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Tuesday, 06/04/2013, 10:39 am

VIDEO | WSOF: Burkman vs. Fitch Preview

Jon Fitch and Josh Burkman talk about their Friday June 14 fight at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas.


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  1. GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    What a sure way to RUIN an entire fight card by putting Jon Lay N pray Fitch as the main event.

    Noone really even talks about Lay npray anymore now that Fitch is gone except when GSP’s name comes up.

    I figure maybe GSP has one or two more fights left so by next year with the way Dana has made it crystal clear how UFC is hell bent on ridding itself of SNOOZEFEST fighters like Fitch it won’t be long and we will never have to endure another “FITCH” lay n pray SNOOZEFEST.

    What was Ray Sefo thinking making Fitch the main event. All he’s going to do is wrap himself around Burkman’s leg and hold on for 15 minutes and everytime the ref gets ready to stand them up Fitch will do his usual pitter patter.

    What a way to bankrupt a new fight promotion making Fitch main event.

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