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Friday, 08/23/2013, 03:40 pm

VIDEO | Wanderlei Silva Ready To Break Sonnen’s Nose, Make Him Swallow His Own Teeth

Wanderlei Silva has an intense and clear message for Chael Sonnen!

“I’m only waiting for the date and the location. Because the people want this fight and I want this fight. Sonnen, I will beat you up, you coward… why do I have so many fans? Why does everybody want to watch me fight? Why are you my fan? It’s because I fight with all my heart.

“I don’t go int here to give up. Like Sonnen did against Jones in the very first round. Like he did against Anderson, when a knee to the chest and stayed down like a little girl.
“Sonnen is a lower level fighter. Don’t listen to what that fool says. Now you’ve messed with the wrong guy, and I will beat you up.

“I’ve already shut you up, face to face, and you were not man enough to step to me. Sonnen, you are afraid of me, and I can see it in your eyes every time we meet. And now I will get you Sonnen. Now I will get you.

“You won against Shogun by luck, because Shogun was going to beat you up. You were lucky to have caught him in that guillotine. But with me, you will get punched in the face. I will go into this fight not only to fight, but to hurt you. I won’t do it fast either. I want a five round main event. I don’t want just a co-main event, I want a full 30-minutes to punch your face.

“Do you know what is the difference? I don’t go in to fight, I go in to brawl. I go in to punch the face, I go in to draw blood, to break noses. That is the difference.”


78 Responses to “VIDEO | Wanderlei Silva Ready To Break Sonnen’s Nose, Make Him Swallow His Own Teeth”

  1. Longpube MacGyver says:

    DAMN! That is one ugly muthafukka.
    Poor guy has been knocked out so many times that he’s cross-eyed.

  2. ndiy12 says:

    Shhhuuuuut the hell up

  3. squid says:

    legend. work on your wrestling, seriously

  4. 757 says:

    20X the fighter and contributor to the history of the sport that Sonnen ever was. Sorry guys. Maybe Wand and his fight style are a bit outdated at times but he does have a point. Kill or be killed is the style not hold down or hold down. Sonnen had a good outing against Shogun and I give him credit. He fought well and his performance should be respected. The fact is though that through the years Wand has entertained so many people with his style of fighting and really his treatment of the fans. That’s why people still love this guy. Great fighter, great contributor to the sport and deserves the peoples respect. Give up the credit where it is due.

  5. john g says:

    Is that porn music in the background? I could of sworn I’ve heard that in a brazzers video. =)

  6. drew says:

    sonnen said the hardest person to ever hit him was bisping…in that case sonnen might get down if he gets cracked if thats really the case…5 round war…
    Believe In Sonnen
    in no way do i believe shogun would of beat up sonnen, no disrespect but he got so owned in that first round

  7. 757 says:

    Obviously if people don’t respect what this guy has accomplished in the sport it’s because that haven’t been a fan very long. Bitchping hasn’t hit anyone hard his entire career ha ha

  8. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Wandy is a legend in the sport of MMA something Sonnen could only dream about. Sonnen will forever be a disgraced ROID CHEAT FELON who has a bunch of WWE WRASSLIN fans who are nothing but kids or FELONS/ROID CHEATS just like him

  9. 757 says:

    WAR WAND!! We know Sonnen can wrestle. Since he is the king of calling people out, let’s see if he will back it up and brawl it out on the feet with Wand…….doubt that! Get him WAND!!!

  10. Thesire says:

    All sonnen will do is hold him down. That’s all wrestlers do, they don’t dictate the fight they just try to take their opponent down when they get punched in the face. LAME!!

  11. Tits Mcgee says:

    Silva’s legend is not in question. The man has done a lot in this sport, and I have mad respect for the man. But that’s the past. If he fights Sonnen ,he’s going to get owned. Sonnen is still evolving as a fighter and I think he still has a few more surprises in store for us. Just my humble opinion.

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT Marquardt says:

      Only thing that evolved with Sonnen was his massive steroid abuse. All you have to do is watch Maia fight and see the difference of what massive steroid abuse has done for Sonnen. The man is nothing but a cheat and Federally convicted FELON. Sonnen will never be champ in any weight class and he is a boring ass lay n prayer. Sonnen couldn’t go toe to toe with a 5 year old

      Sonnen will forever be remembered as a cheater who couldn’t win any bid fights and the only reason he ever wins at all is 100% because of his steroid abuse

      • DBKlein69 says:

        lol hop off chael’s nuts already. ur trolling every comment section about chael, under a fake name no less, trying to spread your hatred and jealousy for chael p. sonnen…it is quite pathetic. furthermore, tits mcgee brings up a valid point that u cannot get away from. if wandy steps in that cage with chael p, he is getting ragdolled and dragged to the ground within seconds, and likey either choked into unconsciousness or choked until he tapped out like a little b*tch….kinda like what happened to shogun.

        • Nate " THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt (scum just like Sonnen) says:

          Only complete scum would ever root for such a piece of shit of a person like Sonnen. The man is a complete and utter disgrace to all the “REAL” fighters and decent people in MMA. I predict Sonnen get locked up in the next few years for his steroid abuse and FRAUD he is doing monthly by obtaining massive amounts of RX testosterone far above what his primary physician has him on. NO DOCTOR would risk their license prescribing the massive amounts OF JUICE Sonnen shoots in to his a’s every month. Its only a matter of time when Sonnen gets a knock on the door from the DEA

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          Tapped like a little bitch? Kinda what happend to Sonnen a while ago too…..

        • DBKlein69 says:

          so tell me….what are your feelings about vitor belfort’s rampant testosterone and steroid abuse? how come your name isn’t viToRbelforT the steroid cheat?? or are u just a bitter chael-hater who was looking so forward to watching shogun knock him out……only to watch sonnen ragdoll him and make him quit. ouch. shogun couldn’t even hang with chael for 5 minutes. that must have been a tough night for u :)

        • 757 says:

          You mean like Sonnen tapped like a bitch on several occasions …like that ha ha …nice one FU

  12. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Sonnen doesn’t like to fight guys who are truly getting in the cage to hurt him. We saw in the rematch against Anderson how he folded under the pressure and he will fold this time again.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      u thought he would fold against shogun…..look what happened. u can only pray that he folds against wandy…..but deep down……u know what’s gonna happen……u cringe at the thought…….but u know chael is gonna walk across that cage and put wandy on his ass…….and from that moment on…’s gonna be all downhill…….1 more in the win column…..and 1 more for the bad guy.

      • 757 says:

        You mean Sonnen will hide on the ground rolling around because you know he sucks on the feet and can’t even hit as hard as Bitchping. You know he won’t brawl

        • DBKlein69 says:

          this isn’t the ultimate brawling championship….it is the ultimate FIGHTING championship. u dont get to tell your opponent how to fight. if u dont like the way your opponent is fighting….do something about it. unfortunately for wand….he’s not a good enough fighter to dictate where the fight goes. if chael wants to take him down….he’s gonna take him down….whenever he wants…..and do u know what wandy is gonna do about it? i’ll give u a hint……he’s gonna do the same thing shogun did……..absolutely nothing:)

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          Exactly! FIGHTING championship! Not DRYHUMP championship!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          hey look it’s @DoucheBag(69’s…dudes) back from his boyfriends. right on…(rolls eyes)

        • DBKlein69 says:

          gay roy tranny 3000!!! how is ur mom? tell her i miss her

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        ? Where and when did I say he would fold against Shogun?

  13. doc says:

    It was hard to see Shogun lose like he did to Sonnen.

    It is going to be hard to watch Wand get taken down and battered on for however many rounds they fight.

    Whenever I hear the name Wanderlei Silva I think of the dude that made women cry in the audience at Pride. I think of the dude that people were scared to fight, much like Cro-Cop.

    If not for the Shoguns, Wands, and these old schoolers from the dark days of MMA what would the UFC be now?

    I like Sonnen. And I get that he is selling tickets and knows how to make money.

    But sometimes it bugs me that he chooses easy targets like Wand. We know the outcome of this fight. TD FTW.

    At least when he was calling out Anderson and JBJ it was exciting for me. Hell even Shogun was an interesting fight. I was damn surprised that he got the guillotine. Machida is also interesting.

    But Wand? Not interesting. Easy payday for Chael.

    But I get it. It is nice to take a cakewalk once in a while. Bums me out that it has to be Wand.

  14. again.. says:

    Stand with Wandy… Do it Chael.. Show us you can back up all that shit talk.. The only time you can stand with anybody is when you’re roided to the max at a fucken 14:1 ratio…. Sad ass mothafucker!

  15. 757 says:

    War Wand!!!Fag boy will not stand with you.

  16. Keoni says:

    Would Royce Gracie stand? Impose ur will! I’m a Wendy fan but also a fight fan! Is bj weak for tryin to take down nick? Is Edgar weak to try n keep the fight standing w bj? I say no… No holds just mma, if ur one dimensional go to k-1 !!!

    • DBKlein69 says:

      exactly. “757” and “again” are just a couple of butthurt chael-haters who are still very bitter about what happened last weekend on fox sports 1. they are also well aware that if their hero wandy steps in the cage with chael, his only chance is a brawl. they know wandy doesn’t have the skill to stop chael from taking him down whenever he wants. i imagine that must be really tough for a wandy fan to accept. to watch him get completely ragdolled and abused by chael p. sonnen.
      lol cmon bro stand and bang! ur too scared to stand and bang bro! they show their ignorance and their lack of mma knowledge by their own ridiculous comments:)

  17. 757 says:

    First of all you insanely stupid ghetto rat I am the one who gave Sonnen credit for winning so check your fucking facts idiot! Don’t try and call me out when you tend to make the dumbest comments ever.

  18. DBKlein69 says:

    oooooohhhh you’re the one who gave sonnen credit for winning?? really??? u gave sonnen credit for ragdolling and submitting shogun in the first round?? wow. what a standup guy! how mighty white of u! no seriously, let’s pretend your opinion actually matters to anyone and u giving sonnen credit for such a dominant performance against a legend actually meant something. does that mean you’re not a chael hater? because u gave him credit for a thrashing of a legend? is that not u in the comments above us saying “chael tapped like a bitch on several occasions”….”sonnen will hide on the ground rolling around because you know he sucks on the feet and cant even hit as hard as bitchping”…”fag boy will not stand with you”????? im sorry….was that not you??? how does that saying go? if it looks like a chael-hater and quacks like a chael-hater….it’s a duck? well, somthing like that :) ….dont be ashamed to admit it.

  19. 757 says:

    THE ONLY THING THAT YOUR COMMENT ADDS UP TO IS THAT WOULD LIKE TO SUCK HIS DICK. Not only are you a hood rat but a fucking moron who should be watching wrestling. Mighty white of me? Ok you have no idea what color I am because between the two of us you are the guy with the fucking shaft pic ha ha. Since you want to insult my race without knowing what mine is we will just assume that you are another “stop picking on me I am a poor afro american who’s a desendant of a slave” manpower affirmative action reverse racist mother fucker! Put that in your bong and smoke it ha ha

  20. DBKlein69 says:

    you are a complete tool. that’s not me in my pic. that’s jon jones. perhaps you’ve heard of him. he is the ufc light-heavyweight champion.
    cant believe i wasted my time with a rookie

    • 757 says:

      Yeah I heard of him you probably want to suck his dick too! You fucking pussy you have nothing left to say. Go cry for some more public welfare program handouts.

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