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Wednesday, 10/03/2012, 09:18 am

Volkmann Calls Out "Fat Turd" Internet Forum Haters | UFC NEWS

“I don’t understand why people say my fights are boring. It’s just a different style. People don’t understand the technical style and then other people don’t like my fights and write on the Internet and it really frustrates me. People that understand fighting, that understand there’s technique behind what I’m doing, they’re the ones who think the fights are exciting.

“You know there’s some fat turds out there having his heyday because he has a forum and wants to write some bad stuff about me, but he doesn’t understand the sport. I really don’t care about those guys.”

UFC lightweight figher Jacob Volkmann, always seems to find a way to insult someone when he speaks. If it’s not the President of The United States, it’s the fans.

In his most recent bit of comment gold, Volkmann told The Score that he is tired of the internet haters who call him boring.

He also touched on the UFC 151 cancellation and he he expects to get paid by Jon Jones. For those comments hit next page and check it out.


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15 Responses to “Volkmann Calls Out "Fat Turd" Internet Forum Haters | UFC NEWS”

  1. Thom says:

    I actually understand the sport, including the grappling that he uses to win fights. And yes, Volkmann is fkn boring as hell. He’s worse than Fitch.

  2. RNC says:

    There’s only one occasion when two men rolling on the floor together can look beautiful and that’s when two skilled grapplers compete, for Volkman this is not the case, he is boring as hell, loved it when Sass submitted him

  3. Xaninho says:

    Volkmann you’re boring and you know it! We all know it! Oh and he’s an asshole too!

  4. CanILive says:

    i understand the sport is MMA, so MIX IT UP!

  5. Understand the sport? MMA? if that’s the case then he doesn’t understand it… MIX IT UP

  6. Pkq says:

    He care enough to put out a statement about them, and say that they frustrate him. He is kinda contradicting himself, and I don’t know any in the MMA community who is ever excited to watch volkmanns fights. The guy is a fuck

  7. What? says:

    The technical art of dry humping an opponent to win? Seriously? Grappling definitely has its place in mma but it should be used to set up submissions or GNP or at least gain a better position. C’mon volkmann…

  8. Big J says:

    hmmmm i guess im big j now? haha you guys have some serious privacy and security issues

  9. Dan Lucien says:

    Volkmann is a joke who would still be unknown if he didn’t have such a big mouth and bashed Obama. For someone who has fought on the main card ONCE out of his NINE UFC fights, he sure thinks highly of himself.

  10. thugopolous says:

    you shouldnt let people who u dont even know frustrate you as long as your friends family and fans support youtell them haters to go to the backof the bus the sport of mma is called mixed martial arts for a reason not everyone is a good striker,jui jitsu,wrestler etc etc you gotta do what you got to do to win obviously ppl sayn your fights are boring are the sheep that run n hide when someone tries to intimidate them insteadof mannin up and knucklin up

  11. gouldx87 says:

    Volkmann obviously doesnt watch replays of his fights if he doesnt understand how people find it boring. you dont do jack shit in a fight hence why you have 0 finishes in the UFC. your a crappy version of Jon Fitch(with more stupid shit to say) who nobody likes watching either.


    BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Said in Homer Simpsons voice)

  13. Dave says:

    Volkman not only are most of us not fat turds I can beat you any time you one trick pony step up take on a stallion

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