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Wednesday, 01/08/2014, 12:51 pm

Wand Fires Off At Sonnen: ‘Verbal Duel or Hand-To-Hand, You Want It, You Got It’

“The guy’s getting used to calling everything marketing. So, he can talk a load of crap and that’s marketing? I understood and understand everything as real. I’ll pay him back for everything I’m feeling on the day of the fight. A lot of people have the blood of a cockroach, but I don’t, so I did good in this sport. If I have to talk to the guy [on TUF], I’m going there and talking to his face, he has to put up with it. If the guy thinks he can say whatever he wants and get away with it, well, no. If you want a verbal duel, come on, you’ll have it. And if you want to go hand-to-hand, we’ll go out. There’s no secret. I want to make it very clear that with me, there’s no excuses.”

In a recent interview with Wanderlei Silva went off the hook on Chael Sonnen.

The two UFC fighters are set to coach TUF Brazil 3 and will fight shortly after the shows airing.

Any early picks on this fight?


13 Responses to “Wand Fires Off At Sonnen: ‘Verbal Duel or Hand-To-Hand, You Want It, You Got It’”

  1. nonameneeded says:

    Shut the fuck up you stupid brain damaged moron

  2. kender says:

    Wand, You will lose the verbal duel but you’ll win the fight.

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Silva will be decimated in the verbal war and is gonna get decimated in the cage. Sonnen will be bouncing that surgically enhanced non-cockroach blood head on the canvas.

  4. Clitourist says:

    You’re too old for this silva. Cmon!

  5. The truth deal with it says:

    Funny how most the mma fans pick and choose what trt users they want to bash…cough vitor cough….yet chale is such a wwe..I mean ufc favorite yet uses trt as well..interesting..go wanderlei

  6. zucc says:

    Hahahahahaha sonnen is going to smash threw Wandy like Gallagher threw a watermelon

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