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Saturday, 08/25/2012, 09:41 am

Vitor Belfort Joins "Blackzilians" In Preparation For Jon Jones At UFC 152 | UFC NEWS

Glenn Robinson, President, Authentic Sports Management today announced that Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort is now a Blackzilian with ASM, the highly respected and fastest growing agency in the sport of mixed martial arts.

“As one of the early champions in the UFC and one of the most popular fighters in the world today, it is an honor to call Vitor Belfort a Blackzilian,” said Robinson. “Yesterday it was announced that he will fight for the title at UFC 152. Everyone here at ASM will do whatever it takes to ensure he has the best training camp and exits the Octagon on September 22 as the new UFC light heavyweight champion.”

“This is the most important fight of my life, so the time is perfect to join Glenn Robinson and the Blackzilians and their world class training camp at JACO Hybrid Training Center in Delray Beach,” said Belfort. “I will have the best trainers and the top fighters in the sport including Alistair Overeem and Rashad Evans helping me prepare for this title fight. I will run my whole training camp at JACO and will win the belt for my fans, family and the Blackzilians in South Florida.”

Belfort won the heavyweight (200 lb. and over) title from Randy Couture in 2004, and at the time was the youngest UFC champion in history. He stunned fans with his debut in 1996 and quickly earned fame as one of the most aggressive, fastest strikers in the sport. He has fought across all three now Zuffa-owned promotions including PRIDE, UFC and Strikeforce.

He last competed in his native country of Brazil at UFC RIO, earning a first round victory over Anthony Johnson. More than 23 million people watched the event live on Brazilian TV. Belfort will compete as the main event of UFC 152 in Toronto, presented live to millions across North American on Pay-Per-View starting at 10:00 p.m. ET. UFC 152 will also be seen on live internationally in Brazil and other countries via UFC’s international television distributors.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans will serve as Belfort’s head coach for his entire training camp, assisted by Henri Hooft, Mario Sperry, Jorge Santiago and Marco and Flavius Silva.


20 Responses to “Vitor Belfort Joins "Blackzilians" In Preparation For Jon Jones At UFC 152 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    Rashad as a head coach? Damn I hope Rashad gives Vitor all his tips so he can go and knock Jones out!

  2. Magoo says:

    Good luck to him 1st fight at 205 with a little less then a month to train against the baddest LW out there, this ain’t gonna be pretty!

  3. fuckbonesjones says:

    vitor is gonna destroy him

  4. MMACRAVER says:

    Hopefully Vitor gets to throw a strike or 2 before sucking foot this time.

  5. Bob'O says:

    I don’t shit a give, I not paying to watch Bones smash Vitor.

    However, I will gladly pay to watch Machida knock Bones out cold the next time around. ~Bob’O

  6. DmoneyJefferson says:

    If his chances of beating jones were even half way decent I would call this a bad move lol. Doesn’t really matter, but if you look up the “Blackzillians” latest outings, most have been losing efforts. Hopefully a new head coach helps fix some of the problems they have been having.

  7. Brend0magic says:

    Jones should’ve took the Sonnen fight while they had the chance, I have a feeling Belfort will win by tko, 2nd round.

  8. HelpMeRhonda says:

    Who cares, he’ll need more than a new camp, like a tune up fight with Sobral.

  9. magoo says:

    I would love swallow Jon Jones d1ck

  10. magoo says:

    I would love to swallow Jon Jones d1ck !!!!!

  11. The_Chef says:

    i have a feeling vitor will catch him..and knock him out with those fast hands of his. he caught anderson early in that fight before he got front kicked. vitor is far from done…bones shouldn’t under estimate him. vitor ko r2

  12. Shadleigh says:

    Vitor is not getting enough credit. Every man is beatable and Vitor defenitely capable of the upset!

    • Kenshiro says:

      I dont see vitor winning as an “upset” at all.
      Styles make fights and Vitor has the perfect
      style to fuck Bones up. I see Vitor TKO’ing Bones
      with not too much trouble. I think Vitor is too fast
      for Jones to be able to fight on the outside and on
      the inside those lightning fast combo’s with KO power
      will put Jones in a bad spot. he’s try to take Vitor down
      but Vitor’s got GREAT TDD… and him training with the
      Blackzilians will improve that even more. Not to mention
      Vitor got much better BJJ than Jones. So even if it goes
      to the ground Jones could be in trouble if he doesn’t get
      a chance to GNP.

  13. Jonathon says:

    I thought Machida was going to fight Jones on Sept. 22 ???

  14. birdcitybutcher says:

    @ jonathon
    Machida refused because he didn’t have enough time to prepare

  15. The master says:

    Vitor will corner jones and hurt him and hit him until te ref pulls him off vitors got plenty more fight left in him I see him taking this fight by tko

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