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Monday, 02/10/2014, 10:10 am

Vitor Belfort: Chris Weidman winning ‘Fighter of the Year’ was embarrassing

The UFC’s middleweight number 1 contender, Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort, was not at all impressed to hear that Chris Weidman had won the “World MMA Awards” coveted “Fighter of the year” award, calling the decision ’embarrassing.’

His words (via Combate):

“It was embarrassing,” Belfort stated. “Not that it should’ve been me, but winning the award after just one fight? It’s shameful. He won one fight. The other was (pretty much) accidental.”

The rating UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, went 2-0 in 2013, with both victories coming over Anderson Silva. The “All American” was the first fighter to ever earn a victory over Anderson Silva inside the octagon. Chris first defeated “The Spider” via knockout at UFC 162 in July and then again by TKO (leg break) at December’s UFC 168 event.

Meanwhile, Vitor Belfort went 3-0 in 2013, scoring head-kick knockout victories over opponents Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold and most recently Dan Henderson. Vitor’s KO victory over the former Pride & Strikeforce champion, Dan Henderson, marked the first time that “Hendo” had been stopped by strikes in his MMA career.

Belfort and Weidman will settle their differences in the main event of UFC 173, which is set for Memorial Day Weekend (May 24) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Do you think Chris Weidman deserved “Fighter of the year” honors? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!

By Chris Taylor



0 Responses to “Vitor Belfort: Chris Weidman winning ‘Fighter of the Year’ was embarrassing”

  1. magoo says:

    If Vitor thinks Chris winning fighter of the year is embarrassing, what’s he gonna feel like when Weidman finishes him?

    • mmax00267761 says:

      that’s a stupid statement, Im sure he’d still feel the same. Like if they gave silva the ‘fighter of the year award’ after losing twice, im sure Belfort would’ve said that’s bullshit even though he’s already been KO”d by silva

  2. mike custer says:

    Belfort is gonna be damn embarrassed when he gets ktfo by Chris.

  3. team backfist says:

    Just as pumped for this fight as I was with Silva.

  4. bg says:

    I’m more pumped for this fight, for sure. I’m always pumped for Vitor’s fights, he’s explosive as shit, random ko’s can happen whenever.

    I do hope Chris stomps him into the ground however,

  5. Chris says:

    Yeah fighting twice should not make you fighter of the year when guys like vitor(trt or not) fights and destroys 3 no jokers in a calendar year. Even Renan should have been considered over Weidman. It boggles the mind

  6. COKE BOY says:

    would he say the same if weidman was from brazil? stupid fuck

  7. Christian Baltadano says:

    Wow, really Vitor?! You say you don’t mean it to be you but you wish it was you, TRT users shouldn’t even be considered for that award. Just saying.

  8. bobby says:

    The rating champion? Geez

  9. Nephelim says:

    Ok Vitor u win Juicer of the year

  10. Spinsei says:

    no… if it was anyone except Anderson, so then yes, he deserves it. BECAUSE it was Anderson. And testosterone head should shut the f#$% up. Hope Weidman clobbers him…

  11. kelticLadi says:

    right magoo!! belfort is the embarrassing one, weidmans going to kill him.

  12. Sully says:

    Should’ve gone to Faber IMO

  13. erik says:

    Belfort is just mad that wiedman did what he couldn’t do on steroids. I can’t stand belfort all he does is talk sit about everyone. Let’s see how he does when he is off the juice

  14. VitorCantCount says:

    He beat Silva TWICE in 2013. The only thing “embarrassing” is your math skills, brah…

  15. bradsr06 says:

    vitor talking shit, he couldnt do what chris did.that front kick from silva knocked vitor out cold. chris did what know body else could do so open mouth and insert foot vitor.

  16. miki says:

    Vitor is absolutely right. Weedman has only one (legit) win last year. But even one win against Anderson Silva is a huge win.

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