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Friday, 08/09/2013, 12:07 pm

Vitor Belfort on TRT: ‘I’m Not Doing Anything Illegal… It Makes The Fights Fair’

Almost seventeen years after his professional MMA debut, Vitor Belfort is still in the top of the sport. Since his defeat to light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on September of 2012, “the Phenom” has accomplished two important victories in a row against Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold, making another strong case for a title shot at the middleweight division. But nowadays, Belfort’s name is not only discussed by his performances inside the Octagon, but also due to his controversial use of TRT – the Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

The subject has been openly debated by Belfort and other famous users like Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson, but it’s certainly not a topic that the 36-year-old Brazilian enjoys talking about. The former UFC light heavyweight champ even lost his cool and verbally threatened a MMA Junkie reporter following a TRT question right after his knockout victory over Rockhold on May 18th, asking the media if “somebody could beat him up”. Belfort later then publicly apologized for his aggressive behavior, but it was clear that bringing up the TRT story still is something that bothers his ears, specially after a win. However, Vitor took the time to once again address the subject, as he stated the following to

“Why doesn’t [the commission] do blood work in all the fighters? I was the only guy in history of MMA to be after a fight drawing blood. People talk about the Brazilian Commission”, continued Belfort, in response to critics that believe fighting in Brazil, like he has in three of his past four fights, makes things easier for a possible TRT abuse, as Vitor’s therapeutic use exemption has not been approved yet in Nevada, “the commission here is so much tougher than America’s. Actually they’ve just created something new in women’s fighting, a pregnancy test [before bouts]. The commission here was created and they are much more restrict.”

“I always do blood work every week before a fight. My levels are always lower than a regular guy. I never go in the limit of the level. So what I try to do is to be fair with my career and against my opponent. The TRT… it’s just something my body cannot produce and I’m doing a treatment with doctors, doing blood work, so everything is pretty black and white, nothing to be crazy about it. A lot of guys out there are doing a lot of stuff and they don’t get caught.”

 “I don’t agree with people who use things to create a performance and cheat away, because I’m not doing anything illegal.”

TRT or not, Belfort’s next fight in his long-lasting career is yet to be determined, as the veteran seeks another statement victory to strengthen his case for a shot at UFC gold.


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  1. GRT 3000 says:

    I agree with Vitor (& Hendo) – as long as he stays within the legal limits (which he has) it’s not cheating. It adds longevity to his career & keeps him in the cage crackin’ skulls. Not like shi(t)head Sonnen who was 17:1 like the unscrupulous piece of shi(t)cheat that he is.

    • Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (roid cheat for life) says:

      Check out Sonnens massive BACNE at weigh ins of first Silva fight where he had a JUICE/TESTOSTERONE level of 3400 and that is the test level of 17 men for you Sonnen nuthuggers who are in DENIAL about how much a of a fricken cheater your boy is. Other than ROIDY MacDonald NOONE has ever had that bad of BACNE in the UFC. Sorry idiots 36 year old don’t get back acne at middle age. Sonnen was JUICED to the gills

      look at this shit

    • fedgfan says:

      People are so uneducated about the different test, it isn’t funny. Sonnen actually tried to explain it a couple of times but he got shouted down. 17:1 is the T:EpiT ratio it doesn’t tell you how much the actual amount of T. Vitor can be entirely correct in everything he says above (his T levels being lower than a guy if same age etc) and still have a sky high ratio if his natural production is shut down enough (which leads to low EpiT).

  2. I hate trolls says:

    +1 million on the chael douchbaggery, but victor wins fights with skill and style, should be enough but with the extensive high level of training I can see why he needs it, probably just get through a camp

  3. Vitor is a cheater says:

    How do you figure sonnen is a cheater but vitor isn’t? If vitor wasn’t a cheater his whole career he would be able to get licensed in Las Vegas but the cheater can’t for failing a drug for steroids something chael never did. If this coward fought fairly he would get wrecked guranteed

    • GRT 3000 says:

      It’s ‘generally assumed’ that fighters who have used steroids at some point in their career require TRT later on. So yeah, Vitor got busted for roids & was most defn. cheating THEN…but now he is NOT using steroids, he’s maintaining his testosterone levels now (b/c he was a dumbass) but he is staying within the ‘legal’ limits. So he goes into the cage on an even keel. Where as Sonnen (whether he used roids or not is unproven, but he’s still pretty young for TRT) went into the cage 17:1, way the fu(c)k above the legal limit, & so was defn. cheating his ass off. Reem also went in too high…cheating. Hendo goes in within the limits, not cheating. Vitor goes in within the limits, also not cheating. That’s all I’m saying man.

    • Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (roid cheat) says:

      Sonnen just like Nate “THE CHEAT” marquardt has already showed they are using TRT as a STEROID by abusing the hell out of it between fights and stil even though they were busted dead to rights NOONE is testing them between fights. Vitor is the only fighter in the entire UFC that has been getting regular blood testing which is the most accurate. GSP hasn’t even been piss tested in over 4 years because they don’t even test in Canada
      MMA will continue to be the dirtiest sport in world until they implement random testing and start doing MODERN testing and test for EPO’s, HGH, synthetic testosterone, carbon isotope which every sport does except MMA. That’s why MMA is considered a joke to main stream sports

      Nate “THE CHEAT” figured out how to beat the system and every idiot fan and the commission and Dana white all fel for it. All that cheater did was get the heat off of himself by announcing that total bullshit that he is off the JUICE (TRT) all nate did was get the heat off himself and now he is free to JUICE as much s he wants just like he has his entire career. Marquardt is a 3 time BUSTED ROID CHEAT who doesn’t even have to supply random testing to get licensed which is total BULLSHIT. Dana should have kept his word that nate “THE CHEAT” would never fight in the UFC again

      Everyone knows Marquardt has been given more chances than anyone else ever in UFC and its not fair to other fighters.

    • Nate "THE CHEAT" marquardt (roid cheater) says:

      You idiots are too stupid to know Vitor has best fricken coaches in world around him now. Kenny Monday OLympic gold medalist wrestler, Striking coach Henri Hooft. Since losing to Silva Vitor completely changed up everything all new coaches and countless sparring partners at Blackzillian and training every day with Rashad. You are all too stupid to realize now that Vitor has made a ton of money eh can afford the best training in the world and he trains 7 rounds for 7 minutes against 4 different fresh fighters. Vitor has never had the quality of training he has now but all you idiots think having a testosterone level that is below anyone else he fights is the reason he is knocking out overrated fighters like Bisping. Yeah TRT made that head kick land. Are you people really that stupid and are blinded by hate that you refuse to comprehend how fricken hard Vitor trains. First half of his career he was plagued by the loss of his sister by those animals that kidnapped her and murdered her thinking they could get millions from a famous MMA figter. If anything you idiots should support him for what his family has went thru and what he has sacrificed over his career to fight for our entertainment. You guys ar etoo stupid and most of you were in diapers when Vitor was known as the Phenom and knocking out guys twice his size when he was a teenager. all you idiots do is see TRT and you think it makes you inot superman. Cutting weight ruins your testosterone level worse than steroids but you are all too stupid to research that too. Vitor has insane talent and he earns everything he gets by training his ass off.

      You same idiots who talk shit about Vitor are the exact same idiots who root for the biggest cheater in all MMA Nate “THE CHEAT” marqaurdt. Nate and Sonnen are the 2 fighters that abused TRT and forever crwated the stigma that everyone must be cheating because Nate and Sonnen are. Both those scumbags have been given a pass by all you idiot fans and instead you direct your hate at only fighter in UFC that is being tested on a regular basis and NOONE in UFC is having blood tests doen by a doctor except Vitor. You idiots just keep rooting for that ROID CHEATING FELON Sonnen and the 3 times busted steroid cheat marquardt

      GSP pumps more JUICE thru himself that any other fighter in UFC but because he can afford the best ROIDS money canbuy he gets a pass by all you idiots. NOONE looks more JUICED than GSP. Last 4 years fought in Canada with NO drug testing

  4. 757 says:

    You do not know that he cheated his entire career. That is an unfair statement and unsubstantiated. He was busted in 2006, but that doesn’t mean it was or was not his whole entire career. As for Sonnen he was busted like Reem with ultra high levels outside of the allowable range. Sorry guy but Vitor was checked and was in the allowable range….thus legal. GRT 3000 is correct and you ^^^ are wrong.

  5. 123 says:

    If he’s not doing anything illegal, how come he’s getting no recognition for looking so good then.

  6. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Let’s say he didn’t use roids in the past. Let’s say he’s clean and his natural testosterone levels are declining. That is nature, it’s normal.
    He is now artificially enhancing his shortcoming. That is something I consider cheating. Where does it end? What’s next? Fighters who enhance their hemoglobin levels because they gass in the third and they can’t fight for 5 rounds?
    He states that he stays below the allowed testosterone levels. Maximum t/e ratio allowed by the Athletic commissions is 4:1. This is by no means average. That is still a high level compared to most men who have a normal t/e ratio of 1:1.
    I’m sorry but TRT is cheating. If you lack the needed abilities to fight you should get another job and not boost your testosterone to 4:1, 3 points above average and claim you’re not getting an edge. Sonnen is a dipshit, but at least he was honest about it and said he tried to get an edge.

    • 757 says:

      According to you it’s cheating but that doesn’t make it so. You have your opinion and that’s cool but none of us are close enough to the situation and have concrete facts so it’s all just our opinions. To say however that someone is definitely cheating and definitely doing this or that and can’t get licensed because this or that is just speculation. Currently TRT is legal when used withing the confines of the rules that are set so the conversation is pointless and old.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        I get your point, but legal doesn’t automatically mean fair. So yes he is allowed by the Athletic Commissions to boost it up to 4:1. He isn’t breaking any rule. I cannot deny that.
        So is it legal? yes. Is it fair? No, not at all.

    • Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (roid cheat for life) says:

      Hey Dutch so you think just because Sonnen had the testosterone level of 3400 and as much JUICE in him as 17 men that is what you call just getting an edge. Sonnen was juiced up out of his fricken mind in the first Silva fight and somehow was rewarded with a rematch after clearly CHEATING in the first Silva fight. Its a digrace that Dana white would reward a cheater who got caught JUICING dead to rights in a title fight and whats even worse is an athletic commission that would let him continue to LEGALLY JUICE. His doctor should have cut him off for life. Its clear he obtained massive amounts of JUICE/test from someone or somewhere other than his doctor which BTW is a FELONY. My doctor told me Sonnen should have been arrested by the DEA for having those insane never heard of levels of test in his system. Average male has about 300-450 testosterone level and Sonnen had JUICE of 17 men which is an outrage but somehow fans and the commission doesn’t seem to care that he probably is doing the exact same thing today and just tapering down as fight gets closer. Why isn’t Sonnen and Marquardt being randomly tested on a regular basis. At least test the convicted CHEATERS

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        You’re preaching to the choir. I agree totally about Sonnen and the rest. I just think Belfort isn’t any better.
        His current natural levels are less than 1:1 to be allowed the TRT treatment, he can now legally jack it up to 4:1. Other fighters who have an average level of 1:1 can’t get TRT so Belfort is artificially enhancing it 3 points higher than others. That is legal but still not fair.

  7. Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (roid cheat for life) says:

    90% of UFC is using PED’s. Vitor is the only fighter being tested throughout his training camps and by the UFC. NOONE has cheated more than Sonnen and yet he gets a pass from most of you idiots. Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt has been on steroids his entire MMA career but NOONE seems to care how much he has cheated and gotten away with it. yes he has been busted 3 times and Dana gave him a 4th chance after he swore Nate would never fight in the UFC again. EVERYONE is fooled by his little hurt puppy dog voice. marquardt is a conman that has out smarted 99% of you into thinking he is just misunderstood and its not his fault he has been busted 3 times for CHEATING. Now he beats the system again after his corrupt manager Lex McMahan figured out all they had to do is announce to world that nate is magically cured at 35 yrs old and no longer needs the JUICE. All he did was kill 3 birds with one stone because now he has gotten the commissions off his back and Dana white and 99.9% of you morons actually believed that the biggest cheater in MMA history was magically able to go cold turkey off steroids at 35 yrs old after completely ruining his (BALLS) from all those years of steroid abuse in Japan and U.S but now he knows with commission off his back he can JUICE as much as he wants between fights and not have to worry about any random testing because all YOU IDIOTS including the commission actually believe a 35 yr old LIFETIME JUICER van just show up to Woodley fight in best shape of his life. shame on all you idiots for being so fucking stupid to believe the biggest cheater in MMA history. EVERYONE in UFC is using PED’s and more money a figter makes the better the PED’s they can be on. 100% for sure GSP is on EPO”s (lance armstrongs PED of choice, and HGH and designer undetectable steroids. MMA has the weakest testing of any sport in world. They don’t even draw blood. anyone can put a vile of piss in their shorts and quirt it in the cup. I mean how many of you actually believe that FREAK Guyborg is no longer on steroids. That animal looked more jacked than ever in the Coenan fight. Vitor is the only fighter in the entire UFC that is being monitored. Its just shocking that the commissions wouldn’t be randomly testing 3 time cheats like Marquardt or Sonnen who set a world record for most JUICE ever registered in ahuman being. 3400 test level is as JUICED as anyone can be. having the testosterone of 17 men is a outright disgrace. Any other sport and Sonnen would have lost his LEGAL JUICER exemption for life. keep being idiots and having your head in the sand.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      a bit long winded (& bitter sounding) but I agree with many of your points. People need to get off Vitor’s ass abt this TRT thing. No one’s jumping all over Hendo for his TRT use. If he’s within the legal limits, people need to stfu & enjoy the fight.

  8. 757 says:

    ^^^Nate “THE CHEAT ” Marquart (roid cheat for life) you are correct. Well said and on the money. I agree 100%. Good comment

  9. Again.. says:

    People are starting to embarrass me everytime Vitor is brought up people are like TRT!! TRT !! TRT!! He’s not doing anything illegal thus he is not cheating! His testosterone levels are lower then normal which mean his muscles don’t re-cooperate fast enough etc. No one can say that spinning back kick on rockhold was because of the TRT! Or the kick on bisping! Those were all Timing and Technique!

  10. KIDD433 says:

    Ya, I’m getting tired of hearing people break Vitors’ balls about this. He’s following the rules to a T. And he didn’t threaten that guy that questioned him about TRT at the post fight press conference after the Rockhold fight. He said “Somebody Hit This Guy.” And he said it annoyingly but figuratively. Not in a literal manner. Even though the guy should’ve been punched in the mouth for trying to rain on his parade after just delivering the KO of the year.

  11. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I’m calling EVERY SINGLE poster(except for 2) on here hypocritical bitches!!! You are the EXACT same crybabies who whined their fukcin pussies off about Sonnen. Now because Belfort is a TRT’r, its ok!! Me personally, I could care less if they are on TRT or not. I don’t care if they are 20:1. It doesn’t make them superman. It doesn’t allow Belfort to KO kick Bisping or KO Rockhold. BTW: the reason the TRT’rs are tested weekly was because of Belfort in the Bisping fight. It was rumored he jacked it up and then tapered down for the fight and then DW freaked out after that fight and instituted the weekly tests. It’s a bit of the back story that has gone on between Belfort and DW and one of the reasons DW doesn’t like to deal with him. Belfort knows his career is wrapping up and he wants as much advantage as he can get to make some money before that fighting well runs dry. So yes he uses TRT as an advantage as the Dutchman states as does Hendo, Sonnen and whoever else uses it.

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      The best steroids for MMA are the ones Lance Armstrong used his entire cycling career and exactly what all the ELITE like GSP are on and that is EPO’s and HGH which not one commission in the world tests for. MMA fighters can sue whatever they want between fights but everyone goes after TRT users. Funny as hell is GSP is the least tested fighter in all MMA since his last 4 fights were in Canada and he took 2 years off between those fights. Anyone who thinks for one second that GSP is clean has their head up their asses. Someday someone will expose the “REAL” GSP just like lance Armstrong was exposed. Sure it may take 5-10 years but truth always comes out

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        You know you are real good at ACCUSING people, where are your facts? Besides, “Anyone who thinks for one second that GSP is clean has their head up their asses”. What tangible proof do you have? If you can show me one little piece of proof, then I will believe you? If not, then you are just blowing smoke.

    • Nate "THE CHEAT" marquardt (3x convicted JUICER) says:

      Gaygoyle you have to be the biggest idiot ever. what the hell do you think Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt was doing thru all his training camps before he was busted dead to rights (TWICE) with jacked up testosterone levels while on TRT. What the hell do you think CHEAT Sonnen was doing when he was busted dead to rights with a 16.9 ratio which for all, idiots who don’t know like (GAYGARGLE cum mouth) that is 3400 testosterone level which is same as having the testosterone of 17 men. which is why Sonnen had the endurance and strength of superman when he held Silva on his back for 23 minutes. Sonnen was JUICED to the GILLS. NEVER once has Vitor tested over the limit since he was on TRT and you made up the story about him being JACKED because you are a total fucking idiot douchbag who tries to say he was a college wrestler. BULLSHIT you never wrestled in college, you never wrestled in high school, you didn’t even wrestle in pee wee league. so shut the fuck up you fucking idiot Fitch loving moron.

      NOONE has cheated more than Sonnen and nate “THE CHEAT” marquardt but they get a pass. Both those cheaters are still not being tested between fights or during training camps and are free to JUICE as much as they want. if you had half of a brain you would realize Vitor is the only fighter in the entire UFC that is being tested on a regular basis.

    • 757 says:

      Your wrong Brother. I don’t like Sonnen because of his mouth. I have always advocated for Vitor because I like his fighting ability. I for one have always commented about how the TRT talk is boring.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        You are one of the two exceptions. I know you like Vitor because of his abilities and I can see why. I happen to like Sonnen for his abilities as well. He just hasn’t been winning. I actually like Sonnen’s schtick too. People take him WAY TOO seriously though. I would like to see Vitor KO’d soon…lol.

        • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Fitch is all but done and his career is in the toilet. He just lost one of his houses and now he is about to lose his other one. I guess being the bouncer at chucky cheeses on Saturday afternoon doesn’t pay much.

          Fitch sucked as a collge wrestler and sucked at MMA and will always be remembered as a lay n prayer who cried all the time because he had no fans (except you)

          I laugh everytime I think of you saying Fitch would never be released/ fired from UFC. I predicted it a year before and I was right. Fitch will never fight in the bid show every again. Even Bellator didn’t want anything to do with his boring lay n pray ass. Fitch ran off more fans from the sport of MMA than any one person ever and he sucked as a college wrestler to

  12. 757 says:

    Gargoyle Point well taken

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