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Wednesday, 06/13/2012, 01:23 am

VIDEO | Wanderlei Silva Blogs About Rich Franklin Fight | UFC NEWS

Wanderlei Silva talks his upcoming rematch with Rich Franklin in the main event of UFC 147. This will be a rematch to the UFC 99 main event in Cologne, Germany. Wanderlei looks extremely confident coming into this fight. Wanderlei has brought Lyoto Machida into his camp to improve on his stand-up game.


4 Responses to “VIDEO | Wanderlei Silva Blogs About Rich Franklin Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Good move by Wanderlei bringing in Machida to emulate Franklyn.I love watchin Wanderlei train.

  2. danielrchargers says:

    damn Machinda has Franks movement down. Lyoto emulates that jab Rich does fucking beautifuly and his movements and kick/punching defense looks JUST like Rich and i am sure Lyotos hand movements are ALOT smother than Rich’s so litteraly Wand has RICH RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM thanks to MACHIDAAA. like Techno said GREAT move by wanderlei too have Lyoto as an Rich Emulator.

  3. You Cant Be Serious says:

    It was a smart move to bring in Machida to help train. Im a Silva fan, but unfortunately Machida cant help him with his “glass jaw”. Franklin will beat him again

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