Friday, 03/14/2014, 07:19 am

Vladimir Putin Gives MMA Fighter Anthony Ruiz $150,000

In August of 2012, mixed martial arts fighter Anthony Ruiz took a journey to Sochi, Russia for a bout against Alexander Shlemenko. During the fight, Ruiz was on the receiving end of a whooping so brutal that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, hooked him up with $150,000.00 of his own money.

Bleacher Report’s Josh Gross got the story:

“I couldn’t believe it,” Ruiz said.

“The bank was telling me there’s some people who aren’t all that straight doing transfers and stuff like that. I also knew it was coming from Putin, and he’s one of the wealthiest persons in the world. So, really, $150,000 ain’t that much to him. That’s what I’m telling myself to justify it. Sure enough, I kept it in there and left it alone. It was real. It really happened.”

The fighter used the money about as wisely as one could. He bought a house and wiped away what debt he had hanging over his head.


By: Daneul Summers | Twitter: @daneulsummers


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