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Monday, 07/23/2012, 09:59 am

Video: ‘War and Peace at Jackson’s Gym’ An SI Special on NBC | MMA NEWS

Watch the full story of War and Peace at Jackson’s gym in the premier episode of Sports Illustrated on NBC, Tuesday July 24th, 9PM ET.


12 Responses to “Video: ‘War and Peace at Jackson’s Gym’ An SI Special on NBC | MMA NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    Guida: When it comes down to it the guy across from me is not my friend i want nothing to do with him except to you know…run away from him

  2. B-rad says:

    Fuck Greg Jackson, leave it to him to turn 2 of the most exciting fighters on the UFC roster into guys i dont want to watch anymore.. Dude says some of the dumbest shit too, he actually said after the machida jones fight “I dont know what comes out of my mouth most of the time” fucktard!!

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    I usually don’t hate on trainers; it’s the fighters decision to go with the bitch ass gameplan so that’s usually who takes the heat. But I gotta say this GJ fucker seems to churn out hit & run gameplans & boring as fuck point fights like he’s got mind control on these guys. Seriously wtf is being said at his camp!?

  4. Rob sansoo says:

    Booooooooooo !!!!!

  5. Heathen says:

    You guys are morons. It’s fighting not rock n sock em robots. That’s why guys go to his gym. If you stand in the middle of the cage and swing your shelf life is short. Less oppertunity to make money. Cub Swanson FOTN cowboy FOTN Diego never been in a boring fight. Keith jardine never been in a boring fight. Clay and Carlos had one performance you trolls don’t agree with and you’re on some bullshit. Hey fuck heads even Michael Jordan didn’t score 30 points a night

  6. the original steve says:

    greg jackson is an amazing coach. and he does get his guys to win. and not all the time its boring jon jones, cerrone, diego sanchez, diego brandao, shane carwin, marquardt, brian stann, and a lot more all exciting fighters. fact of the matter he gets his fighters to win. he taylors a gameplan for their fight. so in my opinion if the game plan he comes up with is run away you shouldn’t be a fighter. but because of fights like guida maynard, lombard boestch, anderson vs maia we need to upgrade the timidity rule. tell refs to warn the fighters more often. the past ppv cards were awful because 1 or both fighters just showed up not wanting to fight. prelims to this card were great there were like 2 good fights in the last card.

  7. Xaninho says:

    What he tells his fighters is basically this:

    We train at altitude so your cardio is likely better, now go in there and run circles so you don’t risk getting hit.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      100% TRUE fuck Greg jackson. I wish Dana would tell him what he really thinks of him and his CHEATING boring ass point fighting, lay n praying, TRACK MEET gameplans

  8. True MMA says:

    Greg Jackson is a media whore and a great track coach.

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