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Friday, 01/11/2013, 11:58 am

Vitor Belfort: I’m like a Navy Seal & The Fight Is My Mission | UFC NEWS

“I’m really focused to fight and it’s more like an outside vision. I’m like a Navy SEAL going to war. I’m not focused on the politics, just give me the mission and let me accomplish it.

“When a mission is given to a Navy SEAL, they say turn your back and let me do what I’m here to do. Now this fight is my mission. I don’t care about the politics or anything else. I’m focused on accomplishing the mission. I’m very focused right now.

“I’m ready, man. I’m more ready than ever. Better than ever. Fresher than ever. Happier than ever. I’m ready.”

“That gives me an advantage. I have a lot of things people don’t see. There are a lot of things I’ve accomplished. I’m the type of guy where I go to the gym to work hard. Fighters are made in the gym and we achieve things through sacrifice.

“That is how things are in life. If you want something, you have to work hard at it. God gave you the talent and the gifts, but you have to work hard if you want to use them.

“That’s how I approach everything I do. If I want to be a good dad, I need to work hard to be a good dad. If I want to be a good husband, I need to work hard to be a good husband. But you are never going to be anything if you don’t work hard.

“In this fight I have to go out there and do what I do. That’s it. There isn’t much to think about, only to act. I have to go out there, do what I do, and fight my game. It’s not about him. It’s about me.

– Vitor Belfort discusses his upcoming bout against Michael Bisping with The Bleacher Report.


14 Responses to “Vitor Belfort: I’m like a Navy Seal & The Fight Is My Mission | UFC NEWS”

  1. Time To Wrestle says:

    Bwahahahahahahaha…can we say delusions of grandeur here!! This guy is so full of himself. Bisping should dispatch him.

    • Zack says:

      That’s not full of himself at all. Alot more respectful than the things that come out of bisping mouth. They don’t teach respect in wrestling though so can’t expect much different.

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        This guy is COMPLETELY full of himself. It’s called narcissistic egomania..=..He talks too much about himself. I’d rather see him talk shit about Bisping then talk about himself so much. This guy has a love affair with himself. Spitsbing will show he is a stepping stone now…
        Don’t like wrestling much now do yah?

        • Dan says:

          You’re both douche bags, for different reasons. Zack wrestling teaches the most respects it’s as simple as shaking hands with a man you just scrapped it out with. Time to wrestle You don’t him, he’s doing an interview about himself dumb ass, of course that’s what he is going to talk about.

  2. carcassgrinder says:

    lol your lame dude. vitor will win for sure

  3. Magoo says:

    Can’t wait to find out, I hope too see a quick and re energized Vitor with a full tank of fuel, I’d hate to see him tire out and get out pointed by the king of point fighting! I got a feeling this is gonna look like the Belfort/Franklin fight with Spitsping getting brutally knocked out!!!

    • Thom says:

      you and me both. Bisping got caught by the 2 slowest guys ever Stann and Hendo so just imagine what a guy with similiar power but literally 10x that speed will do.

  4. YouCantSeeMeButISeeYou says:

    I respect Belfort as a longtime MMA fighter but comparing what he does in the cage to a SEAL mission or any other forward area combat unit headed downrange for that matter is absolutely laughable, and frankly, disrespectful.

    There is NO such thing as “like” a Navy SEAL. You either ARE or you AREN’T.

    I GUARANTEE Belfort would’ve never made through BUDS 1st Phase.
    They would’ve drowned his arrogant ass during a late night below surf n’ sand evolution.
    The instructors LOVE to torture so-called tough guys like him.

    There is no “I” in Team. Period.

  5. sealforreal says:

    This man is nothing like a Navy Seal. Talented fighter at the end of his fighting days; yes. Seal? Not even close.

  6. LMAO says:

    @sealforreal, your name shows that you were never a 01, 20 or a 36. Your a slack back with fleet NEC

  7. 757 says:

    The guy^^^above that is so upset about the seal comment needs to relax. It’s just a statement. Get a life and quit looking further into it…….basically shut up you dork. Watch and enjoy the fights

    • MJ says:

      The guy^… You tell one guy to relax and then you say “basically shut up you dork. Watch and enjoy the fights”. Take your own advice man.Anyways.. I dont think Belfort did anything wrong, just an example. Hope he sends Bisping back down the latter.

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