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Tuesday, 01/21/2014, 12:39 pm

Vitor Belfort Dropping TRT For Weidman Title Fight?

“I don’t believe [Vitor will be using TRT for his fight with Weidman]. It’s something that him and I have not discussed. He trains with us, but most of his, because he’s been in the game for so long, everything for him is pretty well set. So Joana (Belfort’s wife) does most of his day-to-day stuff. And it’s nothing that they’ve talked to me about. I don’t think they will (file for a TUE) to be honest with you, but it’s nothing they’ve talked to me about so I really couldn’t answer you straight.”

I guess it’s possible right?

Vitor Belfort has been the poster boy for Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the past few years. Often drawing criticism with every knockout blow he delivers inside the cage for using the controversial therapy.

Now, according to his manager, he may halt the use of TRT ahead of his UFC title shot against the middleweight champion, Chris Weidman.

Think this is legit?

(quote via The MMA Hour)


12 Responses to “Vitor Belfort Dropping TRT For Weidman Title Fight?”

  1. Cody Dalton says:

    I’m sorry but if he doesn’t have an unfair advantage on a guy like Weidman he’s gonna get fucking ENILATED

  2. Tyler Smith says:

    Even if he drops the TRT, trolls will still talk shit on here. like the tool bag on here that was the first to comment

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Hey KIDD433 – didn’t we have a bet??? LOL…you are a man of your word…Silva sux!! New name – Tyler Smith?? I thought you were a Mejicano/Americano?? hehehe..

      • Sasquatch says:

        Thought I recognized that pic.. what was the bet?

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          We bet that if Weidman beats Silva at 168, that he would never post on again with any name and that if Silva won, I would never post on here again….lol… That’s cool, I know that was an easy bet for me and ole’ KIDD couldn’t stay away. I disagree with the guy about 99% of the time and he can be a real prick (but so can I), but at least he seems honorable even though he’s a prick…haha

        • Tyler Smith says:

          I am KIDD433 and I am Chicano. Also Native American, that’s where the name comes from. We did have a bet, and have every intention of honoring it. I pressed a link on here for Twitter and it automatically linked me w my Twitter Since KIDD433 is also my Twitter, that’s why my name came up. Not hiding. And I am a man of my word, Adios Gargoyle, and adios

  3. Sasquatch says:

    He’s going down with or without it.

  4. Joel Valera says:

    I am 47 and I started on TRT back in August.All you guys talk out your ass and know nothing about TRT. TRT is a huge advantage.My testosterone was 270 now at 800. Doctor wants me at 1000 to 1200.for years I had worked out but never gained any muscle. I was having ton of injuries. Calve tightness to where i couldn’t run. Elbows hurt to do curls. shoulders hurt when I benched or hit the bag. Since I started my injections all my pains went away.I started to build muscle,I started to loose fat,having way more energy than ever before. Sex drive is amazing. TRT is the greatest invention ever.It helps your mood, your sleep. I am way stronger now than I was when i was 20, 30 or 40..I have the testosterone of a 25 year old. You tell me if that is fair? would it be fair for me to fight a guy 30, 35 or someone not on TRT when I have the test of a 25 year old? You still have to be a good fighter, Just like in baseball you still have to be a good hitter. But it does make you faster, stronger and more energetic. And get it from my doctor whom check my blood, my test levels. I could get off of it for a month and still be strong but after 30 days you really drop off. What is NORMAL levels? Doctor tells me 1000 to 1200. But is that normal for a 25 year old or a 47 year old? the older you get the more your levels drop in ALL MEN!!

  5. Pro Troller says:

    So testosterone replacement therapy is given to men (older) to raise their testosterone levels back to a normal rate. As men age they naturally lose testosterone. The younger man will always have higher testosterone than an older man. So is it fair for weidman to fight at a higher testosterone level because he is younger. TRT is not steroids. Fact: if Weidman wins he will be like see, even though Vitor is doping, my skill and heart won the fight regardless. If Weidman loses he’s gonna blame TRT instead of owning up to getting a whoopin. Simple

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