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Thursday, 01/17/2013, 10:01 am

VIDEO | Vitor Goes Nuts In Today’s Staredown With Bisping | UFC NEWS

Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping get a little too close for comfort during the UFC on FX pre-fight press conference staredown.


3 Responses to “VIDEO | Vitor Goes Nuts In Today’s Staredown With Bisping | UFC NEWS”

  1. lucky dog says:

    chicken legs Vitor is gonna get KO’ed the fuck out

  2. Jujitsu Player says:

    I’m going for Bisping, Vitor will come at him fast but Bisping has a ridiculous engine, great technical kickboxing, better take-downs and way better footwork. I think these guys genuinely dislike each other so it should be a barn stormer.

  3. Santos says:

    So bisbing walks into Vitor’s fist and then gets but hurt and tells Vitor next to put his fist in his face? what a lame ass muthaf*&a…..

  4. Johnny B says:

    That is hardly “nuts”, that is timid compared to some stare-downs.

  5. BB says:

    vitor wont pass drug test

    • vincejai says:

      hahahaha! +1 i can see the roid rage too. hes way too excited.

    • weinershmidt says:

      I agree. Watching the fight against Bisping, he looked more ripped than he usually does. At the ed, he called out Jon Jones too! He must be on drugs and feeling like he’s in his prime if he’s gonna call out Jon Jones.

  6. Jetsetminer says:

    He hardly went nuts.

  7. Magoo says:

    Kick his Limey ass!!! All Bispings smack talks got the phenom amped….I love it!!

  8. Bikas says:

    Vitor knows he don’t have any chance in this fight.

  9. nick says:

    Put it ON HIM Vitor… and don’t gas out

  10. Manning says:

    Why do yanks continue to call him “bisbing”.. its “bisPing” its in the article tile

  11. Anthony mma says:

    Not a fan of either of these rather see bisPing win as he’s a fellow country man and so I can see him take a front kick to the face like vitor did off Anderson! :)

  12. weinershmidt says:

    Vitor is retarded. He always has respect for people and now he doesn’t have any respect for Bisping… that will be the reason he loses and retires immediately after.

    • Bisbing crosby says:

      What respect should Pisbing get when he gives no respect to any other. bisbing assumed that the space was his but as the old saying goes. Always be first. Vitors fist took the space and pisbing chucked his chin on it to test if it was as hard as the dan henderson highlight reel. I see the same outcome I feel sad vitor is looking hyped Immm reeeady

    • dboy says:

      Bisping is a shit guy that talk too much and think that he is better than Belfort … Bisping punches can’t knockdown anyone and haven’t defeat any great fighter now its time to shut him out go vitor

  13. See says:

    Wow vitor didn’t put his fist on bisping chin this nigga bisping came to the fist … Fukk bisping vitor going to destroy him

  14. Sliva says:

    I believe Vitor got this, but I wish for Bisping. I think he deserves the title shot by now

  15. Anthony mma says:

    I agree he should get one and have the fight in manchester so we can finally have a decent title fight in the UK and what better than silva guys a legend! Chael said bisbing is the toughest fight hes had and predicted him to win! lets hope hes right!

  16. comment says:

    vitor will win this fight 100%

  17. Time To Wrestle says:

    Looks like Belfort is scared of Spitsbing!! Bisping should show that egomaniac Belfort is nothing but a stepping stone.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      & what’s Bisping then – a contender? he’s good but no champion. I don’t wish bad on the guy, but he won’t get his shot, b/c he will not get passed Belfort. (who by the way nearly stepping stoned himself to a LHW belt on short notice)

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        I see it differently. Bisping is just better than Belfort in ALL areas of fighting. Belfort’s only chance is Hendoing Spitsbing. But once R3 comes and Belfort hasn’t won yet, its over. Bisping stomps his ass from there on out. I see Spitsbing spitting out Belfort in the later rounds. It’s Bispings turn to beat up Andy.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          well they both fought Akiyama – Bisping decision and Belfort KO – look at the level of competition each of them have faced. anytime MB fights a top 5’er he loses. not the case for Vitor. I agree the late rounds will be to Bisping’s advantage, but he better learn to run for the first half.

        • Time To Wrestle says:

          Well @GRT 3000 let’s take a look at your assertion and Vitor’s pedigree back to 2006 with Hendo. He gets his ass beat by Hendo. Then he fights Serati, Zikic, Martin, Lindland and Franklin and wins. These guys maybe top 20. Then, by some frickin’ miracle, Dana let’s him fight Andy and yah he gets his face kicked in by a front kick!! Then he fights Akiyama and Johnson and wins, Yah these 2 are once again top 20. Then for another frickin’ miracle (I actually think Vitor has made a deal with the devil), Dana lets him fight JBJ, and yah we saw what Bones did to him there. So in his last 10 fights he gets humiliated by top fighters and he beats top 20-50 fighters. And you think a number 1 contender is going to have problems with this joke Belfort? Come on now??

  18. NerdRoidRage says:

    aah keep up the Vitor biased BS, REMEMBER TO BET HIM!! so Bisping backers can get some nice and tasty lines on Bisping by dec.. Bisping will show up in shape, not roided up, and will avoid the totally outdated “Vitorblitz” where he has his chin straight up in the air, swinging like a UFC 29 champ, and the counter is just circling to the right.. which you all are counting on will finish Bisping.. Look at the overhand right Stann landed on him.. no way Vitor KOs bisping!! Vitors boxing is mediocre at best.. his jits are not that good.. his wrestling?? seriously how can you back Vitor?? Biased casuals are what you are!! 😀 BET VITOR!! GOGO!!

  19. James says:

    If Bisping wins noone can say he doesn’t deserve a title shot.

  20. Shawn says:

    Nice! Fire it up!!

  21. i ad a dream says:

    i have always wanted to see bisping fight anderson :’)
    but i seriously think vitor is gonna ko him

  22. GRT 300 says:

    I’ve come to actually ‘not mind’ the count these past few months and really hope that for all his efforts that he does at least get a shot at Silva…but having said that, this fight is fucking bad news for him. Vitor is still a fuckin’ beast and I think he’ll run a train thorough Bisping on Saturday.

  23. KIDD433 says:

    @nerdroidrage…You said Vitors boxing is mediocre?Thats hilarious,and offially the dumbest shit ive heard this year.U sir are a FKN troll.

  24. aries says:

    I’m going for bisping just for something different , nothing against vitor but I don’t wanna see him fight Anderson again , I wanna see fresh new contenders like rory Mcdonald and such either way best of luck to both fighters

  25. David says:

    hahaha funny cant wait to see belfort ko him

  26. casey says:

    its quite hard to call but i am going for victor

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