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Tuesday, 04/10/2012, 05:22 pm

Vinny Magalhaes Should Be Signed By The UFC

by Jamie McAllister:
Chugging along with as much focus and determination as the #RallyForMarkHunt train is also a campaign on Twitter by the dedicated followers of Vinny Magalhaes to get the BBJ specialist back to where he belongs in the UFC via numerous tweets to the UFC brass!

The BJJ specialist who was a finalist on the Ultimate Fighter show losing via knockout to Ryan Bader in the first round. After this loss Magalhaes lost his next bout in the UFC and was promptly cut. Ever since then Magalhaes has won 7 of 8 fights and achieved a finish in all of his wins via submission as well as some TKO and in his last bout scored an impressive head kick knockout over Mikhail Zayats defending his M1 Light Heavyweight Championship just in case you have not seen it here is the fight video (I advanced it to the knockout but feel free to watch the full fight)

Also he is the current ADCC Champion earning a gold medal in the Heavyweight Division beating Fabricio Werdum in the finals. And to top that all off he has an unbreakable arm !

On a more serious note I personally do not think there is anyone more deserving of a UFC recall than Vinny Magalhaes his recent record speaks for itself in terms of finishing winning 7 of 8 in conjunction with the style he has finished some of the fights in !


14 Responses to “Vinny Magalhaes Should Be Signed By The UFC”

  1. Scotty says:

    Well that is all true but they forgot the BIGGEST point! He is under contract with M-1! People write up some of the dumbest articles without clearly thinking before writing.. Always saying this guy should be in the UFC.. Well maybe he should be its prolly cause he is under a contract of a different promotion so he cant be apart of the UFC!

    • gabriel says:

      Hey Scotty,

      I think I read somewhere that the last fight in M1 was the last on his contract. But I believe its still one of those things where they can match any other offer and keep him if they decide too……….read that somewhere after the owner thru a fit when Vinny won his last fight

      but then again I could be completely wrong. lol butttttttt im not getting mad bout it HA

    • SK says:

      no, not anymore. is now a free agent

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Vinny deserves to be in UFC and if he isn’t signed it will be because USUAL bullshit Dana White politics.

    • NS says:

      He was released weeks ago !

  2. Donnybrook says:

    My own arm hurts after watching that!

  3. thebigv57 says:

    he definitely will be back

  4. Yeas says:

    I agree on merit. The guy is just such a jackass that I couldn’t careless.

  5. The King says:

    That dude is JACKED! ALL NATURAL or yer a FAGGET!

  6. krhyme says:

    The Guy already was in the UFC, he lost twice in a roll against Bader & Eliott Marshall so they let him out. But maybe he’s improved? I didn’t really follow him that much.

    • Scotty says:

      I believe UFC said he had to improve reason they released him.. But he has been pretty dominate since he left.. All his wins have been either by submission or KO and on a 5 fight win streak.. I think he should get another shot!

  7. Peter says:

    Think he would do well now ! Possible title run ?

  8. Jujitsu Player says:

    He has sick BJJ, probably the best in the LHW division and his stand up has improved so I agree if his contract is up he deserves to be signed by the UFC.

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