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Tuesday, 02/04/2014, 12:34 pm

Vitor Flips The Script: Says Everyone Dopes In Training, Wants His Opponents Tested More

“For sure I’m confident. It’s my treatment. The UFC and the doctors are already working on it to make things right. I don’t believe that it is going to be a problem. It’s not something from my head, it’s a medical issue.

The big problem are the people who abuse in a general way. They use without the right for it, to cheat. I’m the only guy who is rigorously tested in gaps of 15 days, as Dana White said. When the UFC don’t do the test, I do it myself. It’s my treatment. The cool thing is to be fine with your conscience, to know that you are playing fair.

I’ll start asking for one thing the UFC. All those who fight against me are always complaining. But I have one thing to say: why they are not tested during the preparation for the fight? The thing is that many guys use doping during their camps to improve recovery and such. During my camp I’m thoroughly tested. I will now ask for Dana White to test all those guys who fight against me and keep talking. The same way that my blood is tested, must test their blood to see if they are not cheating. Many use products that we know, they know that they are mocking and they are talking about me. But in reality, everyone is using during the camp. Get there on time and piss when already out of his body. I do not. I am obliged to draw blood during my camp and after the fight. They do not have to draw blood, it’s just pee. Then all the guys who will fight me should do the test with me. Let’s see if their hormones are straights or if they are using an illegal substance. We know that there are a lot of cheating out there. They abuse during the camp. I’m a proper man. Let me take the exam. I will be tested , and they will not be tested?”

In a recent and surprising interview with Brazil’s El Globo, Vitor Belfort, fired back at his haters, offering up a new idea for the testing in his fights.



9 Responses to “Vitor Flips The Script: Says Everyone Dopes In Training, Wants His Opponents Tested More”

  1. mike custer says:

    I’d bet my entire paycheck BJ has never once even thought about using any kind of ped. Supposedly thats even why he split with Marv and Gary because they were trying to get him on something. Vitor is weak….thats it. Not everybody needs to be on something to have the confidence he does…

    • seminalcacti says:

      BJ is the fking man. He fought Machida in Japan… 155 vs 205… BJ fears nothing.

      • KKD says:

        BJ weighed like 195 or 185 pnds or something like that

        • seminalcacti says:

          ya his actual weight was 191 but what I meant is their fight weight now, which is their body size. He purposely didn’t cut any weight and Machida at the time was 220. Still, who do you know that will fight somebody who is 30lbs more than them? that’s still 2 weight classes up.

  2. allmightysandman says:

    setting up for a failed drug test perhaps?? he’s a strange animal this guy.

  3. T says:

    shut up trt dosnt make you spin kick in the face nobody talks about dan Henderson using trt or bigfoot using it or chael sonnen everyones just mad cause vitor actualy wins fights unlike every other fighter using it

    • maheezus says:

      No, people are mad because he;s allowed to use it when he';s been busted with STEROIDS before; steroids that – besides helping him cheat & win – have destroyed his natural testosterone production. Instead of having to deal with the consequences of all the wrong he’s done earlier in his career, he gets to fight other guys with an artificial testosterone level of a 20 year old in his body. THAT’S why people are mad.

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    I actually laughed when I read this. I don’t care test them both, it’s good for the sport, but to hear Vitor say this is just hilarious.

  5. Jim Brown says:

    PEDs are prevalent in American sports.

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