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Wednesday, 09/05/2012, 11:51 am

Vitor Belfort Promises To Be In Best Shape For Jones, Discusses Move To Blackzilians | UFC NEWS

“He’s a great opponent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be the champion. Fighting at a high level motivates me a lot, as I’ve always tried to do it in my career. I expect a tough fight, but I’ll be in my best shape. You can mark it down. I changed my training camp to the Jaco Hybrid Training Center, and I’m now training with the Blackzilians. The team has fighters of the highest caliber, like Rashad Evans and Alistair Overeem. It is a very serious team, with a working philosophy that has pleased me very much. A professional fighter cannot reach his maximum potential by training only what he knows. He must be with a team that will help him think, create alternatives and improve his technique. I made a good choice when I entered this camp.”

In a recent interview with, Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort, talks about his last minute shot at UFC gold against Jon Jones and the changes he has made to insure his success.


27 Responses to “Vitor Belfort Promises To Be In Best Shape For Jones, Discusses Move To Blackzilians | UFC NEWS”

  1. Tommygunnz says:

    If vitor can ko this fag I swear I’m going ape shit……Jon jones is the only fighter I’ve ever hated in all the years I’ve watched this sport.i don’t think he has the heart of a true champion.hes phony and hypocritical.i really can’t stand this kid….vitor ko this kid please……..

  2. dave says:

    what a joke ,,,vitor cant even hang at top there throwing this bum in there with a guy way bigger…this guy folds like cheap suits to he i training with baclzilians..i dont think i remembr anyone winning from that camp at alll lately

  3. T.DADDY says:

    It don’t matter how hard you train.. ur only chance is to land a big punch but jones will keep u at bay and pick you apart.. I’m sorry vitor I don’t see u beating the PPV killer JBJ

  4. Lets see fighters who have won recently from this camp
    Jake Shields
    Michael Johnson
    Jorge Santiago
    Tom Lawler
    Eddie Alvarez
    Anthony Johnson

    • James says:

      Shields isn’t a blackzillian, he just has the same manager so he got hooked up with them to go out and train for only 1 week… You don’t know shit

      • Sean says:

        yea. one of his facts are wrong out of 6. what a piece of shit this guy is. he should probably kill himself for being such a scourge to humanity. the comments section of the website is a fucknig joke its a circlejerk that consists of “UR A FAG” and “NUTHUGGING DOUCHE”

  5. Dat says:

    Left out Braulio Estima. He won his mma debut the other week. His striking isn’t good but he is a Jiu Jitsu god.

  6. ballsackface says:

    i like vitor, its not happening though
    he says this every fight. nothing new

  7. Vitor will find a way to win! Hes got a solid chin phenominal boxing and good jiu jitsu! Big threat for Jones and I think Jones will come in cocky and get KO’d

  8. stephen riddle says:

    Go vitor i know u can do this man!

  9. I think this is gonna be a good fight ending with a ko or submission. I’m rooting for Jon Jones. I think he slightly take an advantage on punches and elbow over Vitor Belfort. And he’s much taller than Belfort. More reaches. His ground game is ok but not as good as Belfort. So Jon ‘Bone’ Jones all the way.

  10. gsp's mother says:

    gsp’s mother yall

  11. I’m not getting my hopes up untill Vitor makes it through training camp without getting injured.Once he accomplishes that i’ll started to get excited about him wiping the octagon with that tall skinny immature snot nosed prick.

  12. Big Show says:

    I hope Vitor wins this fight, I think that he is more dangerous than Hendo!! and damn i´m not fan of Chicken Bones at all!!

  13. Cody says:

    Just watch the anthony Johnson fight that will tell u all u need to know about what’s gonna happen in this one except Jon won’t be outta shape that being said I pray vitor lands one and gets rid of the king of all douches

  14. The master says:

    Vitor is a better fighter better boxing and better ju jitsu and has speed and strength for days over jones and experience only thing jones has is clinch with his elbows and knees and wrestling vitor poses the bigger threats and needs one punch to end the fight I see bitor winning. But anything can happen in a fight so who knows.

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