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Monday, 10/31/2011, 10:38 am

VIDEO:Fedor Emelianenko training for Nov. 20 fight against Jeff Monson


16 Responses to “VIDEO:Fedor Emelianenko training for Nov. 20 fight against Jeff Monson”

  1. Joe says:

    OMg how can we watch this ??? 70$ ppv??? i cant wait to pay

  2. Shawn says:

    Man! This is what Fedor has ended up with? Not taking anything away from Monson, but Fedor deserves better than this. Despite his last 3 losses. But I guess even legends have to work their way back up to the top. If only M1 didn’t butt heads with the UFC early on, he’d probably be fighting for the organization now. If Cro Cop can last this long in the UFC (I’m a Cro Cop fan too, but he hasn’t been the same since moving from Pride), I’m sure Fedor would have done just as well. I hope he makes it back, and doesn’t fade away like some former mma champions.

  3. James says:

    does anybody really still give a shit? fedor has been fighting cans since 2005. the last legit guy he beat was cro cop when cro cop was still a badass. he finally fought legit guys in werdum, bigfoot, and hendo he got handled, exposed for what he really is.

  4. cody says:

    wow can’t beat good competition so lets fight a lower level fighter named Monsoon, Fedor quit while you have a lil name left fighting the b class proves the point you have a record of b class competition minus a couple real fights. Dud you are over rated and are hype sure you are better than me. But I don’t claim to be a legend

  5. Jc says:

    fedor need a guy he could buy off to take a fall monson is that man

  6. Curtis says:

    lol thats not training the dude aint even trying…… one guys had fedors back and didnt even put the hooks in…… hows the man suppose to get any better?

  7. Mike McMack says:

    I truly believe that Fedor is just too small for HW now. The guys now at the top aren’t just bigger but their equally skilled. I think Fedor would be a top 5 LHW hands down, I would like him to move down (all 20 to 25 pounds) to rematch with Hendo. Fedor was still in that fight and had Herb Dean not stopped it when he did we might have seen a different outcome. I’m not doggin Herb for the stoppage, most of the time when a guy flattens out like that their out but Fedor just so happend to be an exception.

  8. slimtrim says:

    he looks quick as hell

  9. P R O D I G Y says:

    Fedor and BJ the GOATS

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