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Monday, 11/07/2011, 01:22 pm

VIDEO:Overeem Moves Camp To Xtreme Couture, Explains Split From Golden Glory

“Despite that they are good management to all of their fighters maybe, can’t judge for that, but for me they’re not a good management, they’re a bad management. They’re a harmful management. I had some good periods with them as well, but due to this issue I cannot continue to work with them… I’m going to continue our training there at Xtreme Couture, so we’re going to be training with a lot more big guys, big wrestler guys. Looking forward to this trip… The UFC contract is the biggest contract in my life, this is the biggest moment in my life. The biggest fights are coming now in the UFC. It’s going to be a very exciting couple of years coming up.”


32 Responses to “VIDEO:Overeem Moves Camp To Xtreme Couture, Explains Split From Golden Glory”

  1. P R O D I G Y says:

    LoL this is one of the biggest striker vs grappler matchups in a while. I think Overeem will be too scared of the TD to let his strikes go like he was against Werdum to be affective standing. And even with him knowing the shot is coming i havent seen much proof he can stop it. If he does more power to him he should win the fight by KO than. but if i had to bet id say Brock.

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      I hope you bet then, so you can lose your money for being stupid and betting brock.

      • J C says:

        your fuckin stupid. its fine if you arent a fan of Brock, but if you really think that a guy with no wrestling background can stop a former national champion wrestler, you are fucking stupid.

        Brock is physically unreal, a guy that walks around close to 290 and can explode and move the way he does, you cant train for that. If overreem can land a haymaker early or position himself to slip from a few takedowns, he has a shot.

        but lets be honest, if you get a guy Brock’s size with his wrestling knowledge on top of you, its over.

  2. Joe says:

    AW SHITTTTT SRY BROCK, you’re doneso

  3. Bill says:

    @Prodigy, I hope you know that Overeem isn’t only a striker. He has a very underrated submission game. 19 of his 35 wins have been by submission. If it hits the ground, The Reem will still have a chance to finish Lesnar.

    • P R O D I G Y says:

      haha so Reem’s a better grappler than Mir now. if Mir couldnt sub him the second time around neither can Reem.

      • Creature says:

        Hes much bigger and stronger than Mir was, Mir got mauled because he couldnt handle the pure strength Lesnar had thats why he bulked up and now fights at like 250ish… Im not saying Reem has better ground, just pointing out that the size had a lot to do with it

        • io31 says:

          There is YouTube video of Mir teaching a class, he talks about how his BJJ tournament point system based thinking (trapping the leg in half guard to prevent the pass) contributed to him getting smashed as much as the strength difference. With someone like Lesnar, if you are not getting up you are getting beat up. His only chances are guilottine just as Lesnar is shooting (he is very good at it but still very risky, if he doesn’t get it he is stuck) or somehow getting up. Valesquez showed that it can be done and he didn’t do it with strength.

        • Creature says:

          I never said it was just all strength thats needed, Cain has a perfect blend of both skill and strength but you gotta have the power to be able to move your opponent especially if hes a monster wrestler like brock. But Reem has a very good Guilottine, and i think he has the right combo of skill and strength to get up from under Brock but not too many times before he gasses lol. I think if Reem doesnt catch him in a choke, or a big uppercut or knee in the 1st hes going to lose because of his cardio issues

    • Listen up Prod.. Reem is da shitski!

  4. Tsimanga says:

    Yawn. Brock by death squeeze in the 1st…

  5. Brock via donkey kong

  6. anonymouShea says:

    I love Overeem’s ViDoc’s

  7. Xaninho says:

    Training at Couture’s will proof to be a good thing for him. Having big wrestlers for sparringpartners is just what he needs to prepare for Lesnar. And who knows? Maybe HE will put Lesnar on his back hahaha. One thing is certain, Lesnar would NEVER expect a take down by Overeem.

  8. dastuka says:

    Win or Lose they both have Giant Nuts for taking this fight.

  9. Bob says:

    Yup they are some big ass mother fuckers right there!

    How strong is the cage? Think about it… One of those bastards full speed double leg and both dudes flying into the wall – How bad ass would it be to see that shit crumble. HAHAHAH

  10. iamsoawesome says:

    at least he’s coming into the UFC with the right mindset. Knowing that this is a big time thing and been given a great opportunity to prove to everyone that he belongs with the likes of Cain and JDS.

  11. Fe says:

    There’s no denying Brocks power & take downs, but he does have trouble with his stand up game. He passed the test against carwin but Overeem is faster than Carwin. I think if Brock improves his stand up game. No one will come close to beating him.

    • Zack says:

      Brock has no chin! He will never be a good striker

    • gts says:

      Brock will never be a complete fighter, for the simple fact that he’s afraid to get hit. He gets tapped and either turtles up and waits for stoppage or tries to run (Cain) and gets KTFO’d. Lets face it, he’s been a fake fighter for so long he doesn’t know how to take a real punch anymore.

      • Kyle K. says:

        if he was so afraid to get hit then why did he take this fight? he could have waited until werdum came to the ufc….him and mir are alot alike and brock would smash werdum imo. To say that Brock will never be a complete fighter is stupid on your part….you don’t know the guy you don’t know what he can and can’t do……for all you know the cain fight was the wake up call that he needed to get his ass to work on some stand up and work on controlling himself under pressure… don’t know the guy so shut it.

  12. The Reem is going tag Brock’s face and make him bleed like a stuck pig! Only thing in question is Reem’s conditioning..I GOT THE DEMOLITION MAN FTW!

  13. mark says:

    blah blah blah blah blah blah… just wait until the fight

  14. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


  15. chokeoutartist says:

    All i gotta say is Brock doesnt like gettin hit. And Reem can HIT

  16. John M says:

    With this addition of Xtreme Couture and all the grapplers he will be surrounded by, Reem is gonna destroy Brock! CAN’T Wait!!!

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