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Wednesday, 03/14/2012, 02:15 pm

Video | War Machine's Last 48 Hours As A Free Man

Preview – War Machine’s New Fight
Get More: Preview – War Machine’s New Fight

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0 Responses to “Video | War Machine's Last 48 Hours As A Free Man”

  1. Gouldx87 says:

    Who cares?

  2. danielrchargers says:

    this guys is such a loser. and his friends sound like losers “war machines a beautiful disaster, he doesnt think about anything he does” yeah way to go, great friends you got. love you or hate you? yo i dont think anyone in the mma community really cares about you.

  3. best opinion on the nets says:

    This guy has brough this all on himself. He needs to grow up. I predict he does drugs and becomes feeble and takes it up the ass for crack. Then gets shot in the face.

  4. UFC VIDEOS says:

    is this crazy stil with bellator?

  5. JD-SE7EN says:

    this guy got slept by an anaconda choke! what a lop.

  6. The Godfather says:

    And you wouldn’t?

  7. jbeamazing says:

    the War Machine is more famous for going to jail then for mma

  8. cool story bro says:

    10$ says none of you cunts could go thru the shit he has been in his fights. sit there and keep sitting all your shit while he will always be famous and well known for what he has achieved in mma while yous sit here and keyboard warrior yourselves only lookin like more of a complete fuck head then you already are, war machine has great heart and hasnt made a few of the best decisions in life, have you read up on his life and what hes been thru? fuckin kudos to him for atleast putting the effort in to change his life and yes cunt slips up now and then except when your a public figure anything ‘wrong’ you do will always be thrown out of proportion because as always A HATERS GONNA HATE… mother fuckers

    • BigBossMalaka says:

      If you are going to call people losers , trolls , and keyboard warriors you should at least know how to spell. Motherfuckers is one word not 2 !
      The have a name for people that continuously make those types of decisions and blown oppurtunities that War Machine has made and blown. Its called being an IDIOT !

    • best opinion on the nets says:

      Cool story bro.

  9. jbeamazing says:

    @cool story bro can i join the war machine fan club with you i love a mma fighter that goes to the ufc and gets taped and cut

  10. jbeamazing says:

    as for keyboard warriors we as the fans that spend tons of money on a product get to critique it the way we want you don’t get famous and not have to deal with problems other famous people get if people can’t handle backlash when there in the entertainment biz because mma is the entertainment biz go work in a factory you can’t take a fist full of our money and tell us where wrong with whatever opinion we have

    and my only fight video was from a club and it was played in a courtroom its no ufc but im undefeated

  11. the streak says:

    Uhhhh …is this supposed to be a comeback story? I don’t see the comeback

  12. steeler says:

    i like war machine he sucks but he comes to fight

  13. warftw says:

    wow your all keyboard heroes he has accomplished more than half you shit cunts, i personally respect a guy who one has one of the greatest fights ever in the ufc in his fight with j-rock then fucks up goes to jail totally remakes himself for the better comes out and finishes huerta you cunt probably dont even know anything about why he went back so fuck you all who get on a keyboard and talk shit about a guy who could literally destroy you if you said it to his face. idiotsand dickheads if you out caught in an anaconda choke and didnt tap you would go out just like him, thing is you dumb cunt probably dont even know what it is fucking keyboard warriors

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