Way to try to make yourself look smart and fail miserable.

  42. Khaos says:

    Dana didnt make the fight between Vitor and Wanderlei because it would be a good fight…he did it because they have a history well 40 seconds of history…and Dana can generate a good revenue and drain the last few dollars out of Wanderlei before everyone realises hes just a deluded old warrior with a chin made of glass.

    This wouldve been Wandys retirement fight… he should count his lucky stars Vitor got injured… theres also a photo of Vitors broken hand with a bone pushing the skin up in his hand….so im not sure how Wandy can justify his statememnts “amatuer of him to get injured” I mean does that even make sense… I actually want Vitor to destroy that has been now…and I used to quite like Wandy…

  43. Fuck You says:

    I think Silva realizes he can’t just brawl and doesnt have the chin he used to. Look how great he looked in his last fight? He can be great if he fights smart! Fuck the haters! War Wandy!!!

  44. 16V149 says:

    Now this makes sense, wandi fights sonnen, 2 and a half men who

    have strange habits

  45. pepito de la O says:

    Scott ur fkn stupid bro forreal get the fk outta here, vitor is better than wanderlei overall how can he even assume vitor is scared of em he knocked em the fk out bck in da day, stupid Brazilian

  46. Eh.... says:

    Throw Lombard in there

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