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Thursday, 04/17/2014, 03:22 pm

Wanderlei: Dida had the “right motivation” when he punched Sonnen.

The UFC may have chosen to remove Andre Dida from the The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 after a solidly placed punch to the back of Chael Sonnen’s head, but Wanderlei Silva is finding no fault in his friend and teammate’s actions. Wandy posted this statement on his facebook following the incident (the translation is from MMAFighting):

“Silva recognizes that Dida’s behavior was “wrong”, but believes he had the “right motivation” when he jumped in to punch Sonnen.

“Who has a friend stays with him until the end,” Silva wrote. “The action was wrong but with the right motivation to defend a brother. I thank you, Andre Dida, for your loyalty, because it would have been much easier to do nothing. We know that you did what you did in the heat of the moment, without thinking about it, in defensive instinct.

“We met each other when we were 12 and I was like your older brother, and we’ve been through many things together. We got together after you became one of my coaches and we fight together ever since.”

While the UFC (and certainly Chael) may be a little less that sympathetic about Dida’s removal from the show, Wanderlei wanted to make it clear to his fans and to his friend that he saw Dida’s behavior and an act of loyalty and instinct, and will remain grateful for it.



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