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Thursday, 01/23/2014, 06:31 am

Vitor Belfort Will Request TRT Use Exemption For Weidman Fight

Ever since it came out that the UFC was looking to hold the next middleweight title fight, Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort, in Las Vegas, all eyes have been on Belfort and his use of testosterone replacement therapy. More specifically, would he attempt to get a therapeutic use exemption from the Nevada State Athletic Commision and would they grant him one?

We now know the answer to one of those questions. Belfort confirmed on UFC Tonight that he plans on using TRT for his upcoming title fight, saying that it is a necessity, medically speaking.

Belfort’s been caught and suspended by the NSAC in the past for using performance enhancing substances, which is why he may have trouble getting the TUE.

Whichever decision the NSAC makes regarding Belfort’s TUE  will have a major impact on not only the fight but the debate outside of the cage about TRT usage.

This crushes previous rumors from his manager saying the Brazilian would not use the controversial therapy in his next bout.



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  1. ReggieBronx says:

    Oh snap!

  2. magoo says:

    Did anyone think that he wouldn’t? I still believe Chris is gonna finish the juice monkey!

  3. Peter Sidhu says:

    TRT and Steroids are opposites by nature. One suppresses your inflammation, while the other maintains your level of testosterone. The need for TRT may be from an abuse of Steroids in the past. But neither make your fighting skills better or head kicks stronger. 5 rounds is a long time to carry all that muscle… will be a fight of skill or a nasty knockout. And as a reminder the stuff in most preworkouts was considered illigal a few years back…. just saying.

    • Jordan Harper says:

      Man awesome comments Peter I agree fully, steroids as we know do not make top level athletes, they may help to maintain that level of keeping up with such an elevated level of competition, but they will not magically get you there. Otherwise every anabolic user gym rat would all be big name athletes, in fact in some cases steroid use especially in fighting can be a disadvantage. It is very funny how misinformed the general public is on the subject, especially considering all the bigger then life figures we have all grown up around and idolized whether it be professional football, hockey, wrestling, Hollywood stars, Olympic athletes, baseball players actually it could be logically explained steroids saved baseball lol just read Jose ‘ s infamous book about it all he was there and lived it. People since the dawn of time love to be entertained with things larger then life and unfortunately due to society and the evolution of sports and entertainment some of the expectations we have are a little unrealistic without anabolic steroids they are huge in every sport and even entertainment. Having said all this if I were clean fighting a guy who wasn’t I would feel a bit cheated but to crucify somebody and to iggnorantly believe steroids are what made them who they are us just uninformed and unintelligent. In closing steroids are as much a part of sports entertainment whether people admit it or not, as any other element, as testing and everything evolves so will ways around these tests and I guarantee if all sports would magically become drug free, I can guarantee you people would be left uninterested after a time, even reality TV has enhancements and slight scripting elements, because when it all boils down to it the truth is reality because we all live it is kinda boring. So am I for steroids or against them I don’t know but if it came down to feeding your family doing what you love doing and a shot here and there was the only way to keep going then I’m sure a lot of people may have a different opinion it may not be fair, but that’s life man life is the most unfair mother fucker I know lol.

      • Joel Valera says:

        TRT does make a difference, Makes you stronger, faster, more energy..I am on TRT I know this shit!!! I won’t make you a better fighter, BUT it will make a good fighter GREAT!! It won’t make your chin stronger.

    • SlipSlap says:

      Medical experts state that TRT helps with recovery times, enables harder training, increases reaction times and strength.

      In all aspects of the game, save skill, TRT is a performance enhancing drug. I’m both saddened and sickened that we’re, in effect, condoning its use in a professional sport, by rewarding steroid abusers such as Belfort whose bodies are paying the price for years of illegal abuse as the fighters age.

  4. John says:

    Low testosterone can be from steroid abuse but it has been proven that it is also a result of head trauma. Obviously this sport has a high incident of that. You guys should do a little research before giving your medical opinions

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