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Saturday, 09/15/2012, 10:05 am

VIDEO | Vitor Belfort's Last Week Of Intense Blackzilian Training | UFC NEWS

Vitor Belfort is in his final week of intense training at Blackzilians HQ in South Florida. To him, his upcoming fight with Jon Jones is a fight of old school vs new school, yet he’s ready for this new breed of UFC fighters.

“You know, it’s this: I come from back in the old school, Carlson Gracie’s time. I know this new breed, they all like studying, how I need to study my opponent. But listen: the hardcore fans, they understand my mentality. It’s all about the sport. But it’s just a choice and when this came knocking on my door, I took the opportunity. That’s how I am. And now I’m enjoying the process, I’m enjoying the journey. I’m fighting the best guy in this weight division ever.”

Catch the world light heavyweight championship at UFC 152: Jones vs Belfort, live on Pay-Per-View, Saturday, September 22, 10PM ET | 7PM PT.

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24 Responses to “VIDEO | Vitor Belfort's Last Week Of Intense Blackzilian Training | UFC NEWS”

  1. noah says:

    Good luck!!”Phenom”I will be at the Air Canada Centre to cheer for you. You are right,,,50-50 chance is right thing to a bomb and swarm in to finish that fake black dude.

  2. David Schreiner says:

    If anyone can finish Joens then it’s definitely Belfort. He easily has the fastest hands in the industry and is a true warrior. If, for some reason, he’s unable to finish Joens, then I’d say that Joens is simply unbeatable at this time, period.

    • Brend0magic says:

      I don’t think that’s true. I think if he beats Vitor, and then beats another lhw he may do good for a while. Then I thought, oh yea, Gusto. Gusto has a very real chance at beating Jones, and I believe Phil Davis does too, if he could take him down and either submit him or pound him out.

      • I beg to differ says:

        Rashad Evans outclassed Phil Davis in every way possible when they fought and Jones HANDLED da shit outta Evans when they fought…So it’s no way possible that Davis can beat Jones….Jones has freakishly long limbs…he can methodically use those long limbs to jab or kick all fight…and he can hold his arms out to keep you from getting close…I don’t know if the kid can be beaten…unless we get another lhw fighter wit fukd up abnormalities that they can use to their advantage…everyone on this site can agree with me when i say that if the kid didn’t have reach or height…he wouldn’t be shit. Not hatin just bein real

  3. 123 says:

    hows he fake? u dont know him so be quiet.

    • Rick James Bioch says:

      Fake is when you say you will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime and then you’re scared to fight a dude who is much smaller, had no training on 8 days notice…

      Fake is saying you didn’t know the UFC was going to cancel your PPV because you didn’t take a fight and would have fought to say the card. Then turn around to say you didn’t regret your decision being a bioch and not fighting Sonnen.

      Fake is when you act and say your a company man and then give that company that made you $$$ the finger…

      Fake is acting like your a saint, then get drunk and crash your Bentley…

      That is off the top of my head, do folks need more examples?

  4. General P says:

    Get this guy outa here War Vitor!

  5. Jim Derck says:

    Vitor change your entrance music to welcome to the jungle…. Greatest ufc entrance ever!!!!

  6. 757 says:

    Well said Boys!!!couldn’t agree more. Get rid of jbj and his little followers

  7. KIDD433 says:

    Vitor’s got this.He just has to work off his back.I have a feeling Jones is gonna try to Fitch him for awhile than drop lil bitch elbows from the top.Vitor maybe able to catch one or counter a submission

  8. Paul Harris says:

    Training didn’t look intense

  9. stephen riddle says:

    Oh if vitor and stann win then i’ll be one happy fan.

  10. Bjj BB says:

    Every1 going for vitor is like watching american idol when we allllllllll know damn well that kid cant sing for shit but the parents are saying, ohhhhhh honey! you have a great voice! then they sing in front of simon and he just f-ucks that kid up with his words! lmmfao!! i like vitor and always will but trust me he’s hands don’t mean shit when jbj is taking out his legs like he did to rampage, and we all know how vitor does when fighting great wrestlers! so much for wishful thinking huh? lmao!

  11. OakcliffTopdog says:

    Man I hope Vitor can catch JJ. JJ needs to be humbled. War Vitor! War Penn!

  12. makaveli says:

    I hope vitor crushes that sissy bitch ass j jones. I bet he lost more than half his fans for being scared. He is supposed 2 be the next big thing but showed his true character. Not only is he scared but is a puppet 2 greg jackson. How can u look at your self in the mirror jones, and not be discusted with your self. If you have a ufc belt and are supposedly the best pound for pound best fighter, under anderson silva, and not be willing to fight anybody any time. I have no respect for jones. He is a spoiled little boy. I bet jacksons camp is ashamed 2 have him as a training partner. I still can’t believe this 2 guys didn’t have the balls to fight. Vitor is a true warrior with morals and honor. I don’t even care if vitor wins or not he is more a true champion than that weak ass, fake ass, jones. Beat his ass vitor and show him what having heart really means!!!

  13. KIDD433 says:

    +1 for makaveli

  14. Jimbo says:

    WAR BELFORT!! JBJ will not be an easy task , he’s another kind of animal. Vitor’s been training with much better people to push him than Bones. I can’t wait!!

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