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Tuesday, 11/19/2013, 08:54 am

VINE VID | Live Fighter Reactions to GSP vs. Hendricks Decision Announcement

A select group of fighters sitting front row at last weekend’s UFC 167 event were captured on film as Bruce Buffer announced the official judges decision of the main event between GSP and Johny Hendricks.


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  1. magoo says:

    Looks like a lot of happy,smiley, cheering fans….wouldn’t u say?

    • Sasquatch says:


    • Sylvain says:

      Yup. Either Hendricks is really unpopular or they thought GSP won the fight.

      And I notice that they are all in the front row, which means they have the same perspective as the judges, unlike the rest of us who watched the fight from the TV angles.

      That could explain the difference. I remember seeing live contests from high up in the stands and thinking the refereeing was crap, but when I looked again at the video from mat side, I realized that I had missed quite a bit of the action and that based on that angle I would have made the same calls as they did.

  2. Karl Olson says:

    I like Johny Hendricks as much as the next guy. But what matters to anyone who follows this as a sport is points and stats not how pretty you look after a fight. GSP wins in all categories that matter (i.e. sig strikes, takedowns). But the idiots who watch the UFC as an extension of the WWE expected to see a clear and sensational win. Instead what WWE fans got was what we call a sport and not a blood sport. Look at and review the facts and decide on your own, because some people just think Hendricks to have won undoubtedly because his nickname is “Big Rigg” and because, well, because the Canadian tuck ‘is jerb (southpark)

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