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Friday, 01/24/2014, 12:58 pm

VIDEO | WWE’s CM Punk Open To TUF Stint, Talks Lesnar, UFC & More

Professional wrestler, CM Punk, is a longtime UFC fanatic.

In this interview he discusses everything from a potential career in fighting, to this weekend’s UFC on FOX 10 event and more.

hit play above and enjoy!


6 Responses to “VIDEO | WWE’s CM Punk Open To TUF Stint, Talks Lesnar, UFC & More”

  1. jasdlkfjsfls says:

    lol… I think CM Punk would get absolutely destroyed in MMA… I a no body am fighter from California but I would even fight CM Punk… personally he doesn’t look very athletic. He’s got no credentials as an actual wrestler. Just the way he moves looks awkward…

    As a WWE wrestler than YES he’s awesome and one of the best but that is “fake”

    • this guy says:

      Idiot.. does Mark Hunt look athletic? Roy Nelson? Cain Velasquez?? That dude has some love handles and IS the HW Champ. Punk base a base in Muay and bjj base which nearly every fighter has. All he would need is to work on his wrestling and a proper fight camp and he’d be fine.

    • Jigs J Sharma says:

      so your saying anyone who trains in mma would get destroyed in mma? are you thick? how do you know?… you dont until you get in the ring. simple.

    • John Doe says:

      Fake? I hate it when fans use that word because most of those guys would destroy us. Even Hornswoggle might stomp you. You saw what happened the last time Punk had fans testing him, yeah he laid out the wrong fan but I think we got the message

  2. kyle says:

    you know he has training in bjj and muay thai right? he may not be near ufc level of athletes but he could beat people.

  3. Drewstl says:

    He’s also good friends with Chael sonnen so I’m sure cm punk would have solid wrestling just by the guys he trains with. Also remember seeing an interview with Chael and he said he felt cm would do well in mma. And he IS a professional athlete! Lol so ya I’d like to see him compete. I would like to clarify I have never seen cm punk wrestle.

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