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Friday, 08/31/2012, 07:42 am

EXCLUSIVE | Vinny Magalhaes UFC Return Interview… Spoiled by Renato Laranjo & They Fight | UFC NEWS


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16 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | Vinny Magalhaes UFC Return Interview… Spoiled by Renato Laranjo & They Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Human Piranha says:

    Renata GOAT

  2. McCombski says:

    I fucking love Renato !!!! skip to like 9 min to hear the argument. lol

  3. DEE says:

    Vinny is great. I think he’s awesome, but Renato is GOAT!!! ” you loss to George Bush” Darth Bader lol

  4. Smackuround says:

    Very unprofessional of the host. Seriously, what has renata win? 27 of what championships?

  5. Thuan says:

    you guys do know that this was set up right? Renato is a character, thats all. he talks shit to everyone and its hilarious. they are friends

  6. Cagin says:

    Renato is hillarious..

    your momma so ugly your dad take her to work so he dont have to kiss goodbye

  7. Smackuround says:

    But…….. Can renato actually back it up?

  8. OakcliffTopdog says:

    That yo momma joke had me rolling…good stuff from Renato!

  9. DMAC says:

    Renato been killing the Internet this year.

  10. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Did you watch video of Ranato taking out Eddie Bravo in fron tof all his students at 10th planet bjj. You could hear JOe Rogan in abckground telling Eddie you can get out of that hold and then he went limp. Eddie got schooled in front of everyone on video and it was Eddie who attacked Ranato first

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      After Eddie woke up he starting screaming at Ranato to get the fuck out of here, almost looked like he had tears in his must be quite embarresing to attack someone at your own bjj gym and then get schooled and choked out in like 5-10 seconds. Ranato made Eddie Bravo look like a first day BJJ student

      • Sean McCorkle says:

        Lolz you thought that video was real? Look at how Eddie wakes up. It’s comical. Btw “Renato” is a brown belt under Eddie.

    • where says:

      can you guys link this? i’d love to see it , lol

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