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Tuesday, 12/31/2013, 11:10 am

VIDEO | Weidman Corner Exposed: ‘Good F*K Him’ Heard After Silva Leg Break

Chris Weidman found himself under fire after his K.O. of Anderson Silva in their first bout.

Then, the UFC middleweight champ was heard saying, ‘Disrespectful piece of $hit’, while he made his victory lap around the cage.

Now new footage which we got from UFC 168 has been lifted from the fight night coverage and you can hear what many believe to be Chris Weidman’s corner, displaying very poor sportsmanship yet again.

Check it out and decide for yourself:


0 Responses to “VIDEO | Weidman Corner Exposed: ‘Good F*K Him’ Heard After Silva Leg Break”

  1. Rob Laichalk says:

    How is taunting in a fight bad sportsmanship?!? If you need an explanation as to why or how you sir are an idiot.

  2. Maria Hollgarth says:

    You can expect that reaction from the champs corner. Who wouldn’t? But for everyone to say piece of shit Silva… I recall the first thing Weidman did after realizing he won was to run to Silva to make sure he as ok! And he praised Silva on his accomplishments and his rein as champ. There are no hard feelings between the 2! Granted we will never know how this fight would have turned out because of its tragic ending, but Weidman is the champ and we have to deal with that. Lyoto will definitely give him a run for his money though!

    • Taavetti says:

      Lyoto went to 170 lbs and Belfort is coming after Weidman… He won those two fights and thats it… Do i think Vitor can beat Weidman hell yeah… And that makes this weightclass so interesting… i thought that silva was unbeatable, and now i think that is very hard to beat weidmann… I Hope Vitor Does that!!! NOT LYOTO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT:

    • vasea says:

      Weidman explained that in the first fight went to silva to pay him back for the taunting and to say “Maybe now you need some help to stand up”. and i love that :))

  3. Justyn T. says:

    In both fights, Anderson Silva beat himself.

    • Hermonta Godwin says:

      How do you figure that?

      • cn_tower123 says:

        he got caught clowning in the first fight, and broke his leg in this one. I’d say neither of those fights were truly decisive for Weidman

        • pakdatshet says:

          yeah he got caught but who caught him?? did silva knock himself out?? it was chris who knock him out. 2nd fight weidman won the 1st round he dominated him in the ground…I know anderson silva is the GOAT but come on people give respect when respect is due..

        • cn_tower123 says:

          I can’t in the 2nd fight because a round and a half had passed….sure Weidman won round 1 but who’s to say Silva was gonna win round 2? now we might never know

        • bob says:

          but who’s to say that elvis isn’t going to come back to life just like jesus did ? we can’t say what might have happened but we do know what DID happen. what happened was chris dominated silva in the first round of the first fight and knocked him out in the second round. then in the second fight chris won the first round , so 3 out the 4 rounds they fought went 100% won by chris , but there are still hundreds of fanboys who are clinging so tightly to silvas balls that they lost their grip on reality and are blind

    • Hermonta Godwin says:

      How do you figure that?

  4. Jimmy Cerra says:

    Silva made a habit of being arrogant and disrespectful. It cost him the first fight. It isn’t surprising that Weidman’s corner didn’t much care he got hurt immediately after the injury. Maybe after reflection they care more, or maybe not. But you can’t blame them for their reaction.

  5. Carlos says:

    In the heat of the moment, all you want is your fighter to be victorious, a lot of shit can be said

  6. Carlos says:

    In the heat of the moment, all you want is your fighter to be victorious, a lot of shit can be said

  7. nick says:

    Vitor will take the belt from Wiedman if they fight in Brazil ,but if Wiedman wins dont let him fo to the presser Brazil might riot lol.

  8. nick says:

    Vitor will take the belt from Wiedman if they fight in Brazil ,but if Wiedman wins dont let him fo to the presser Brazil might riot lol.

  9. Jacob says:

    Are we watching the opera here? What’s the need to be classy about him breaking his leg? Silva’s a douchebag who taunts his opponents and tries to act like they’re a good for nothing fighter. So he deserves to hear that shit talking, it’s a fighting sport. Not a fancy ballet or opera lol.

  10. Skillz says:

    Anderson would have probably won this fight if it wasn’t for his leg breaking… Weidman is a big tough dude but let’s face it, he did nothing, everybody knew one day Anderson would get whats coming to him for his “hands Down” in your face style… You can’t keep ur hands down forever an expect not to get dummied!!! People call it fluke what Weidman did, i call it something waiting to happen…. The second fight however proves that Weidman can hang with Anderson very well and that Anderson took the game a lot more seriously than his previous fights, with that said it was bound to be a very great fight for the two as they both had things to prove! Silva threw a nice hard kick, Weidman checked it perfectly and as a result Anderson broke his leg…. Weidman didn’t submit him, he didn’t beat him! IMO it’s like a football game being cancelled due to weather conditions and the team with the most points automatically wins, it’s BS and it should be done again!!!! Who knows what will happen, they could fight again or Anderson could never fight again, thats all!

    • Scotty d'Angelo says:

      yeah yeah yeah. Wiedman did nothing.. LOL. that’s like saying, I would still have my teeth if I didn’t block your punches with my face.

      Give the guy some credit. A fight is a fight. Two man enter, one man leaves. Have you forgotten martial arts is an art of self-defense??? you don’t block with your face, you block in a manner that hurts them.. It’s technique.. It’s timing. It’s training. Wiedman couldn’t have explained it better in his post-fight interview.
      Block at the weakest point with your strongest point. Case closed.

  11. Ray says:

    Initial comments while the adrenaline is flowing is normal. It’s obvious that Weidman cared for his fellow fighter by his reaction, after the dust settles, I’m willing to bet that his corner wished it didn’t end this way. Weidman has always been classy, unlike rouser and her people.

  12. Joe C. says:

    i hear two different vioces saying two different things with those words involved. i hear someone saying “:good for him” and “fuck” at the same time… i think one is matt and one is ray longo

  13. Linda says:

    Why can Mrs Ronda do it but no one else can???? I think it’s all around wrong and poor sport! But point all the finger not a few!!!!

  14. Chima Chekwa says:

    It doesn’t matter what they said….let Em be happy….let them say disrespectful things…it’s his CORNER not him….they’ll take a win any way they can get it…but I’m sure as a fighter Chris Weidman would rather win by decision, knock out, or submission…he isn’t his corner and he won a fair fight did nothing wrong so he’s the outright champion. These things always happen so what? I don’t think Silva cares….I’m pretty sure both fighters have heard worse before. Has nothing to do with the actual fight so yeah….

  15. Anthony Vliese says:

    I love bow people are quick to talk shit behind the comfort of a screen. I’m reading these comments..”chicken legs” etc…to those of you talking you even know what it takes to be a fighter? To fight and WIN one match ? Anderson Silva has fought and WON how many matches against top level opponents. You can sit there and say, “no they weren’t”. You train, get inside the cage and fight these guys, cause everyone of those guys that silva destroyed would beat any of you. His respect had been earned and as a fighter, you can hate him or love him but one thing that should be common amongst fighters/fans alike is respect. Fucking idiots.

    • Scotty d'Angelo says:

      Respect?? Are you kidding me? Respect is the LAST thing I think about when the name Anderson Silva is spoken. Silva horses around, playing games and disrespecting all the time, and because of that I stopped being a fan. I felt he disrespected his fans and as a UFC fan, seeing such poor sportsmanship played over and over and over was getting really old. If there was anything bad about the UFC that I can think of, it’s Anderson Silva. He is a poor representative for the sport.

  16. Byte187 says:

    Silva IS a disrespectful piece of shit. Aside from that, what’s the difference in breaking an arm with an arm bar, or a knee with a knee bar, and an accidental leg break from a kick? An injury is an injury, whether it was an accident or high-level jiujitsu. Silva has disrespected every fighter who squared off with him in the octagon. Who cares if he gets some of his own medicine? Look, I wish Silva a speedy and full recovery, but I hope I never have to see him in the octagon again. The UFC has had a few over the years, but Anderson Silva might be the biggest embarrassment — as they say — “in UFC history!”

    • Scotty d'Angelo says:

      Couldn’t have said it better bro… The biggest disrespect he has shown was to his fans by his actions in the ring. Secretly UFC is jumping up and down in joy. It’s win win for them. They get their final big payout on their 7-year investment while at the same time getting rid of one of the rotten apples that was turning the UFC in to a circus.. Silva is bad for UFC, bad for MMA, bad for martial arts in general. I wonder if any Brazilians see him as a disgrace to their country. I for one would if was an American, but fortunately he is not.

  17. TypeYaName says:

    lol Daniel Danimal Yeam obviously has an issue with selective hearing.No one cares what Weidman and everyone else said about Silva in front of millions, that’s called acting and no one cares about that bullshit. The true color is seen when someone thinks no one will hear him and that was when Weidman called him a piece of shit, which I can actually stand because I know I’d get emotional if someone taunted me in a fight. On another note, I’m not sure who Maria is talking of but idk anyone who “expects” a reaction like the cornerman saying good and cussing at a legendary champion’s mishap inside the octagon. That’s a tragic moment, not the time nor place to throw salt in the wound. You can tell all the Weidman dick riders are here by how they try and twist things into things looking better or as expected for Team Weidman. When a man says “good, fuck him” he isn’t congratulating any man, he’s disrespecting the other man saying it’s good he got his leg broken and fuck him like he deserves to have his knee split in half like that. Very Poor sportsmanship. This ain’t on Weidman though, just his douchey cornerman smh

  18. Stephen says:

    This audio seemed to be coming from people in their living room who were watching this on their tv and shouting along with it as they watched. Anyone else get that from it? It’s obviously footage of a tv screen, and not direct footage from the side of the octagon.

  19. pakdatshet says:

    Spider Silva Fan Boys be like: A.S. fight style is to clown around and obliterate opponents. That Is some sick shit!!

    But when weidman caught him while he’s clownin’ and ktfo him they’d be like: Oh no that’s not A.S. at his best that’s not the A.S. that we knew, Chris would never be as great as Anderson!!

    Agree Weidman would never be as Great as Spider but let him carve his own legacy..give respect when respect is due

  20. Jon Bugner says:

    Where was the sound coming from? It sounds like someones living room! He went right to Anderson’s side to make sure he was ok (Surly Anderson was not). BJ your site is more and more like TMZ! Stick to posting results and fighter interviews rather than speculation and shit slinging.

  21. J.L.Martell says:

    He lost, accidents happen, they signed on knowing this may very well happen to them. It was a fair fight, done deal, get over it already. Hope Silva heals well though. Both fighter’s deserve all the respect fighter’s like them need.

  22. Howard Katz says:

    This is stupid…no one said the UFC was a formal black tie affair.

  23. David says:

    All you tools saying that after two fights Weidman hasnt done anything to prove himself need to go take a class and familiarize yourself with MMA. Both fights Weidman demonstrated early that he could dictate the fight to the ground and then both fights were finished while standing, which is Anderson’s wheel house. Yes the first fight was odd and flukish, but the most significant damage in this 2nd fight before the leg break was Weidman dropping Silva inside the clinch. Weidman has proved that he can stand and trade with Silva and come out unscathed…twice. Weidman is part of the next breed of MMA, guys who have no holes in their game, dangerous on their feet(Ask Munez), World Champion caliber BJJ, and a All-American wrestling back ground.

  24. fedoristhegoat says:

    And thats why Fedor is the GOAT, no bullshit talk only the walk

  25. beatz says:

    Who cares? So they don’t like Anderson, who happens to be the most disrespectful MMA fighters in the world. Like dancing around in frnt of his opponents all the time & slapping the mats & shit

  26. mike custer says:

    How is this even believable to people? The shit is the same exact shots form the ppv so it obviously isnt some special corner cam and it was taken with a potato from tube tv…i was rooting hard for Andy but you people are just grasping at straws now to find some reason to hate weidman. I’ll wipe my ass with the american flag if its all i got at the time.

  27. Ricky Chambers says:

    Ridiculous. Weidman’s corner had every right to be happy: Weidman wins by TKO. Not by mistake – Weidman deliberately uses the “destruction” shin check and damages Silva’s leg to an unknown degree. Weidman wasn’t given his dues after the first win and he wasn’t given his dues this time. Silva couldn’t win a single round against Weidman. And I went into these fights a die-hard Silva fan. It’s just the truth – Chris destroyed Anderson. Arrogance (understandable arrogance) cost Silva the fight the first time. Incorrect technique from Silva and a nasty technique from Weidman swung it in the second. Two legit wins. Weidman is the undisputed best middleweight in the world. What’s to discus? Fuck him… harsh maybe but a fair analysis in THIS rivalry – past accomplishments aside. Hopefully AS will recover soon enough to cap his career off with a Jones super-fight – then retire with a mind-blowing career – loved by every UFC fan in the world. That’s not a tragic story. That’s going out on your shield. Two of the best ever.

  28. edward says:

    this website HAAAAAAATES weidman. WTH ?

  29. Z says:

    People who go off on little tangents and get in your little bitch fights ruin the intelligent part of commenting after reading the article.

  30. Ryan StJohn says:

    oh please, PLEASE keep talking about how taunting is such an OH so bad thing, when they entire fucking goal of the fight is to KNOCK your opponent OUT, to INJURE your opponent to the point of not being able to continue, to just completely beat the shit out of your opponent to the point that the judging majority proclaims you the winner after a specified amount of time. PLEASE tell me about how dropping your hands to your side, telling your opponent to try harder, etc. is SO bad. this is the most bassakward shit i’ve ever read…

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