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Saturday, 10/20/2012, 04:13 pm

Vinny Magalhaes: Chael Sonnen will submit Jon Jones off his back | UFC News

After witnessing Vitor Belfort nearly finish Jon Jones by throwing a up a submission attempt from his back at UFC 152, Vinny Magalhaes believes he can properly instruct Chael Sonnen on how to defeat the current UFC light heavyweight champion when the two collide in April of next year.

Here is what Vinny had to say:

“After watching Jon’s last fight, I could just tell Chael to pull guard and he’s likely to submit Jones. I don’t know, I’m not going to disrespect the guy. He has an excellent overall game, incredible athlete. He’s super young so he can get better in everything else. But his ground in his last fight was a little suspect. He got caught in an armbar by a guy who is not known for having great jiu-jitsu for MMA, even though Vitor’s a black belt, he’s not known for having great jiu-jitsu for MMA. And especially getting somebody in the submission off his back, it made things even more unbelievable. Me judging as a technician, as an expert in jiu-jitsu, I don’t think Jones has the kind of ground to handle a guy with incredible guard. I think I’m going to work on that with Chael, just work on his guard, pull guard and Chael will submit him off his back.”

There’s obviously a big difference between knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it. Sonnen’s biggest strengths seem to be in his wrestling and top control. His skill set is a little opposed to what Magalhaes is suggesting, but anything can happen in MMA.


44 Responses to “Vinny Magalhaes: Chael Sonnen will submit Jon Jones off his back | UFC News”

  1. Shatta says:

    lol you should first teach him how to defend a submission …..

  2. Bertram says:

    vinny i love yah but lay off that heefer before you start sayin chael will knock jones out lol.

  3. Stephen Griffin says:

    A republican never goes on his back for anyone

  4. j says:

    Lmao seriously Vinny share w/e the hell you’ve been smoking man. Just bc Vitor prefers to use his boxing doesn’t mean his mma jits isn’t good he’s submitted better grapplers than you throughout his entire career you idiot. I bet Vitor if he didn’t knock your ass out 1 punch would tap you like Spider tapped your boy

  5. fernando says:

    deixa de ser otario vinny jon jones will pull guard and chael is gonna get caught on triangle … watch it , jt liked on the end of second round against rampage mane vacilao e pau no cu do on jones

  6. Seth says:

    delusional..i’m sick of hearing fighters say dumb shit. God could come down as an mma fighter and some jacktard would be like well his chin is suspect blah blah…just shut up and try to get on Jones level then you can talk all day long.

  7. Levi says:

    If wanted to read funny stuff I would go to youtube. There is no way chael will do anything to JJ. Absolute manslaughter.

  8. Brend0magic says:

    That will be the day….

  9. Trent says:

    Is he for real? Chael wont even get jones to the floor this is a joke a cant wait to see jones elbow the fuck out of chael first round stoppage easy, hes on another level compare to most light heavy weight contenders never mind some beaten down bitch from middleweight. Joke.

  10. Sergio says:

    haha he just said that, because he want work with Chael. No way, no way…JBJ will kill him.

  11. Synthfiend says:

    Yes and all this will happen because Jon Jones won’t take the time to learn anything about defending submissions. Chael Sonnen cannot beat Jon Jones. He’s not a good enough striker, he’s not a good enough wrestler, he’s not a good enough fighter. He’s getting a massive payday off of this fight because he can run his mouth, no more, no less.

  12. NoDoubt says:

    Hahahaha what a fuckin retard! Vitor is not known in MMA as a submission guy because he PREFERS to stand and bang with his opponents. The fact that the only people to have submitted him are Overeem and Jones pretty shows you that his submission defense is solid. He likes to finish guys standing so obviously he won’t be trying to submit guys only, yet he has sumbmission wins. Vinny is fuckin retarded. Jersey shore name havin little bitch should keep his mouth shut. I want Jones to whoop this dude’s ass now.

  13. Mmaknowitall says:

    Chael pull guard? LMAO!
    Vitor not fluent in mma bjj? LMAO!
    Good luck phael.

  14. steven seagull says:

    Do you guys actualy know who Vinny is???

    maybe you should do some research before talking shit about him

  15. brandon says:

    chael beat anderson 5 rnds out of the 7 they fought. anderson is much better than jones, so if your saying chael has no chance i think you are stupid.

  16. Brah what says:

    When did Sonnen ever sub someone off his back.Sonnen is a lay and pray type fighter.throws weak shit from the top.his best chance of winning is to bore jones in to falling a sleep…..I hope that Rashad vs A. Silva fight gets put on.this fight is just lame…good for Sonnen but makes Jones look like Dana bitch!

  17. Worm says:

    Regardless what’s being said vinny knows his bjj you would b hard pressed to find someone better but to believe this I don’t buy this but u never know haha

  18. Squally bio says:

    Jones has no standup how he hurts people is putting the on their ass and using his elbows only stand up he has is using that gay front knee kick. I can’t stand jj talks about being a role model a man of god then the dumbass hit a telephone pole after a night of partying with two strippers in the back seat

    • Turdburgler says:

      The youngest ufc champ and will at the least tie Tito’s record, also a millionaire who drives Bentley’s minus the one crashed and fucks hot strippers. Good call on that role model portion of your comment because he can be my role model any day. You like the way sonnens dick tastes don’t you.

  19. Brett says:

    Vinny is definately top notch BJJ but he also said Chael would submit Anderson in their last fight. As much as I would like to see Chael submit Bones, I doubt that it will happen! War Nate Diaz!!

    • Bobby says:

      he never said chael was gonna submit silva he said chael COULD submit silva and in the fight sonnen went for a americana on silva which he almost got, if you look at vinny’s MMA record its not the best but after he got his black belt in bjj he hasn’t lost a fight yet and almost all of his wins are subs from his back so who knows sonnen could submit jones but tbh vinny is pretty dumb for posting this because if jj reads this he will definetly work on sub defense

  20. Wowzers says:

    Lol, Chael will get owned in the first round… I honestly hope Jones treats it like it was the fight against Rua… I want him to inflict as much damae as possible on Chael. Knock the stupid out of him, beat him so hard he gets brain damage and can’t continue to say all the stupid stuff that I can’t believe actuallys comes out of that fruits mouth. Jones for the win. Chael is an idiot for even taking the fight. When is the last time Chael even won a fight? I don’t count thhe Bisping fight as a win lol. Chael even thought he lost that fight hahahahah.

  21. Josiah says:

    Vinny Magalhaes will have better chance against jones….

  22. Bjj BB says:

    Some1 tell vinny “the one trick pony” to stfu!! This guy is killing me with what he said about vitor, vitor is just great at knocking out ppl so we never really see him go2 the ground, u dont get a black belt for nothing. Its the same with bj penn, hes great on the ground but loves knocking out ppl. NOW! jbj did not tap and got out of it, knowing how deep that arm bar was that has to say something about jbj’s bjj defence. And to say chael will submit jbj? Buwaaaahahahaha!! Win some real fights, learn how to throw a punch and stop amping up something that is bulls-hit!!

  23. Thom says:

    Uhm, you know how long Maghales has been working with Sonnen now?

    Chaels jits has come a long long way since the first Silva fight, we saw some against Stann but haven’t had much opportunity since. We won’t be seeing Sonnen get caught so easily it triangles in the future, trust me. That doesn’t mean I think he’ll sub Bones of his back by any means, but his jits has improved a lot.

  24. tenorhighc says:

    HAHAHA “Yeah, Chael – I want you to pull guard with Jon Jones. Don’t worry about Jon being on top slamming elbows down on your nose and eye sockets. ” Yeah right. I think this is gonna be a bloody one and it’s gonna be all Chael’s blood on the mat

  25. Khaos says:

    This match up is so wrong for chael, even if he manages to grab a single right by the cage jones is 6’4 it’s going to be hard work for him to complete the take down with jones Long limbs in the way , He’s also got to be careful of jones standing guillotine?! and even if he took jones down and was in jones guard jones could keep him away from his face with his legs and throw up a triangle easy.. Chael has no hope he’s a one trick poney

  26. Thom says:

    i hate vinny, such a retard.

  27. Dee says:

    Pulling guard is probably the only option Chael might have.

  28. Hmmm says:

    Yeah Vinny, and then Urijah is going to get a title shot that he deserves, Dana White will learn to say “my bad”, and BJ Penn will out cardio Nick Diaz.

  29. Dana is Greedy says:

    If VM means Chael will get knock on his ass and have to defend then yeah he might pull guard ..Submission of his back dream on bro…

  30. 757 says:

    Vinny would get knocked out by Vitor just like he did in the ultimate fighter. Besides I love how guys who havn’t done anything feel like they can talk shit on fighters who have. Vinny has no chin, and Chael is going to get smashed. Sorry guys but this one is going to be the one that send Chael packing for good. I don’t like Jones but he is going to smash Chael. Vitor would knock his ass too. JBJ is going to bust him up.

  31. cwoodsdiaz says:

    I will eat my shoe if Sonnen submits JJ from his guard

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