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Monday, 01/07/2013, 04:20 pm

Vitor Belfort: Still as Hungry as Ever | MMA Editorial


In 1997, a fresh faced 19-year old made his Octagon debut in what was just his second fight in the UFC. In that fight (and four out of the five that followed) he rag-dolled his opponent, Tra Telligman in a first round destruction that signified the arrival of “The Phenom” to the big leagues.

This young competitor is Vitor Belfort and since that fight, Belfort has rose the ranks and fought some of the best in the world across four different promotions before returning to the UFC in late 2009 following four fight win streak outside of the UFC with three of those wins coming by highlight-reel knockouts.

With his return came five memorable fights in what is his third stint in the Octagon, three of which headlined their respective cards. This is a man who comes to fight in the most literal extent of the phrase. Every fight is a guaranteed ‘Fight of the Night’ contender with most being included in the ‘Knockout of the Night’ discussion. He is an absolute buzzsaw who undoubtedly loves to fight.

Among his past five fights, Belfort has only dropped two fights. Although being finished in both, he was facing the undisputed two best fighters on the planet, one of which, he was given only a short matter of weeks to prepare for; an unenviable feat in itself. And even with the odds stacked against him, Belfort secured an armbar early in the first against Jon Jones at UFC 152 that was easily the closest anyone had come to dethroning the 205-pound king.

This, along with his prior victory, a first round submission victory over Anthony Johnson at the beginning of the year, just proves that ‘The Phenom’ continues to implement his underrated ground game while remaining a terrifying force on the feet, rounding out his skill set. When coming up with a game plan to defeat Belfort, one must have every single aspect of their own game mastered and at their instant disposal or they will probably wake up with a flashlight in their face and Bruce Buffer in their ear, announcing Belfort as the winner.

He now stares down the barrel of one of the most pivotal fights of his career as he fights potential top contender Michael Bisping. Although Belfort, unlike Bisping, is not promised a title shot with a win, he is still looking to declare his triumphant return to the middleweight division after an extremely brief stint at light-heavyweight.

The fight takes place on January 19th at the UFC on FX 7 card in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This simply raises the stakes for the extremely proud Brazilian who will be headlining his first Brazilian card in a highly anticipated main event. And, again, with no title shot promised with a win, Belfort is going for a decisive win that will propel him up the ladder in a violent return to number one contender status.

So the now the lion of 185 lays in wait for his opponent to enter the Octagon opposite him to try and serve up to Belfort a loss in his home country, a feat that isn’t restricted to the physical constructs of fighting but instead driven to the boundaries of one’s mental capacity. Even in a sport where a case can be made for half of success coming from a strong mental game, Belfort is on higher level than most.

With 16 years of experience under his belt, the faith-driven Belfort still dedicates each fight to his sister, Priscila, who went missing on January 9th, 2004. For the mathematically inept, that’s a mere 10 days off one of the most substantial points in Belfort’s life, and one that easily one third of his motivation along with his faith in God and providing for his family. Needless to say this may be the most motivated we’ve seen Belfort, outside of a title fight, in his entire career.


Career Highlights:

MMA Record: 21-10

UFC Record: 10-6

UFC 12 Heavyweight Tournament winner

Former UFC Light heavyweight champion

Former Cage Rage Light heavyweight champion


Fights to watch:

TKO (1) vs. Marvin Eastman; UFC 43

KO (1) vs. Kazuo Takahashi; PRIDE Critical Countdown Absolution

KO (1) Matt Lindland; Affliction


8 Responses to “Vitor Belfort: Still as Hungry as Ever | MMA Editorial”

  1. magoo says:

    Had to root for my boy Jones in ur last bout Vitor….sorry, but def rooting for u again against the brash cocky Brit. At 35 years of age it’s a make or break it fight for u IMHO,win u got a chance at another run,lose……and I do believe we will see another legend hang em up! That being said KTFO!!!

  2. 757 says:

    Hard to tell are you saying that you think he is getting knocked out??

  3. Villa says:

    I think he would have won by a stoppage of onlewremivg his opponent with punches. They should have called it a no contest after he KD’d the asian dude with the 2 punches to the back of the head, cause he certainly dont deserve to go in the books as a KO win. Like good for him he won dont really matter to me who won i could care less lol, but technically the fight was stopped from the KO from 2 illeagal shots to back of head. Accident or not either way thats why we have No Contests.

  4. Time To Wrestle says:

    Belfort’s time has come and gone. He’s done. Just isn’t good enough today. I say Bisping schools him and runs circles around him for 2 then knocks his ass out. (or at least that is how I would like to see happen…)

  5. Dragon84 says:

    Two possible outcomes for this……Vitor finish early or Bisping domination for a decision. Hoping for option two as I can’t stand Vitor prattle on about Jesus and having the strength of a lion or whatever it is he says these days.

  6. 757 says:

    Bisping by knockout?? Pillow puncher and a glass jaw. One good shot that’s all that is needed.

  7. 757 says:

    As for the back of the head punches it’s not intentional and if you have fought before you would know that you cant stop in the middle if a guy turns his head (Franklin). As for Akyiama he was stiffed before the shots to his head front or back. Learn what you are looking at….drop the xbox

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