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Wednesday, 02/19/2014, 12:08 pm

Wand Blasts Sonnen: ‘Maybe He Needs TRT Because He Can’t Get It Up’

“If he needs that (TRT), what can I say? I thought about using it, but my wife told me she would ask for a divorce, so I said I wouldn’t. People say he only has one ball, so if he has to use it maybe he can’t get it up. He showed who he really is against Rashad. He goes in there wanting to quit. When I push him, his spirit will want to go back home. I’ll focus on training the game from the bottom, to sweep and get on top. I won’t train too much on my takedown defense. If he takes me down, I’ll attack to submit or sweep.”

In a recent interview with the Brazilian Media, Wanderlei Silva blasted his TUF coaching opposite, Chael Sonnen.

This is only the beginning. These two already fought on the TUF set and with the war of words officially kicked off, this feud is likely to reach a boiling point before fight night even comes.

Can you stand it?


7 Responses to “Wand Blasts Sonnen: ‘Maybe He Needs TRT Because He Can’t Get It Up’”

  1. John Doe says:

    Better to lose to Rashad Evans than get knocked out by Chris Leben in 27 seconds. For the time Wanderlei has been with the UFC he has one of the worst UFC resumes of all time so I don’t know when he become a star. Now that the fights are real he gets knocked out in almost every fight lol Even his last fight he almost got knocked out several times he sucks if I had a dollar for every time Wanderlei has been knocked down in the octagon I would be rich. I also find it funny one of Wanderlei’s boys had to save him because Sonnen took him down and was beating the crap out of him.

    • Coconutboy12 says:

      Are you new to the sport? Did you just tune in last year? Wanderlei is a legend of this sport dummy. He`s one of the last veteran of the sport. This guy always goes for the kill and was always entertaining to watch. Sonnen is just entertaining for his rants and trolling but really is a boring ass fighter. All he does is shooting for takedowns like a rapist in NYC. Chael cant even finish fights. when is the last time he KOed somebody? Yeah he subbed Rua but Rua made a mistake by trying to do the same thing against wrestlers. Rua always goes under to sweep and he got caught. Rua didnt even try to work on his back. Wand trains with Werdum and Maia. It will be a great fight because WAND is fighting but certainly not because of sonnen. Sonnen will just help selling tickets with his mouth. Good for him

      • nonameneeded says:

        Wand is only a legend if you watched back in the day. Now he is just a washed up Brazilian trying to live his glory days of when he use to cheat all the time.. Based on UFC record alone, WAND should have been cut long ago

      • mustardman says:

        Don’t forget about Brian Stann which Chael beat how? Also Chael might like to wrestle but he steps up to fight whenever someone pulls out of another fight. Whether its just a week or two before the fight he steps up. Doesn’t matter if his camp isnt long enough to train for his opponent. He has balls one way or another. Like him or hate him I wish more fighters would step up like him and take a challenge ready or not to save a UFC card because someone got injured.

        • coconutboy12 says:

          Please son, Wand KOed Stann, chael just humped stann for 2 rounds before he subbed him. Stann isnt known for fighting off his back dummy. His highlight reels are mostly KOs so your “Chael beats how?” you can shove it up your ass. I dont hate chael, the dude is good at selling himself and thats his best attribute.

      • John Doe says:

        Are you new to the sport? Many Pride fights were fixed and I don’t remember Wanderlei Silva fighting for the title against guys like Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. You can make excuses all you want but the facts are the facts, Chael faces fighters that are much better than Wanderlei he doesn’t get knocked out in 27 seconds from a guy like Chris Leben he fights guys who are at an elite level. By the way you do know Pride is not real MMA right? Those fights were not sanctioned bro and Wanderlei’s UFC resume is a joke. Don’t hate on Chael Sonnen for being an educated guy with an actual personality. Without Chael Sonnen would anyone even care about Wanderlei Silva right now? You Chael haters miss the big picture that he made ur boy relevant again, he gave you guys a reason to care about him again. Lets also keep in mind Wanderlei has still not signed the contract to fight Chael Sonnen so don’t be shocked if he finds a way out of this. I also want to remind you while you speak about being a fan remember this is MMA takedowns are a part of the game as well as Anderson Silva wrapping his legs around Chael’s head after getting dominated for 4 and a half rounds. So if you hate on Chael for taking people down then what do you think of GSP? GSP the highest paid MMA fighter of all time. Chael doesn’t finish fights that is def a fair thing to say, you got to realize some fighters are just grinders in there. Chael doesn’t have knockout power so he uses his skills the best he can, for a guy with limited ability he made it pretty far in the major leagues of MMA. At the end of the day is it about finishing opponents or about getting the W? i think as a Middleweight Chael averaged the most strikes per minute so its not like he just lays on guys he actually tries to do work from the top position. Last thing I’ll say yeah Chael talks a lot but when his music hits those speakers he comes out to fight. Win or lose this guy would fight any man god ever created and that says more to me than an undefeated record. He can also be crazy at times because Rashad Evans was like the worst possible matchup for him as was Jon Jones. I do however admire the fact he didn’t back down and took those fights. His record won’t benefit from it but I think it adds to the fact that he makes an example of how fighters should be. As for Rua Chael dominated him that is the reality no excuses

  2. Pencil Sharpener says:

    Can’t get it up? How did you know? You tried jacking him off like you FUCK CHUCK

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