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Thursday, 09/27/2012, 10:32 am

Vinny Magalhaes: “I’m waiting for my check”, Thinks He Should Get Sub Of Night Bonus Over Jones | UFC NEWS

His thoughts on Igor Pokrajac’s tweet that read: “If I wanted to do a grappling match I would go on a grappling tournament , this is MMA and UFC fans want a fight.”
Vinny’ responded that he didn’t take it as an insult.
“I didn’t take it that way. I think he was just making himself look bad, really. In my fight, when I took him down in the first round, I threw a few punches, I passed his guard, I went for a submission, then he reversed it. Then I was on the bottom and I was trying to attack with submissions and all this stuff. It’s not like the fight went to the ground and I was just stalling. Then, it goes to the second round and he was the one that initiates a takedown.”

“I was a little bit surprised,” Vinny said of Igor’s takedown attempt. “The first round I had him on the ground the whole round and I didn’t finish him, so that probably gave him confidence. ‘I can take him down and he’s not going to submit me.’ That’s probably what he thought, at least that’s what I’m thinking. Like, he went five minutes with me and I didn’t submit him, probably he felt really good about it…It was such a bad mistake. A lot of people think the longer a fight goes, you get sweaty and its hard to work jiu jitsu, but it’s actually totally opposite for me. The body gets a little looser and that’s when my jiu jitsu works better.”

Magalhaes also said he’s already asking for his next fight, but explained fight cards are still backed up following the UFC 151 cancellation. “I just texted Joe Silva to give me a fight in December, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen because of 151 that thing that happened because of Jones. I wanted to fight. To be honest with you, Jon Jones has been screwing me over really bad lately,” Vinny said. “He’s taking money out of my pocket and because of what he did with 151, I’m not gonna fight in December.”

But if he does get called up to fight he’s already got his eye on a few 205’ers that he feels will help him grow in UFC career. “If he can fight, I think Matt Hamill would be the ideal match right now. The fact that he fought on the same card, so he’d have the same amount of time to prepare for a fight and the same amount of rest after a fight so, I think Matt Hamill would be the ideal match. I’d also like to fight the winner of Phil Davis, Wagner Prado.”


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31 Responses to “Vinny Magalhaes: “I’m waiting for my check”, Thinks He Should Get Sub Of Night Bonus Over Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. ballsackface says:

    i found his fight a bit boring and cumbsy until that sub so no i wouldnt give him it

    bone fighting a sub and then winning by sub over a brazilian blackbelt to me is better then vinny subbing someone with lower credentials

    • tyson says:

      Umm did u forget he wasn’t talking about fight of the night he said submission of the night the fight itself has nothing to do with that

      • ballsackface says:

        did you read what i said?
        the submission was better due to the circumstance he came under and the fact its not is “go too”
        also who hes subbing and what hes subbing with made it a definite factor

  2. m says:

    Beautiful submission by Malgahaes. Was easily SOTN until Jones pulled off an Americana, which is rarely accomplished in MMA.

    Im sure Vinny could have used that $$$ a lot more than Bones.

    Next time.

  3. Jimmy joe says:

    He’s sub was way more technical than jones’s. Jones’ was against a better fighter 100%. But if it’s on the better sub of the night Vinny all the way, no question. As the bonus givers , Dana and his crew should want to reward the more technical sub and so educate the meathead fans along the way.

    • ballsackface says:

      wait an armbar is harder to pull off than an americana? ok then

      the sweep to pullover was nice but it was an armbar

      • Jimmyjoe says:

        I’m talking about the whole sub, the set up , the transition the fact he did it mid flow , did you see it ?

      • Jimmyjoe says:

        The whole sub was way more difficult. The set up , the transition , the fact it was excuited through mid transition and flowed beautifully. Vinny’s sub was IMO way more technical and graceful . It wasn’t as reliant on strength ,size and leverage. I’m surprised anyone who’s done bjj doesn’t feel the same.

  4. ginger says:

    this is why theres different fotn bonuss. its sub of the night does not matter if the fight sucked vinnys sub was way more technical than bones.therefore he should get it.

  5. jason says:

    There was a hilarious part during the fight where the camera panned behind jones while he was in vitors guard and you could see the side by side comparisons of their torsos/legs and jones legs were comical next to belforts it looked like a HW fighting a MW.

  6. cjmiller1983 says:

    The sub of the night should not be based on the fight or who is in the fight. Vinnys sub was way more technical therefore he should have got it. Ive trained for less than 6 months and i can do an americana from side control.the only way i coujld do that armbar is if the other person wasnt fighting back and rolled withme.

  7. EWOK says:

    Vinny was lucky his out of shape ass even won that fight. Bones fought off a nasy armbar and basically went the rest of the fight with one arm. Vinny is a great grappler but he will never be a ufc champ

  8. ginger says:

    Its sub of the night not whos in the best shape that night or who escaped the best sub of the night or who is potentially never gonna be champ in the future night or who fought there fight using 3 limbs instead of four. sotn should be given to the more technical submission and vinnys was.

  9. Big Sleazy says:

    Vinnys arm lock was amazingly technical and was beautiful to watch, Jones finished a wrestling move (which he could be technically classed as a black belt, in wrestling, if they used this type of ranking.) with little more than brute strength. SOFN Vinny all day.

  10. Whinny the Whiner says:

    lol @ this! Man, Vinny never learns, he’s the biggest whinner in the sport, recall his incredible temper tantrum with M-1 on and on and on and on, whinning and bitching and moaning. He’s so sensitive and such a Prima Donna, he’s gunna irritate the UFC and get himself cut again. Moron doesn’t know when to keep his stupid mouth shut. Just bitches and whines and complains about everything all the time. When called on it, quickly high-tails and claims it was a joke. UFC and Dana not gunna appreciate this vocal clown dissing them everytime he fights.

    • Vinny says:

      You dumb fuck, the interviewer asked me a question and I just gave him an answer. Check my twitter or Facebook, and see if I ever complained about not getting SOTN. They asked if I thought I deserved, and I simply said that I thought what I did was enough to earn SOTN. I didn’t call the interviewer and asked him to let me talk about how upset I was for not getting the bonus. fans were the ones sending Dana messages on twitter, not me , nor I asked them to do it. So please, please shut the fuck up, nobody cares about your irrelevant opinion anyways.

  11. Dee says:

    Vinny’s sub was nice. He went right into the submission from a takedown. Jones beat wore Vitor down till he was probably ready to give the submission. Vinny’s sub hands down was pure genius.

  12. More technical doesn’t mean more difficult nor does it mean more impressive. Jon Jones pulled off an arm submission that rarely gets seen in MMA, he pulled it off after having been put in an arm submission, plus he pulled it off against a notorious BJJ blackbelt while he (Jones) has no BJJ belt of his own.

  13. Xaninho says:

    I actually could see the americana coming, Vitor left his arm there, the americana just took leverage and strength, which Jones has with his freaky long limbs and massive weightcuts.

    I think the switch into armbar was way more difficult to do, when Magalhaes pulled that move off I actually jumped up from my seat cause it was such a sweet technical sub.

    The SOTN bonus should have gone to Magalhaes.

  14. xXX says:

    Vinnie got robbed! Jones sub not even in the same ballpark. Dana must not like Vinnie

  15. Daniel Son says:

    Jones Sub on Vitor who is a bb in bjb. over a sub on a wrestler whos not in the top ten. Kind of a no brainer if you ask me. If you ask who needs the money more, obviously its not jon jones but this is not how the UFC works my friends.

  16. CombatRusse says:

    I’m far from being a submission or a BJJ ace, but the americana is the only one submission I’m able to implement when rolling. And I only succeed it when my opponent is dead tired or when I’m stronger then him. It is the least technical move I know.
    But Magalhaes armbar was the result of an awesome transition that seemed effortless (as should be all BJJ moves). So there is no doubt in my mind that Magalhaes deserves his money.
    But maybe Dana White needed some reconciliation with Bones, by giving him the extra check

  17. Smackuround says:

    Jones deserved sub of nite, even though I still pissed about UFC 151. Never see americanss/key locks. The only reason it worked is because he trapped victors other arm. Text book!!
    On a side note Vitors poor excuse for an arm bar! No thumb up, no calves curled over the head, no super hip thrust. A blue belt could have made his elbow blow up

  18. DMAC says:

    Vinny sub’d a white belt and wants money for it lol showing the true joke he is.

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