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Saturday, 09/10/2011, 03:42 pm

Vitor Belfort Rumored to Face Cung Le at UFC 139

The stars continue to trickle over to the UFC. If rumors are true Cung Le will be the next to follow the trend.

Vitor Belfort (20-9 MMA, UFC) announced on his official website that he’s fighting the former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le (7-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) at UFC 139 in San Jose, California.

With Overeem just signing over to face Brock Lesnar and with Nick Diaz signing just a few months back as well, signing Le would be no shock for UFC fans. Well, on Friday sources close to the event told the media that the bout was under consideration but that Le was still working on details for his UFC deal.

Now we’re hearing that a deal has apparently been reached.

UFC 139 is set to take place on November 19th at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. With the original heavyweight title fight headliner between champ Cain Velasquez and Junior Santos moving from UFC 139 to UFC on FOX 1 the organization is likely looking for a replacement main event. And with Cung Le having such a huge fan base in the San Jose area this fight could very well be that replacement.

Le, 39, went 17-0 as a Sanshou kickboxer before moving to MMA in 2006. However, he hasn’t fought in 16 months while pursuing an acting career. In Strikeforce he posted a 7-1 record (with seven knockout victories) with his only loss during that run coming at the hands of Scott Smith, who pulled off a stunning come-from-behind KO win in their December 2009 fight. Le then avenged the defeat in his next bout with a KO set up by a spinning back kick.

Belfort, who is coming off of a vicious KO victory over Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 133 after his title fight loss to Anderson Silva back in February, will look to welcome Le to the UFC in a high profile fight that could possible draw huge viewership numbers. Belfort has now won six of his past seven fights and scored a “Knockout of the Night” award with the Akiyama victory. In fact, his past four victories (and nine of his past 10) have all come via knockout. I think it’s safe to say that this would be a highly anticipated fight between two very dangerous KO artists. What more could a fight fan really ask for?

So, with negotiations now taking place, lets hear some early predictions from the fans! Will Le make a successful UFC debut or will Belfort welcome Le to the octagon with cold, heavy hands and place himself back into title contention?


38 Responses to “Vitor Belfort Rumored to Face Cung Le at UFC 139”

  1. Dubz says:

    Cung Le is gonna get KTFO’ed. But it has all the making for a great fight!

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      The only reason UFC is booking this fight is to sell mass tickets to cung le fans in San Jose. You guys don’t really think that all of sudden Cung Le who hasn’t fought in 19 months has magically become a top 10 MW in the UFC. Sorry cung Le fans but Vitor hits about a thousand times harder and million times faster than Scot smith so i hope you guys will be ready for Cungs head to land in about the third row.

      Vitor by brutal K O round one just like Akiyama. I think Akiyama and Cung le would have been an interesting matchup

  2. Christian Richards says:

    Title contention!!!!!!!

  3. Funkyfinish says:

    Strange match up. Should be interesting.

  4. T says:

    Yea I belive Cung Le will get ko too but im a huge fan of his. Hope he does well.

  5. johnM says:

    so why the EF hasnt machida and belfort fought? anyone else find this weird? maybe when vitor smashes cung le he can fight the dragon

  6. Nick says:

    I think Cung Le can win.

  7. What a bullshit fight.. Same outcome as Akiyama, maybe cung of 3-4 years ago would be a better matchup.

    • D says:

      I agree… however, A. Silva proved a kick from an odd angle can make Vitor look as silly as forest griffen against any top lhw… Cung has some nice kicks but 39 years old = weak chin in most cases, so my money is on vitor. Either way this fight should be looked at as a potential forest griffen stephen boner with the whole fox debut… And this time it would be two fighters who actually deserve the recognition. For the record Diaz should be fighting gsp… Stop hating on fitch… Bj is top 5 in my eyes and for that reason alone the fact he couldn’t finish fitch should be respected… Hatin ass haters lol

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        The reason everyone hates on fitch is because he is so damn friggen boring and his bullshit lay n pray loses MMA fans by the 1000’s everytime he sets foot in the cage. Why should anyone respect a LHW who is freakish good at dropping weight and weighing in at 170 and then walks into the cage 30 hours later at over 200 lbs. Fitch only wins cause he uses hi weight advantage to lay n pray. Fitch is too much of a pussy to fight anyon ehis own size because he got his ass KO”d last time he fought at his natural weight 205. UFC knows noone wants to watch Fitch’s boring ass stalling, lay n pray so he will never get another title shot or be in a main event again. UFC wants real fighters in the cage who are exciting to watch not bullshit lay n pray artists who bore the hell out of the fans and make fans hate to watch MMA. UFC will get rid of fitch within the year

      • Chris says:

        Cain couldn’t finish Kongo either. Does that mean Kongo is a top 10 HW?

  8. T Scott says:

    Cung lee is brutal when it comes to his sanshou techniques….he has a virtual unlimited amount of kicking and takedown variations in his repitoire as a result of his sanshou background….Not only that, but he’s been training in AKA on his boxing and his grappling with Dave Camirillo’s guerillo Jiu-jitsu system that encomposes elements of judo and bjj…If he can displays those skills on the same level of Vitor, he could have a chance….

  9. bizzle says:

    This fight makes absolutely no sense, talk about a step backwards for Vitor..

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Well he may not be top ten, but he has the “name recognition”! I’ll still look forward to seeing this fight for sure! “Fastest hands vs Lethal kicks”, hey u got me interested!

      • bizzle says:

        I agree it is an interesting stylistic matchup, I just don’t see how this fight fits in moving anyone towards a title shot..

        • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

          Hey, there are just some moments in the world of MMA where its about an entertaining & exciting fight…apparently this is gonna be one of them! And ur right as well, stylistically this is interesting…the possibility seem endless! Also another way to look at it is, of course Cung would benefit the most from this win, & as easy as everyone is already assuming this is for Vitor this shud just be another effortless W on his record!

        • Only one will gain is Cung if he wins!

  10. John & Tasha says:

    damn, another sad article… strikeforce’s few star power getting drained one at a time…

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Come on, who didn’t see this coming, its inevitable! By years end, I’m pretty sure Strikeforce will completely be dissolved into the UFC, then Bellator’s next! LOL

  11. Km says:

    It doesnt mater than le has been 16 months off acting- he still is an amazing martial artist and will win this fight – no doubt- true martial artists always prevail

  12. zack says:

    kung le is a true matrial atrists. this is def not a step back for vitor. both fighters could end it very fast. vitor is very aggresive and we all seen what happened when he fought a good counter striker.

  13. shoe says:

    I hope cung wins.

  14. lethal farts says:

    one step closer to Cung Le vs Anderson Silva.
    Cung will make Vitor look like a kicking bag.

  15. ThaGreenBandit says:

    If Le can withstand Vitor’s rush, he may be able to win this with his kicks. He also has slick takedowns too. Interesting match. I can’t even call a winner n this one.

  16. JOSH C says:

    this fight is just a formality. vitor still needs one more win to fight anderson. vitor will knock out any one in the division on the road back to anderson. cung le is a UFC sacrifice. i you ask me the ufc should have put a rematch of vitor vs dan henderson that would be epic.

  17. dipset says:

    i gotta say cung le is one of the best kickboxer in mma live now…but if the fight is happening, theres no way cung le has a chance…vitor is a monster…lookin at his last fight..he dominated w a blink of an eye…hes coming bak n hungry for the belt…watchout silva…its a rematch w u n vitors gonaa break the unbreakable…keep loookin out fans…this guy is the reall deal..

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